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This article was written in colaboration with User: Leonkennedyrevil. ** Break A Life is a 2011 drama-horror & psycological thriller film, it stars Rachel Hurd-Wood, John Hurt, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, James Purefoy, Halle Berry, Karoline Herfurth, Chace Crawford, Nathan Krees, Jesse Mccartney, Sian Thomas, Erin Sanders, Bonnie Wright, Emily Osment, Chloë Grace Moretz,  Alan Rickman & Naomi Watts, the plot centers around a young girl named Amanda (Rachel Hurd-Wood) that feels uncomfortable with her life and her family, her mother (Karoline Herfurth) is a very religious person, but one day she meets an strange man (Potrayed by Alan Rickman & voiced by John Hurt), the young girl's life then starts to change in a drastic way when she meets this man.


The movie opens with a voice (John Hurt) saying something about breaking other people's life by just cheating on them, then the scene changes with Amanda (Rachel Hurd-Wood) riding on her car with her mother (Karoline Herfurth), it is said that they were moving because of family troubles and because of an storm occuring in their home place, then disturbing home-movie images start to display in Amanda's mind about her mother's and his father's discussions and how did they finally divorced.

Then arriving to their new home, Amanda spots a teenage boy named Spike (Jesse Mccartney) tourturing a dog, then the young boy also spots Amanda, the film then cuts to a different scene then Spike is talking to Amanda, also Joey (Chace Crawford), Mike (Nathan Krees), Miranda (Erin Sanders) & Valery (Bonnie Wright) are there, Spike then invites Amanda to become their friend, then Amanda's mother appears and takes her into her home, Amanda and her mother then start arguing about it.

The next day the group of friends are riding a car while Mike is drunk while driving they are stoped by Officer Alan (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), Alan then tells Amanda to stay away from those boys, but because of Amanda's attitude she refuses. The narator (John Hurt) describes the group of boys as "Very marvelous people" . The scene then is cut of and shows Joey having sex with Miranda, when both of them spot a cat, Joey aims at the cat and kills him.

Later Amanda walking down the street spots a strange man (Alan Rickman), then they start to talk about many things (including Anarchy, Satanism, Anti-Religion, Rape, Murder) and the man tells Amanda to be how she really is from inside.

The film then cuts to Valery and another girl (Emily Osment) who are cahsing feral animals, then both of them go to a local grocer who sells the skin and other parts of the animal to the black market. Then as the night falls Valery, The second girl, Miranda & Miranda's sister (Chloë Grace Moretz) start to fondle each other, then the act ends with a lesbian orgy, Nichole (Halle Berry) alongside Nadja (Naomi Watts) spot the orgy and then the scene shows Nichole and Nadja joining the orgy. The next scene shows Joey, Mike & Spike huffing some blue glue in a bar, then the barman (James Purefoy) offers them a beer, the three of them drink until they get high, the boys then go out and spot Eldery Mother (Sian Thomas), the three of them curse her and start to hit her until they kill her, then they start to burn her body while she is crucified and more disturbing images of a ritual display. Then Mike & Spike spot a young boy named Steve, they see him poisoning the cats and dogs on the street, they dedcide to follow him into his home, with guns & masks, then they observe an old woman in a bed, they discover it was Steve's mother, the old lady was attached to a life support machine, both of them decide to leave but they dissconect the old lady's machine.

Later a bunch of strong and disturbing scences are showed, such as Amanda hanging her mother and burning her, while the strange man is behind her laughing, some others like the lesbian orgy, the other guys killing, poisoning, tourturing animals, a child molester having sex with Amanda, a pair of two school boys dealing drugs, an intoxicating man with Down syndrome raping a young girl, even smaller scenes of rituals and racist scenes & images.

The final scene shows The group of friends burning churches, the police station and some houses & hospitals, and another ammount of things like killing animals, also Amanda and Spike start to record a home made porn movie, then the screen turns black and cuts to a forest where an strange man dressed in a black coat, wearing a similar style of corpse paint, holds a cat and a dog head and starts slowly to move towards the camera, then the man smiles and hangs the heads in a tree near, then he goes away laughing.


  • Rachel Hurd-Wood as Amanda
  • John Hurt as Narrator & Voice of strange man
  • Karoline Herfurth as Amanda's Mom
  • Chace Crowford as Joey
  • Jesse Mccartney as Spike
  • Nathan Krees as Mike
  • Erin Sanders as Miranda
  • Bonnie Wright as Valery
  • Jonathan Rhys-Myers as Officer Alan
  • Halle Berry as Nichole
  • Naomi Watts as Nadja
  • Emily Osment as Girl on Orgy #1
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Miranda's Sister
  • James Purefoy as Barman
  • Sian Thomas as Eldery Mother
  • Alan Rickman as Strange Man
  • Death as Man in Corpse Paint (Photos)

Reception, Release & Themes

Break A Life recieved mostly mixed reviews because of its graphical content and explicit scenes, it currently stands a 65% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie had two different releases the Directors Cut edition and the Non-Explicit edition, the Directos Cut includes a disc with bonus material.

Break A Life explores themes that most people say "Are not sane, are not a good influence" the movie focuses on rape, murder, rituals, religions, family issues, personal struggles, racism and many other now a days influential themes.

Music (**)

Break a Life's soundtrack paints a wide canvas of worldwide music genres, such as pop, score music & heavy metal music. Some songs are Material Girl  by Pop artist Madonna, or SHeDAISY's song version of Deck The Halls.

Metal bands Bleed From Within, Six Feet Under, Buckshot Facelip, Intronaut, Nightfall, Arkaea, Sons of Tonaituh, Terror, Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies, Napalm Death & many others did an apparence on the movie soundtrack.

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