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Broken City is a 2014 American crime thriller starring Justin Timberlake, Bryan Cranston, Amy Adams and Zoe Saldana among others.


Billy Taggart is a former NYPD detective and recovering alcoholic who currently runs a private detective agency. Billy lives his girlfriend, actress Natalie Barrow, who has just landed a role in a major upcoming film. However, Billy's business is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Billy is unexpectedly summoned to the office of mayor Ncholas Hostelter, who is in the middle of a re-election campaign. He tells Billy that he believes his trophy wife Cathleen is having an affair, and wants to hire Billy to find out who she is sleeping with. Desperate for money, Billy agrees.

Billy follows Cathleen and learns she is secretly meeting with Paul Andrews, the campaign manager of Hostelter's opponent Jack Valliant. He takes some photos of the two together and gives them to Hostelter. Cathleen later approaches Billy, warning him not to trust her husband.

Billy and Natalie attend the premiere of Natalie's new film, where Billy is shocked to learn that she appears nude during a raunchy sex scene. After the screening, Billy confronts Natalie over the scene and she considers him to be overreacting. Billy refuses to let it go, so Natalie breaks off the relationship.

Billy goes to a bar and slides back into his old drinking habits, leading to him getting into a drunken brawl with a nameless bar patron. He is saved when Cathleen intervenes, and she takes Billy somewhere else to talk. After a while, they go back to his apartment and sleep together.

The following day Andrews is found murdered. Billy visits Valliant, who reveals that Andrews was meeting with Todd Lancaster, the son of Hostelter's wealthy benefactor Sam Lancaster. Lancaster and the mayor had been working on the Bolton Village Housing Project, which would bring them both immense wealth. Andrews was feeding Cathleen information, and when Hostelter found out that Cathleen knew of the plot, he manipulated Billy into finding out her source. 

Billy learns that Lancaster is planning to demolish Bolton Village in orer to build high rise office buildings there, which will leave numerous inhabitants homeless. Billy is then attacked by assassins sent by the mayor, and a car chase ensues during which Billy is forced off the road and presumed dead.

Billy manages to reach Todd, who gives him a copy of the plan, just before Hostelter's men descend on the house to destroy the evidence. Billy escapes with the plan, but Todd is fatally shot. When his father learns, he is furious and confronts the mayor in his office as he is preparing to go home. Hostelter shoots and kills him to keep him quiet. Meanwhile, Billy calls Cathleen and tells her that he has the evidence.

Billy arrives at the Hostelter home and finds Cathleen dead, having been shot through the head by Hostelter. Hostelter admits that he did kill Andrews, and now he has to kill Billy because he's too involved. Billy attacks him and beats him down, then pulls his own gun. After a tense standoff, both men shoot each other and are gravely injured. They collapse to the floor, exhausted and bleeding heavily, and exchange some final words before Hostelter succumbs to his wounds and dies. The police arrive and Billy is taken away in an ambulance as he drifts in and out of conciousness. The film ends with his fate left ambigious.


Justin Timberlake - Billy Taggart

Bryan Cranston - Nicholas Hostelter

Amy Adams - Cathleen Hostelter

Zoe Saldana - Natalie Barrow