Brian Simpson (Earth-1988)
Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?
~ Brian's catchphrase

Brian Simpson is an 8-year old talking white Labrador who has lived with the Simpsons family since Homer picked him up as a stray. He also possesses various anthropomorphic qualities, such as the ability to speak intelligently, drive a car, read books, walk bipedally and his favorite, drinking. He also has a particularly sharp wit, and rivals Lisa in the intellectual way. Maggie is his best friend, as well as Homer's (despite Brian's vastly superior intelligence over the later - on several occasions, Brian has had to explain Homer's inability to do various things, such as haggling over prices). Brian once went to Silverman University in Capital City, but did not graduate. In the comics, it is revealed that Brian posseses a twin brother, Jasper, who later appeared in the series.

Brian has a cultured background; he loves opera and jazz, and is a fan of John Coltrane. Brian speaks fluent French, Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog. He is also, alongside Lisa, a member of MENSA. He loves to sing and can imitate a barbershop quartet without accompaniment. He is also an avid writer, having once been invited to write for The New Yorker, although he was fired once the magazine learned he did not graduate from college. He has also written a novel, although has made little progress other than the title Faster Than the Speed of Love, and a synopsis similar to the film "Hellboy III", for which Maggie and Marge mock him, and this subject has since been brought up several times throughout the series. He is a smoker, an alcoholic and recovered cocaine addict. Brian discovered that his cocaine habit stemmed from his mother abandoning him for which he saw a therapist. He has also made references to either buying, being in possession of, or smoking marijuana in numerous episodes. In "42", he actually does a whole dance to the song A Bag of Weed. It is shown in "Brian & Maggie" that he keeps a gun just in case he wants to commit suicide.

Brian is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, one of The Simpsons Guy's creators.


Early Life


  • Brian is the only character for which Seth MacFarlane uses his natural speaking voice, as opposed to the voice changes for other characters such as Glenn Quagmire and Peter Griffin.
  • Matt Groening has revealed that Brian is his favorite character, with Seth MacFarlane conversely stating he feels comfortable while playing the part of Brian. The two also having a picture of Brian to the side of their names on both office doors.
  • He drives a silver 2004 Toyota Prius, as first seen in "This Caboose Is Loose" pulling up on the Griffins' driveway while Maggie was stuck on the roof. The license plate reads "BRI-D0G" and it has a 'Kucinich 04' bumper sticker.
  • Brian is the first Simpsons Guy character to appear in an episode American Dad!. He appears in "The Guys Against Zaphir", where Stan Smith names his top ten dogs, and Brian is named number two, behind Scooby-Doo. He is seen drinking a martini on the courthouse steps, and claims Stan does not exist, making Stan berate him for the claim.
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