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Brandon Anthony Cornish (August 17, 1953 - April 9, 2017) was an American businessman and animator, best known as the founder and president of The CC (Cartoon Comedy) from 2008-16. He was fired on December 20, 2016, following backlash that the channel was doing bad with his taking over. Despite this, he greenlit 28 The CC productions during his presidency, most of them which never lasted longer than 7 years. In fact, most of his greenlit shows were immediately cancelled and didn't last a full year, stirring rumors of a curse known as "The CC CCurse". In response to this, Cornish had promised that he would try to air shows as long as he could. This proposal, of course, failed, and led to his said firing as president on December 20, 2016.

Early life

Brandon Cornish (born fully as Brandon Anthony Cornish) was born in Concord, New Hampshire, on August 17, 1953 where he also grew up in. He was the second child of Anthony Truman Cornish (1928-2017, born in Munich, Germany) and Aurora Granger Cornish (1929-2017, born in Cologne, Germany). His dad had worked at the Walt Disney Company from 1940-42, though the job he took there is not known at this time. Aurora, his mom, worked as a sewing machine operator in a sewing company. At a young age, Cornish was interested in the cartoons of his time, watching classics such as Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry on a basis. He expressed desires over being an animator and, at 18, was accepted into CalArts, where he got an honorary degree.

The CC

After he received his honorary degree, he started working on TV shows which were never pitched into full-length animated television programs. He almost gave up on his dreams as animator until in 1992, when he learned of the founding of Cartoon Network, a channel dedicated to airing animated programs. Cornish, inspired by this channel, decided to found a channel of his own as well. As the years went on and Cartoon Network aired animated hit after hit, Brandon was still in the early developments of his dream channel. After 16 years of said development, in March 1, 2008, The CC (Cartoon Comedy) was launched. Despite this, it only aired Cartoon Network programs until its first original show, Bobby Gibby's, aired on March 13, 2009. It became a hit instantly and aired for a lenghty 7 years until its June 10, 2016 ending. After that, My Weird School aired, which also became a hit and continues airing after 7 years despite two close cancellations.

"The CC CCuse"

Though The CC enjoyed modest programs, it was becoming clear that some of The CC's programs were getting cancelled after less than a year of fully airing. Shows like Freshmen, Robot Buddies, Abominable Snowman, and Famous ISD only aired for less than a year, despite getting modest to excellent ratings. More and more shows followed this trend and as it became clear, this "occurrence" was deemed "The CC CCurse". Cornish responded by saying that current and upcoming programs would no longer air less than a year due to his making sure, though he never did so. Intense backlash followed, and on December 20, 2016, Cornish was fired after 8 years of presidency. He was immediately replaced by Serena Gamble, who's being described as the "Betty Cohen of The CC", as her current programs greenlit are enjoying good ratings and longer airings.

Personal life

During his time at CalArts, Brandon met Beatrice Cornish (née Castaneda), and on May 9, 1975, he married her. Together, they had two children: Astrid (b. 1978) and Oswald (b. 1982).

His older brother, Anthony Cornish, Jr., died in 2011, aged 61.

On May 12, 2017, at approximately 11:36 PM (CT), almost a month after his death, his father Anthony Truman Cornish was reported dead from an apparent suicide. He was 89. Cause of death was ruled as death by hanging. He is buried next to his two sons.

On June 27, 2017, a 61-year old Beatrice Cornish was hospitalized after injuring her right hip. She was bed-ridden, and is in critical condition. Four days later, on July 1, 2017, she died at the age of 61 following a surgery meant to fix her hip. Her cause of death was reported as complications from a "botched surgery". She is set to be buried next to her husband, his brother, and his dad on July 15, 2017.

As of July 1, 2017, only three immediate family members of Brandon's survive, which include his two kids, Astrid and Oswald, and his mom. Tragedy might yet strike again, as his mom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. This type of breast cancer spreads to the lungs and brain, and anyone with it has only a 22% chance of survival. She has been in critical condition in the emergency room in several conditions, and sadly, she is not expected to live for another month, which is her birthday month, August. This was validated on August 3, 2017, at approximately 4:03 AM (CT), when her two grandchildren visited her. They had found her unconscious as they tried to wake her up. She was declared dead on August 4, 2017, at the age of 88 (her birthday was on August 1). Now, only two immediate family members of Brandon's, his two kids, are surviving as of August 2017.


On April 8, 2017, at exactly 11:36 PM (CT), Cornish was found unresponsive in his New Jersey beach house by his wife Beatrice, who had woken up to go to the bathroom. He was hospitalized immediately, and doctors struggled to save his life via CPR. Unfortunately, on April 9, 2017, at exactly 2:18 AM (CT), Cornish died aged 63, from an apparent cardiovascular disease which had gone undetected. His burial is set to be on Friday, April 14. He is survived by his two kids Astrid and Oswald.


Cornish was considered "more polarizing than Santa Anna (the dictator)" due to both his public like and dislike. He was admired for all the countless programs he had greenlit on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), though he was disliked for cancelling some of them. A critic once said "he was a great animator and a blatant canceller". His funeral was attended by at least 9,000 people.