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Brito is a 2010 Computer-Animated Film.

Voice Cast

  • Louis C.K. as Brito, A Parrot.
  • Anna Faris as Julie, Brito’s Girlfriend, Later Wife.
  • Faizon Love as Tico, A Yellow Canary.
  • Andi Peters as Pogo, A Red Bird. Tico’s Best Friend.
  • William Shatner as Ralph, A Toucan.
  • Wanda Sykes as Evelyn, Ralph’s Wife.
  • Jaleel White as Louis, A Bulldog.
  • Kevin Spacey as Magellan, An Evil Cockatoo.
  • Katherine Dillon as Kristy, A Frog. Magellan’s Henchwoman.
  • Julia Roberts as Ava Gonzalez, Brito’s Owner.
  • T.J. Miller as Juanito Holmes, A Guy from Brazil who wants to Bring Brito And Julie Together.
  • Richard Kind as Mark, A Monkey.
  • Mindy Cohn as Keety, A Nervous Female Parakeet.
  • Will Smith as Vipo, A Heron Who is a Good DJ.


  1. Spread Your Wings - Bird Chorus
  2. Ugly Bird - Magellan, Kristy, and Birds in Cage
  3. Top Wings - Brito, Julie, Pogo, and Ralph
  4. In the Sunset - Pogo
  5. Spread Your Wings (Reprise) - Brito, Julie, Pogo, Ralph, and Bird Chorus