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Current programming

From Bravo U.S.


  • Song Arrangement (2026-present; also aired on Sky Comedy)
  • The Companion Gamble (2026-present; also aired on Sky Comedy)
  • Ted (2026-present; also aired on Sky Comedy)


  • Chuck (reboot) (2026-present)


  • Truth or Die (2026-present; also aired on Sky Bravo)

Adult animations

  • Dan & Mike (2026-present)
  • Human and the Wisps (2026-present)
  • Hypnotized (2026-present)
  • Alien News Desk (2026-present)
  • The Detective Brothers (2026-present)
  • TV Funhouse (2026-present)
  • A Chill Tips and Advice with the Gold Illuminati (2026-present)

Acquired programming

Adult animations

  • The Life and Times of Tim (2026-present)
  • The Simpsons (2026-present)
  • Futurama (2026-present)
  • Dan Vs. (2026-present)
  • Starveillance (2026-present)
  • Todd McFarlane's Spawn (2026-present)
  • Our Cartoon President (2026-present; also aired on Sky Comedy)
  • Duckman (2026-present)