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Brenda Anderson
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Color Warriors
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Bubbles from Splash and Bubbles
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Princess Cerulean
Personality Friendly, warm, anxious, shy, brave
Status Alive
Appearance Pink skin, two-toned braids that are orange and purple
Birthday March 8
Occupation Student heroine
Alignment Good
Affiliations Color Warriors/Princesses (Team Leader)
Home Havenville, Ohio
Relatives Jennifer Anderson (Mother)

Ken Anderson (Father)

Lucy Anderson (Younger sister)

Allies Jocelyn Summers/Princess Lemon

Ramira Lòpez/Princess Viridian

Ruby Willow/Princess Vermillion

Lyra Campbell/Princess Lilac

Stella Booker/Princess Carnation

Enemies The Chromatic Crusher (Main enemy)
Powers and abilities Water manipulation

Brenda Anderson is the main character of The Color Warriors anime series and is the leader of the Color Warriors. Her alter ego is Princess Cerulean, the princess of the ocean and water.


Brenda is 14 years old and lives with her mother, Jennifer, father Ken, and younger sister Lucy in Haveville, Ohio. One day, she is walking home from school with her friends when a girl named Lyra from a dimension called the Royal Kingdom comes to Havenville to seek out girls who can help her keep an evil life-absorbing monster, the Chromatic Crusher, from wiping out all life on Earth. She is initially reluctant and not interested, but with some encouragement from Jocelyn, she agrees to give it a shot.

Brenda goes to Sunnyside High School as a freshman. She shares 6 of her classes with Jocelyn, 4 with Ruby, 5 with Ramira, and 1 with Lyra.


As a civilian, Brenda has light pink skin (all humans in the series have non-human skin colors) with red eyes. Her hair is two-toned, with the left half being orange and the right half being purple, and worn in twin braids secured with spherical green clips. She has a dusting of dark pink freckles on her face. Her casual outfit consists of (WIP).

At school, she wears the Sunnyside High School uniform: a pale purplish-pink turtleneck dress consisting of white puffy sleeves, a darker neck with a collar, and white sneakers with black velcro and red laces. Brenda wears her Warrior Pendant around her neck. To protect her secret identity, she pretends it's a normal necklace. Her casual outfit consists of a dark pink tank top, cyan flats, and dark colbalt blue shorts.

As Princess Cerulean, her skin, hair, and eyes turn blue. She wears a dark blue dress with transparent sleeves and blue ballet flats. Her hair is worn up in a ballerina bun, secured with two bows and adorned by a gold tiara with a dark blue gem in the center. In order to transform, Brenda holds up her blue warrior pendant and shouts "Splashing sparkles, make waves!"


Brenda is enthusiastic, friendly, energetic, caring, warm, and loves her friends very much, but has anxiety and is shy and nervous under pressure. She often struggles with school, complaining that all of her teachers are the most boring teachers ever. She can also be a bit self-conscious about her appearance (as she has a lot of acne even when transformed) so she wears heavy foundation and concealer to cover it up. Because of this, when she misbehaves, her mom takes away her makeup as punishment.

While very brave and determined, Princess Cerulean sometimes has trouble keeping her team in order and working together, giving Chromatic Crusher the upper hand. She is the most powerful warrior of the ocean, but if she uses the full power of the Thalassic Orb (a legendary artifact used to control the entire ocean against dire threats), it will kill her, and her powers are not very strong without the other Color Warriors with her.

She loves being a princess (when transformed) and dreamed about it when she was little. However, she hates the responsibilities that come with being both a princess of the entire ocean and a team leader at the same time, such as managing her team, fighting off the Chromatic Crusher and his minions to protect the world, and having school on top of all of this.


  • Hydro Twister: This is her most powerful attack, but takes 5 minutes to charge and leaves her exhausted after she uses it. If she doesn't mantain complete focus during this attack, she can pass out.
  • Shining Water: Her dual attack performed with Princess Lemon. To use this attack, her and Princess Lemon must both charge up their pendants, hold hands, and say "Light the water!" together, and will not work if both are not in full sync with each other.
  • Aqua Princess Kick: Princess Cerulean's main attack. She kicks the enemy with one of her legs encased in a veil of water. She does not need to charge up her Warrior Pendant, at the cost of it not being as strong as her other attacks.