Brooke Cameron is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in July 1973, Brooke Cameron was raised in a middle-class family, with a sister Diane and a brother, Stuart. Her sister died of car accident during Brooke's senior year of high school. Before this, she had aspired become a police officer, which inspired Brooke to do so and fulfill her sister's dream.

She graduated the police academy at the top of her class, and eventually married trauma surgeon Elliot Freede. The two married and had three children, Veronica, Bryan and Hayley. However, the marriage soured after Elliot cheated on her, and she and her children moved in with her brother Stuart, now an attorney, his wife Stephanie and their two boys, Michael and Tobias.

As a detective, she brings her all into the job. She is especially conscious about cases involving children, due to her being a mother. She is especially passionate about women's rights and has endured some sexism on the job. As a mother, Brooke tries to be involved in as much of her children's lives as she can.

At the start of the nineteenth season, Brooke transfers to the MCCIS from the Felony Action Squad, after failing to be promoted to Lieutenant for the third time, looking for a change.

Brooke strike connection with Dallas Parker who was struggling with his loss of his wife Paula couple months ago. Brooke and Dallas growing closer to each other over their respective life troubles while working together.


  • Diane Cameron (sister, deceased)
  • Dallas Parker (husband)
  • Elliot Freede (ex-husband)
  • Veronica Freede (daughter)
  • Bryan Freede (son)
  • Hayley Freede (daughter)
  • Stuart Cameron (brother)
  • Stephanie Cameron (sister in law)
  • Michael Cameron (nephew)
  • Tobias Cameron (nephew)


  • Service weapon: Glock 26
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