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This a film series for a story called Horror Movie.


  • Horror Movie Part 1 - A cop named Danny Messer (Stephen Amell) and his wife Lindsay Monroe (Megan Fox) have a fallout and Catherine decides to leave but is kidnapped by young psychopath Shane Casey (Val Kilmer), who suffers from child abandonment by his selfish alcoholic mother, the loss of his younger sister, and is Nick's sworn enemy. He is also helped by his girlfriend Natalie Davis (Fiona Dourif) It's up to the cops to save her from this deranged boy.
  • Horror Movie Part 2 - Shane's disfigured son Victor Casey grows up as a new serial killer who starts attacking a group of popular young adults.
  • Horror Movie Part 3 - A greaser named Elias Voorhees is having a hard time trying to ask out Pamela so he goes on a trip with her and a group of their classmates. However, Victor is back and goes on another killing spree.
  • Horror Movie Part 4 - Elias and Pamela have a son named Jason. However, Elias while Pamela is left to take care of Jason and develops mind reading abilities with him. When he is threatened to be killed by the Krueger family while they kill his mother, he snaps and goes on a killing spree in order to avenge his deceased mother.
  • Horror Movie Part 5 - Jason returns from the dead and continues his killing spree. This time, he starts killing friends of Krueger and gets help from his admirer Tracy Jarvis.
  • Horror Movie Part 6 - A young man named Billy Lenz (Elijah Wood) is abused by his step family and mostly by his mother. However, he develops Multiple Personality Disorder and it causes him to snap and get revenge on his abusers.
  • Horror Movie Part 7 - A spoiled computer worker named Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is invited to a party at an Italian mansion but things go wrong when a mysterious Plague Doctor crashes it and uncovers a secret underground area in a cave. This film actually has neutral characters.
  • Horror Movie Part 8 - A birthday clown named Pennyguise (Michael Keaton) starts hating kids due to being accidentally stabbed in the neck by them during a prank at a birthday party. However, he signs a demon contract and is turned into a trouble making demonic clown entity that comes to life in the future to kill the now older kids at a party but the birthday boy (Hayden Christian) from the past becomes determined to stop him.
  • Horror Movie Part 9 - A motorcyclist finds Freddy's clothes and wears them but only to be possessed by him and starts killing people. It's up to Jason's son Tommy Jarvis to kill this demonic killer.
  • Part 10: Mannequin - A mentally scarred 19-year-old college student (James McAvoy) suffers insanity and kills mean girls while using their scalps to make his mannequins. However, a mean bratty fraternity girl (Emma Roberts) becomes close to his secret and is determined to expose him.


  • Part 1: Shane Casey and Natalie Davis - Shane is a young man who was abandoned as an infant by his neglectful mother. His personality was at first an orphan who drinks his own blood and likes being called a monster but then becomes a serial killer after suffering sexual abuse from his legal guardian. Years later, he murdered his mother by striking her head with a hatchet and destroying her home after mentioning that he killed a few people. Shane also mentions he has a younger sister but claims he found her dead at the hands of their mother. Natalie Davis is Shane's psychotic girlfriend who met him during school. At first, she is a nervous girl with a stturing problem but Shane's psychotic ness toughen her up and she became like him. Shane wears a green shirt, white jacket, and red pants. Natalie Davis wears a black t-shirt, gray pants, and a black overcoat with a red scarf on it.
  • Part 2/3: Victor Casey - Shane and Natalie's son who cares only about his father and is angered by his death. In his first killer appearance, he wears a blue shirt, overalls, and a bag sack with a hole for the left eye to see. In his second killer appearance, he wears a green button shirt and black pants. His first weapon is pickaxe but later replaces it with an axe.
  • Part 4/5: Jason Voorhees - Elias and Pamela's son who witnesses his widowed mom's death at the hands of the Krueger family and convinced to get revenge on them. In his first killer appearance, he wears a brown jacket, brown shirt, brown pants, and a brown sack mask with a hat on it, resembling a scarecrow. In his last killer appearance, he resembles the Savini Jason. His main weapon is a machete.
  • Part 6: Billy Lenz/The Shape (Elijah Wood) - A tragic and delusional troubled young man with an abusive family.
  • Part 7: Ava/The Plague Doctor (Natalie Portman) - A delusional worker married to Tom and does everything in her power to make him happy, even killing people who hate him. It is later revealed that she's one of only two people who are possessed by a Charles robot but this robot was a Ava double and the real Ava is dead. She wears a plague doctor's outfit. Underneath the mask is a bandana that only shows her eyes. Her main weapon is an amputation knife.
  • Part 7: Charles 1/2/3 - Three human-like robots who are possessed by Shane Casey and follow Ava's command. Charles 2 is the only member who has morales and standards about sexual abuse.
  • Part 8: Pennyguise - He has chalk white skin, red spikey head-hair, and street performer clothes.
  • Part 9: Motorcyclist/Freddy Krueger - He has brunt skin, a red and black striped sweater, and a hat. He later resembles the Part 9 Jason.
  • Part 10: Franz Sabo (James McAvoy) - A mentally scarred college student who was used by Hannah as a child that would be forced to brush her hair and witnessed her intercourse with a man while she rudely rejects the poor boy. This caused him a hatred of mean girls and wanting to find someone who won't hurt him. The only people that know are Paris and Mabel.


  • Horror Movie Part 1: After Lindsay defeats Natalie by shooting her, Danny and Shane have a fight on the roof until Danny throws Shane over the edge and Shane lands on a power generator, electrocuting him to death. They then leave the hospital and reconciled while sharing a kiss. In the mid-credits, a robot that was electrocuted starts glowing red eyes and has Shane's evil laughter, indicating that he's not dead but has been brain swapped.
  • Horror Movie Part 2: Ginny manages to knock out Victor by stabbing his shoulder with a machete. She later goes to a cabin to call the police but the power is turned off and her screams are heard, leaving her fate unknown.
  • Horror Movie Part 3: Pamela distracted Victor long enough for Elias to hit the cheek with an axe, causing Victor to get on his knees. He then finishes him of by striking his head with the axe. Elias then sighs in relief and exhaustion as Victor's body lays on the ground. In a police car, the surviving couple plan on having a son named Jason.
  • Horror Movie Part 4: Jason manages to stab Freddy three time but is shot with a shotgun and is put in a death-like state. However, they bury him.
  • Horror Movie Part 5: After killing Freddy, Jason decides to be reunited with his mother and commits suicide by stabbing himself with his machete. His funeral is later attended by his loved ones and other caring people. At Tracy's house, it's revealed she's pregnant with his child. She sees him in the mirror one last time before deciding to get over it and go to sleep.
  • Part 6: MPD - After Billy manages to kill his step family, him and Alice both cut up Heather's body and then cook her into food. By the time that the police arrive, they find the couple already eating the abusive woman's corpse and enjoying it as they wave innocently at the officers. To make it more adorable, Alice is feeding Billy. After they were done, the officers take them away and put them in a new house but are luckily not prosecuted since cameras and Billy's VR showed evidence of the family's actions. Alice is brought back to school and reconciles with her friends, who forgives her for her cruelty.
  • Horror Movie Part 7: After Hudson kills Charles 1, he finds out that Ava is the killer. It's revealed to be revenge on all rich parties that have never invited Tom nor respected him. Hudson tries to shoot her but his gun is out of ammo. When the place is going on lockdown, Ava says, "Tag you're it." and locks the door to the room Hudson is in. Ava ignores Hudson's screams and leaves the mansion, leaving Hudson to get framed for the murders and Charles 3 to go into hiding as a shut down robot. She then pretends to be a survivor and is comforted by Tom before they get in the backseat of Natalie's car and is driven away to a safe location, not noticing Ava's smirk as Tom still hugs her. Caleb then gets in the car but is revealed to be Charles 2 and has brain swapped with Caleb during their fight. A shocked and nervous Tom gets kissed by a happy Ava and he just gives up being scared by this. He then falls asleep on her shoulder and the three killers laugh at they drive away, taking Tom with him. In the mid-credits during Ava's flashback, the real Ava was brain swapped and was unknowingly killed by Tom while the fake Ava married him. In the post-credits back at the cave, Caleb's conscience is getting nervous and wonders where is he but still left defeated.
  • Horror Movie Part 8: After getting beaten by Timmy, Cindy, and Jimmy, Pennyguise finally admits defeat and starts exploding in a mixture of magic tricks and yolk. His clothes fall on the ground but are eaten by a giant sandworm, dragging him into Hell. Six months later, Timmy and Cindy are now a couple and start hanging out in a treehouse with Jimmy. Cindy gives Timmy a new microscope and the two kiss while Jimmy smiles and drinks. In the afterlife waiting room, Pennyguise is annoyed by having to wait and finally agrees that dying sucks.
  • Horror Movie Part 9: When Freddy is about to eat Tracey, Tommy manages to hit the demon's neck with an axe. Once Freddy is on the ground wounded, Tommy finally defeats him by decapitating him with the axe, killing the demon and motorcyclist. The corpse turns into the motorcyclist as Tommy and his mother Tracey are left to sit down until police arrive. In the morgue, Freddy's clothes, hat, glove, and weapon are confiscated as evidence and has been mailed to go to a Hawaiian volcano in order to make sure no one finds it.
  • Part 10: Mannequin - When Franz goes to unload his truck, Hannah attacks him with a mannequin hand and runs away. She finds her boyfriend in his car and gets in. A wounded Franz starts walking slowly in pain as Paris comes to his aid. When they see the car, Franz pushes Paris out of the way and is deliberately hit but the car crashes, killing the boyfriend. He crawls towards the car and tries to find her but she attacks. In self-defense, he scalps her as she dies. He hallucinates her and the dead victims attacking him and forcing him to brush her hair but in reality, Mabel is trying to revive him. With a smile on his face, he mentally claims he found a girl who cares about life. The now happy young man now passes out from his wound and an ambulance arrives. The young boy's heart monitor shows a sign that he's alive and Mabel happily hugs him as he smiles in relief while his roommate also is happy for his friend but he tells them that he decides to confess to being the killer. He breaks down and wants to be taken to a hospital. The SWAT team investigate the mannequins and collect them as evidence. In a hospital, Franz is in a catatonic state and hallucinates Mable (in a mannequin form) being with him as the camera zooms out to reveal an asylum with the gates closing. In the alternate ending, Hannah's death is just a dream she was having and in reality, her and Franz are in a hospital. The doctor says that Franz will be given therapy while Paris and Mable claim they still feel for him as they understand why he did it because everyone heard the recording and are disgusted by what Hannah did. Hannah just shows a look at Franz but turns her back on him. When they leave, a nurse arrives but reveals herself as the couch. She actually is divorced from Marvin after Franz told her about the affair between Hannah and Marvin. In a act of revenge, she injects Hannah's heart monitor with poison and watches as Hannah dies of a heart attack.


  • Horror Movie Part 5:

(when Tracy wakes up, she sees Jason (in first person view))

  • Tracy: "I won't scream. (Jason believes her and sits down with her) Why are you killing people?"
  • Jason: (sadly explaining) "Because Freddy was the one who shot me and he tried to drown me but I escaped. However, him and his family murdered my mom because she tried killing them in return. I was there to see it but made a mental promise to avenge her. He's an evil, horrible person that I have to kill. Also, you're here at my parents' honeymoon house."

(Tracy starts crying at the story)

  • Tracy: (crying) "I'm so sorry that happened. Well, I was sad that my mom died but I hope you kill my grandfather because he abuses me and wants me to marry a rich guy."

(Jason comforts her)

  • Horror Movie Part 7:

(Tom encounters the killer and subdues her)

  • Tom: (curious) "Who are you?"

(the mask is taken off but a bandana is on and it only shows the eyes. The killer grabs him but is told to shush as a sign that he won't be hurt. But she does have a disguise female voice)

  • Killer: (soft) "Stay calm and you won't get hurt. I promise."

(Tom surrenders but the killer disappears and he is given a chance to leave. Later after Hudson kills Charles 1, he sees Ava smirking)

  • Hudson: (surprised) "Ava? What's going on? (then he becomes terrified) You. It was you."
  • Ava: (explaining) "Hey, I love Tom and don't want him to be hurt by your kind. So, I brought a curse where you and your friends are haunted by a plague doctor. (Hudson tries to shoot her but runs out of ammo which makes Ava laugh) You wasted your bullets. You f**king stupid? (then they hear an alarm that yells lock down, making Ava smirk) Tag, you're it. (then he shuts the door and it gets locked, trapping Mikey) Nice playing with ya. It's time for a real killer to pay. (then Ava leaves, ignoring Mikey's scream. As she is walking to the secret entrance, she waves at the Charles 3 robot. She then goes to it and kisses it on the forehead) You did good, sweetie. I'm proud of you. Now stay here and go into hiding. (it nods and they hug) Good, I love you, kiddo. (it smiles and then acts as a human sized toy. Ava then exits through the secret entrance and confronts the guards) Help me. Please. Officer Hudson is crazy. He tried to kill me but he got trapped in a room and can't get out."

(they believe her while Tom comforts her before taking her to the backseat of her car, not noticing Ava's smirk as he still hugs her. The driver is revealed to be a still alive Natalie, much to Tom's shock. Then Charles 2 (inside Caleb's body) sits in the shotgun seat and smirks at Natalie)

  • Caleb/Charles 2: (smirking) "We did it, Natalie. They don't suspect that I actually won the day at last. (he looks at his hand and clutches it into a fist) Caleb is no more. My mind in this body, Charles 2 is now Caleb."

(Tom looked shock at this but only to be kissed by Ava, who looked happy)

  • Ava: (happy) "I finally have you at last, my precious."

(Tom blushes and smiles. So he lays his head on her shoulder and falls asleep as the others laugh and drive away. Later a flashback is shown, the real Ava is shown strapped to her table and gagged with duct tape. Her robot double is seen coming to her and holding flowers)

  • Ava (double): (smiling) "Do you like these? (Ava nods in fear) Not in fear. I meant do you really like these. (Once again, Ava nods) Good. Listen, I love Tom but apparently he loves you. So I need your body, okay? (Ava shakes her head at her) Well, you don't get a choose. To be honest, I'll just do this. (she then kisses her on the lips, shocking Ava. She stands up and is shocked as well) That was different. (Ava nods in agreement) It's time."

(she puts her hands on the screaming Ava, who is still gagged and no one can hear her. The robot chants the ritual and they are hit with the lightning, completing the switch. The double looks at her new body and likes it but Ava is angry)

  • Ava (in the robot's body): (angry) "What did you do to me?"

(she prepares to kill her but Tom comes up from behind and tackles her before stabbing her. She looks at him in mercy but shuts down, having died from the stab wound. He unties the fake Ava and hugs her, which she returns)

  • Tom: (smiling) "Ava, I have always loved you with all my heart and I wanted to ask you something. (he then stand on one knew and reveals a ring) Will you marry me?"
  • Ava (in the human body): (smiling) "Yes, I will marry you."

(they both smile and share a kiss)

  • Part 10: Mannequin -

(in the beginning, Franz (in-first-person-view) watches Mabel and Lizzy leave the club but Julie seems irritated)

  • Julie: (irritated) "Where is Franz? He was supposed to pick me up."
  • Mabel: (sighing) "Don't be hard on him. I heard as a child, he was mentally scarred. So we can't really blame him for feeling sick. Also, I heard he lost his mother. Poor guy."
  • Julie: (still irritated) "Still doesn't excuse him for being late. He needs to man up and drown his sorrows."

(a disgusted Mabel slaps Julie. Later as Julie's about to enter her room, Franz is behind her)

  • Franz: (sighing) "Don't scream. You're so beautiful."

(she turns around and glares)

  • Julie: (glaring) "Where have you been, you a**hole? I've been waiting all f**king-"

(he interrupts her by stabbing her chin with a knife. He then grabs her hair, yanks the knife out, and cuts off her scalp before she collapses to the floor as the film's main title, "Mannequin" appears. Later, Franz wakes up but doesn't feel good as always which Paris worries about)

  • Paris: (worried) "You sure you don't want to sleep."
  • Franz: (shaking his head) "No thanks, mate. I'm fine. (then he sees the news about Julie) Oh great, another date just got murdered."
  • Paris: (noticing) "Oh yeah, dude you're getting suspected."
  • Franz: (waving it off) "I don't care what they say. It's not my fault she went home by herself."

(Paris chuckles at that while Franz gets some clothes on and goes to class. Later in his room, Franz has a flashback, him combing Hannah's hair while she smiles and is in her under garment)

  • Hannah (flashback): (smiling) "Thanks honey, I love you very much. (she kisses his forehead) Maybe we might become a couple."

(later, a sick Franz is walking home but sees something from his childhood, a younger him is witnessing Hannah making out with a guy while glaring at him)

  • Hannah (flashback): (stern) "Francis, go wait in the car. GO! DO AS I TELL YOU! I HAVE NO TIME FOR A LITTLE S**T LIKE YOU! WHAT I SAY GOES! GO WAIT IN THE CAR OR I'LL F**KING SLAP YOU!"

(the crying boy goes away while Franz shows sympathy for his younger self. Later, a wounded Franz is walking slowly in pain on the street while Paris comes to his aide)

  • Paris: (worried) "Franz, are you okay?"

(however, they see a car heading towards them)

  • Franz: (scared) "LOOK OUT! (he pushes Paris out of the way before getting hit by the car as it crashes and kills the driver, who is revealed to be Marv. A wounded Franz crawls towards the car) Hannah, where are you?"

(she attacks him but he manages to scalp her in self-defense before she dies. However, he hallucinates her and the mannequins attacking him then she appears with a hair brush)

  • Hannah: (stern) "BRUSH MY HAIR!"

(the wounded boy does this in agony but in reality, a fraternity girl named Mable is trying to revive him by pushing on his chest and using mouth to mouth)

  • Mable: (worried) "Come on, wake up. Please, we need you. Don't die. You have a life ahead of you. I need you. I can't live without you."

(upon hearing this, he realizes that not all girls are mean. He smiles)

  • Franz (thought): (smiling) 'I finally found a girl who cares about life.'

(the mannequins finally disappear and he happily passes out as an ambulance arrives. Then in the ambulance, a heart monitor is heard beeping)

  • Paramedic: (smiling) "He's alive. He will live."

(a happy Mabel hugs a smiling Franz while Paris also smiles)

  • Paris: (smiling) "Congratulations buddy. (then he sees Franz breaking down) What's wrong Franz? Is it about your actions?"
  • Mable: (worried) "Franz, we know about that."

(a female paramedic comforts him)

  • Paramedic: (showing sympathy) "Don't worry, we'll get you some help."

(then Franz starts sheading tears)

  • Franz: (breaking down) "Please, take me to a hospital. Help me."

(then Mable hugs him as the ambulance drives away)


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T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: Shane's mother abandoned him and doesn't seem to care that her decision led him to become what he is now. Billy Lenz' step family are unsympathetic monsters who abused Billy because they hate him for being the son of their enemy but his real father and step mother love him and don't blame him for what he does. Tracy had even claimed that her grandfather only cares about image and wants her married off to uncaring rich boys.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Jason Voorhees and Billy Lenz are justified in killing people because the victims deserve it. However, he doesn't kill his crush because she learned her lesson and helped him out.
  • Bittersweet Ending: In a few parts, the hero or vigilante win at the end but the former has to suffer nightmares and the latter would end up dead or hospitalized.
  • Downer Ending: In Part 2 and 7 but the former two got better endings in the sequels.


  • If Shane's mother hadn't abandoned him during his birth then he wouldn't have become a serial killer and the rest of the other events wouldn't have happened.