Brianna Carter (ñee Adams) is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in October 1984, Brianna Adams grew up in a slighty dysfunctional family. Her mother, Beth, while caring and loving for the most part, would always come down on her in the harshest way when it came to her getting in trouble at all. Her stepfather, Ralph, did his best to be there for her throughout her life. Through him, she has a half-brother, Liam, and a half-sister, Anne. Brianna never knew her real father and her family would always avoid bringing him up or discussing him when he was. Brianna stayed an A-and-B student, throughout middle and high school, and college and decided to join the NOPD to make a difference in her community.

Brianna is somewhat tomboyish and unwavering, always willing to step up and step in for duty, friends and family. However, the insecurities from her family's history leave her trouble with opening up to others at times.

Brianna joins the MCCIS in the fifth season out of the department's Domestic Disturbance Unit, as a replacement for Stella Hughes, who left for Narcotics following a particularly disturbing case involving a 10 year-old murderer. She is recieved lukewarmly, but is slowly accepted. That same year, she is stabbed by the psychic's husband while responding to a domestic dispute with Detective Jacobs, but survives.

In the sixth season, her half-brother Liam and his girlfriend, both high school seniors are implicated in blackmailing and driving a 15-year-old classmate to suicide. Fortunately, it's later determined that they were framed by a popular girl, who'd had it out for the girl for years.

In the seventh season, her uncle, John Levinson, drops by, surprising her as she hadn't met him in person before. Her mother Beth later on comes too, and is horrified to see that her brother was back in town. Brianna then began questioning her mother about this and what she was hiding from her daughter. Eventually, Beth broke down and confessed the awful truth: 30 years ago, John raped her in a fit of anger and was sent to prison, and Beth became pregnant as a result of the rape, meaning that John is both Brianna's uncle and biological father.

Horrified by this revealation, Brianna confronted John who more or less confessed, and put in that Beth deserved it for always being such a "whiny little pest" when they were growing up. Disgusted, Brianna stormed away. Later, John broke into Beth's house and began to beat her badly for exposing his secret. Brianna arrived and John turned his anger on her, forcing her to shoot him dead in self-defense. Hicks then puts her on two months of paid leave to get her head back together. Brianna is then partnered with Lisa Zhao upon her return.

In the eighth season, Brianna was put on the case of Simon Ethers, a wealthy banker, who is accused of brutally raping and murdering his wife. Simon's charms apparently roped Brianna in during the investigation, and supposedly allowed her to become attracted to him. This in turn, caused a fallout with Lisa, who had started to question her professionalism.

It was only made worse when, the murder charges ended up dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence, and Adams began to see Simon behind everyone's backs. Lisa was then left in a coma following a car accident, after discovering this and that Simon had indeed killed his wife.

At Simon's wife's funeral, Adams started a casual conversation with Simon, during which Simon inadvertedly admitted to the murder, and causing Lisa's car accident to stop her from telling he truth. At that moment, Brianna reveals that she was wearing a wire and was undercover all along in order to get a confession out of him. She then tries to arrest him, but Simon enraged at having been used, attacks her leading to a struggle between them. During the struggle, Simon manages to get Brianna's service weapon, but is shot dead by Captain Colton Renko just in time.

During the ninth season, on Brianna's day off, Sean Carter, an escaped prisoner and former U.S. Marine, breaks into her house seeking refuge from the law. Upon learning she's a cop, he forces her to try to prove his innocence in murdering his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. With some difficulty, she is eventually able to prove him innocent on all charges, and he is released and his record is expunged. From there, the two begin a romantic relationship. Near the end of the season, Carter proposes marriage to Brianna (which she accepts) and gets a job in Vegas and asks her to go with him. This leaves her with a tough choice: stay and possibly lose her greatest love, or go and leave her whole life in New Orleans behind.

At the end of the season finale, after getting some advice from M.E. Niobe James about sticking by her man, Adams decides to be with Carter, puts in a transfer to the Las Vegas P.D. and bids farewell to the MCCIS and New Orleans.

Adams got married to Carter and had three children, Elizabeth (7), Timothy (4) and Lisa (8 months).



  • Service weapon: SIG-Sauer P228
  • Rankings/Jobs:
    • NOPD Junior Detective (Season 5-9)
    • LVPD Senior Detective (Post-season 9-)
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