B.J. Khayman (2001-2003)
Bryn Khayman (2003-2007)
Bryan Khayman (2007-)
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  • Naboo (born)
  • KO-35 (raised)
  • Earth (currently resides)

1978 (1 ABY)

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5' 9"

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Jedi, Rommel Administration

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Bryan J. Khayman is a Jedi Master on Earth currently living in New York City where he is a supervising agent for the FBI overseeing the operation of the Empire.

Early life

Khayman was born on Naboo, but his family fled for KO-35 soon after fearing Imperial persecution. Much of his life has remained a secret and attempts to talk to him about this subject have often been ignored or had the subject quickly changed. In fact, he didn't even know his own first name until 2003 when Virar Needa told him. His parents had always called him B.J. and never told him what the initials stood for. Marcus Jacobs claimed they stood for "Big Joker" as Khayman was known for pulling pranks including once nailing Jacobs' shoes to the floor. He was among the first trainees for Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy when it opened. While there, he met Kyp Durron and the two found a common bond in a hatred for the Empire.

Moving to Earth

In 1995, Khayman moved to Earth and had twin sons born in 1996 after being forced to marry the mother. He soon joined the New York City Police Department and was assigned to the 27th Precinct. He later enlisted in the U.S. Marines. Both organizations were willing to have a Jedi on staff. In 1999, he and his friends stopped Moff Jerjerrod and General Veers from planting Jerjerrod as a possible candidate for U.S. President. Khayman now refers to this as a mistake, suggesting that the current president would fit on Rommel's list of War Criminals. However, this prompted an even bigger Imperial Response in 2001. He would have his third child in 1999.

Imperial Attacks


In 2001, Khayman joined the first combat use of X-Wing fighters by the U.S. and flew with R2-D2 against Death Star III which had been built by Jerjerrod. Khayman would fire the fatal shot to the station. The droid however would be struck by Jerjerrod's fighter. Khayman would remain in the public scene despite Jerjerrod having hired bounty hunters to find Khayman and his friends. During the early days of this war, his first wife was killed by Imperial Fire, he would soon marry his new girlfriend.


In 2002 he crossed paths with Stormtrooper Tevin Felth and his soon to be girlfriend Kelly Rivers. Felth had been protecting Rivers from her abusive ex-boyfriend Tyler Markem and was disgusted at the lack of action by the District Attorney's office. Khayman had taken Rivers' case straight to the newly elected D.A. Arthur Branch and basically told him that Rivers could be the first in many victims to hire the Empire to do what he felt the NYPD was not willing to do. This remark resulted in the prosecution and conviction of Markem. Around this time, Felth alerted Khayman to the construction of Death Star IV.


In 2003, Khayman led a force to destroy the battle station. Using his own ship in the battle, he fired the fatal shot at this Death Star. However, Jerjerrod managed to escape the station in a severely damaged ship. Khayman would track him down to Europe and eventually capture him. During the war, he would have his fourth child. He would find out his parents had named him "Bryn", although he still continued to be called B.J. by his friends and coworkers.

After the Empire


Khayman would soon attract the attention of mobster Vincent Donatelli after one of his chop shops was shut down by Khayman and Imperial troops operating under the FBI. Donatelli had ordered a hit on Khayman, however most of those hitmen were unsuccessful in killing the newly appointed Jedi Master. In 2005, Donatelli had hired bounty hunter Dengar to kill Khayman. Dengar shot at Khayman, but only wounded him. Reports and news sources reported that Khayman had been killed. He was actually placed in Witness Protection after R2-D2 recorded testimony to be given at war crimes trials to take place while he was in hiding. During this time, Khayman had been released by the NYPD on false charges of corruption. It has been reported that Khayman would have been fired anyway for making remarks about the NYPD's policies including mentioning Kelly Felth's case to the press. He was hired on by the FBI seeking a civilian supervisor to the Imperial troops stationed in the city upon Kyp Durron's (who held a similar job in Dallas, Texas) request.

Khayman also worked with the Empire to design custom specs for the Hummer H2 in 2004. Two were built to the Imperial specs. Khayman took one and the other was eventually sold to Michael Myers in Haddonfield, Illinois.


Khayman returned to New York in spring 2006. Upon returning, he found out his second wife had divorced him after hearing reports that he had married a stripper in Las Vegas. He began to show signs of a laid-back attitude claiming it was his old one that nearly got him killed. As part of this, he would begin to act black at times.

Khayman took part in the closure of the Case involving the Haddonfield Murders by the FBI and Homeland Security in 2008.

Wrestling career


In 2006 after Tevin Felth took control of the Galactic Wrestling Alliance from Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon, he was hired as a referee and would eventually rise to become the promotion's General Manager. When he became the GWA's new GM the spelling of his name was tweaked to "Bryan" by WWE for unknown reasons.

WWE SmackDown!

The 2008 WWE Draft brought Khayman to SmackDown where he managed to quickly get on the bad side of his new boss Vickie Guerrero and quit within a few weeks after announcing that he had reported Guerrero's actions to the WWE Board of Directors and that The Undertaker had been reinstated by the board. He watched with a smirk on his face as Guerrero was put on the receiving end of a Tombstone Piledriver and would return the following week as acting General Manager by orders of the board.


In July 2008, he debuted as the General Manager of WWE's RAW where he made his presence known by threatening to fire disrespectful wrestlers most of these being John Bradshaw Layfield and stopping matches on disqualifications when heel wrestlers used weapons or repeatedly ignored the referee's instructions to follow the rules. He would often invoke stipulations such as granting "GWA Rules" to face wrestlers and threatening to suspend or fire heels who interfered with championship matches as well as restarting matches when he spotted cheating that went undetected by the referee. Wrestler Randy Orton recently gave Khayman an ultimatum; Quit or be fired. Khayman responded by allowing Cyber Sunday guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin to deliver Stone Cold Stunners to Orton, former World Champion Chris Jericho who had called Khayman a fool, and Layfield who had attempted to attack Khayman.

Political and Social views

Khayman has in recent years become a very outspoken critic of the U.S. political system and claims that he can't even buy milk at the corner store without it being a political debate. He has also called for social reform and the removal of politics from the justice system. Often citing Tyler Markem's case as his reasons.

His primary political and social issues

  • He refuses to use the Patriot Act even when it will help him with a case. He refers to it as "just what Palpatine or Nazi Germany would have done".
  • He is not aligned with any political party claiming that both main parties are to blame for the problems facing the U.S.
  • He has often thought about running for Mayor of New York City as a third-party candidate.
  • He has supported Rommel's attempts at removing the President of the U.S. from office and replacing him with an interim Imperial appointee.
  • He has been known pull strings for those he feels are victims of political agendas, claiming Tyler could have dome a year or two in jail and that would have pleased him. Tyler's sentence was a politically based sentence. Tyler has stated he was a physical and mental wreck after spending only a week in Rikers.
  • He believes that the United States Electoral College should be disbanded, blaming them for the current state of the U.S. and stating that the people not a "bunch of suits with fancy degrees" should have the final say in who the president is.

Criminal watch list

Khayman is known for keeping a list of people that he frequently arrests from his NYPD days in his office. He often uses Imperial Intelligence or Tyler Markem to keep track of these subjects.


Biker who has been arrested at least ten times by Khayman for starting barroom brawls. Currently serving 10 years probation, he was recently violated and sent upstate after shoving Miguel Chavez in a bar. Currently being held in Imperial Detention on a probation violation.

Tyler Markem

See Also:Tyler Markem
Since removed from list, often used to follow others on list. Khayman often refers to Tyler's arrest as being a preventive measure considering that his father was convicted of murdering his mother.

Various former Donatelli Organization members

Many members of the organization are still being watched by Imperial Intelligence more than Khayman for possible ties to Black Sun.

Juan Cardona

Anna Martinez's ex-boyfriend, he was recently added to the list after being arrested for "acting like the old Tyler". Reportedly has ties to the Latin Kings and has vowed to kill Miguel, Anna, and Tyler. Currently being held in Rikers Island on $50,000 bail.


Crook of all trades, usually operates a pawn shop under a don't ask, don't tell policy. Has been busted by Khayman on numerous occasions for receiving and selling stolen property. Was arrested by Miguel and Tyler after trading cash for jewelry taken from a murder victim. Currently being held in Imperial Detention on $25,000 bail. Has been known to deal narcotics and operate as a bookie.

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