Breakdown: Part 1 is the first chapter of the first season of G.R.I.D: Restoration. It isthe first chapter overall, as well as the series premiere.


An introduction to the series.



It was chaos. Day after day, the world fell apart, every single crisis going on at the same time. The F3 Shutdown is responisble: a major cyber terrorist catacylsm that shut down security systems worldwide.

The U.S. government took it hard. After their major debt to China was paid in 2069, resources have been running short for a while now. What was even worse was that the Grid, the amry cadet training program in New York City, collasped, so now the inhabitants of New York are one step closer to extreme mayhem.

So what happened next? Well, this is the story.


Act One: The Papa Petey's Incident

For 18-year old detective Blake McPenski, this was his typical day working: information collection, investigation, execution. But this case wasn't typical; it was urgent. It was 11:30AM when he got the call at his abode in the suburbs of New York City.

Blake: Blake McPenski. What's the case?

Petey: (over the phone, horrified/half-screaming): BLAKE, GETTA OVER HERE! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!!

Blake: Wait, Petey?! What's wrong?!

Blake had known Petey for years, at least since he was 3. Papa Petey's Pizza Palace was his favorite childhood place, celebrating every single birthday there until Blake's parents sent him for training at the CIA when he was 12. Ever since then, Petey has relied on Blake to help him out sometimes if there's something wrong.

Petey: (still over the phone, horrified/half-screaming) PLEASE! I NEED YOU!

Blake: I'm on my way, calm down!

Getting his forensics bag and notepad, he immediately got on his motorbike and drove all the way to Manhattan, where Papa Petey's Pizza Palace was, and arrived there on the spot.

Blake: Petey! I'm here, what happened?!

Petey: (panting/stammering) I...I was just.....and then he.....

Blake: Petey, you need to speak words!

Petey: (calmed down, but still worried) I was just puttin' in my famous deep dish pepperoni pizza pie for a waitin' customer, but then, this man came in with some huge gun, shot 3 of my 10 customers, and the just left off, leavin' his gun behind! I don't know....I just.....

Blake: Petey, calm down. I will find out who did it, okay?

Petey: (stressed/half-crying) Please do it, please!! I can't let this happen! It's gonna put me and my family at risk!

Blake: Petey, remember what I said! You can trust me!

Blake, after calming Petey down, closely examined the gun. After a few minutes, Blake finally came to the only conclusion.

Blake: Yep. This definitely came from the Grid's artillery. it's a shame: everything's complicated now.

Petey: (silently) Oh, okay.....

Blake: I'm gonna take this to my forensics lab for more examining on who used this gun. Petey, I want you to close down the shop until further notice from me, okay? I don't want to hear another reoprt from you that this is happening again?

Petey: Sure. Thank you very much.

Blake: Your welcome.

And so Blake proceeded to return home, having helped not only a normal pedestrian, but rather his long time friend. He knew that he was starting off small in a big city, but something told him inside that he would do good for this city.


Act Two: Is This A Part Time Job?

It was nearing 3:30PM. Blake was at his apartment, along Maxwell, one of his friends who's a secret agent, examining the gun left behind at Petey's.

Maxwell: So you found this at Petey's? I loved going there when I was a kid!

Blake: Me too. I feel bad that such a soft person like Petey had to deal with this. I'm telling you man, the world's messed up.

BZZZZZ! BZZZZZZ! The phone was ringing. It displayed "Not avaliable", and so Blake picked it up.

Blake: Blake McPenski. What's the case?

Unknown voice: This is Blake McPenski, right?

Blake: Yes. Is there something wrong?

Unknown voice: We need you to come to Washington for a special case ASAP.

Blake: Washington state or D.C.?

Unkown voice: D.C. The Pentagon needs you now.

Blake neared his eyes to his calendar. He was open for the next week.

Blake: Sure. Besides, I have some downtime from the CIA anyway. Be there tommorow at 3:00. Deal?

Unknown voice: Okay then. I'll be expecting you at Room A113 at the Pentagon. Goodbye.

The voice hung up. Blake put down the phone, got out his duffel bag, and began to pack clothes. Maxwell was confused.

Maxwell: Dude, what are you doing? We're supposed to be examining this thing!

Blake: Sorry, can't do that now. Something just came up in Washingtom. I need to pack.

Maxwell: Why?

Blake: I'm needed at the Pentagon for a special case. While I'm gone, I need you to continue the case and fill in for for me while I'm gone.

Maxwell: You do realize that I also have work as a secret agent, right?

Blake: For now I have some downtime until next week Monday. You don't have to do anything, really. Just keep an eye out. If anything severe comes up, call me.

Maxwell took sometime to process the information. He nodded yes.


Part Three: A New Case

Blake arrived in Washington, D.C. at approx. 2:25PM. But Washington wasn't looking as good as before: everything looked like it came straight out of a back alley. There were crazed people sitting on the sidewalks, the windows of houses and buildings were smashed, and overall, the mood wasn't happy. He walked into the entrance of the Pentagon, went to Room A113, and took a seat down.

Unknown voice: Ah, Blake McPenski. I've heard one

To be continued......

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