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A screenshot of the broadleaf forest in Minecraft.

Broadleaf Forest is a forest biome of Minecraft with the temperature about 0.9 degrees, about as warm as Mushroom Island.


It is populated by the biome-exclusive plants including eucalyptus trees, maple trees, fig trees, and bristlegrass (a kind of grass shown in the biome's picture on this article), which all drop saplings or seeds depending on a kind of plant.


While chickens, bats, wolves, and rabbits do spawn naturally in this biome, no other animal mobs (including ocelots, horses/donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, llamas, etc) spawn naturally here.

Instead, there are wood bison (which replaces cows in this biome), elk (which replaces pigs in this biome), (untameable) kangaroos and wallabies (which replaces the tameable horses and donkeys in this biome), emus (which replaces the llamas in this biome), brown bears/black bears (which replaces polar bears in this biome), crows (which replaces parrots in this biome), and (untameable) cougars (which fills the similar role as tameable wolves, but can become aggressive if the player looks away from a cougar within the cougar's 5 block radius).

But they all each have special drops that are not found on other mobs (for example, emus drop emu eggs that can be crafted into omelettes if crafted with cooked beef or porkchops, which can restore 4 hunger points).

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