This happens after Trolls World Tour, not to be confused with Penguins of Madagascar.

Branch and the Trolls Is An Upcoming Prequel Trolls Film, Distributed By DreamWorks Pictures And With Branch As The Main Character. It’s The Spin-Off That Happens After Trolls World Tour. Like In The Episode Creek Week From The Beat Goes On, Creek Returns And Revealing How He Never Sold The Trolls Out And Was Actually Fooling Chef And King Gristle Jr. This Movie Is A Little Inspiration Of Walt Disney Films And DreamWorks Animation Movies. Like Tarzan, Aladdin, Hercules And Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. The Story Tells How Branch Had A Family And Why He Only Lived With His Grandma. And Is Not Who Poppy Thinks He Is. Returning Cast Members Justin Timberlake As Branch. Anna Kendrick As Poppy. Russell Brand As Creek. James Corden As Biggie. Ron Funches As Cooper. Anderson Paak As Prince D, His Real Name Is Darnell. More Casts From The Originals Films Returns As Their Characters. And Anthony Ramos As King Trollex. Both Darnell And Trollex Becomes The Best Friends Of Branch. And Creek Is Revealed To Be Branch’s Biological Brother. New More Cast Members Ben Kingsley As Alcaeus, The King Of Survivalist Trolls, The Father Of Branch, Creek And Proteus And The Son Of Rosiepuff. He Was Named After The Birth Of Hercules. Wendie Malick As Cassandra, The Queen Of The Survivalist Trolls And The Mother Of Branch, Creek And Proteus. Ludacris Is Armigate Tax, King Of The Terrorist Trolls And The Main Antagonist. Known As Tax In The Credits. Lin-Manuel Miranda As Proteus. Prince Of The Survivalist Trolls And The Brother Of Branch And Creek. And Djimon Hounsou As Horace, Captain Of The Survivalist Guards, Brother Of Alcaeus And The Uncle Of Branch, Creek And Proteus. GloZell Returns As Grandma Rosiepuff Revealed To Be Former Queen Of The Survivalist Trolls, Married To King Apollo And Kept Many Secrets From Branch That She Never Told Him. Branch And Creek Will Be Related Cause Grandma Was With A Purple Skin And Had Green Hair. In The Film King Peppy Will One Day Make Branch King And His Son In Law, Cause The Troll Village Needed A New King And If Poppy Is The One Branch Adores, He’s The Right Male Ruler. The Survivalist Trolls Are The Ones Who Doesn’t Sing Or Dance Like Branch Used Not To. And Terrorist Trolls Are The Main Villains Led By Armigate Tax And Do Not Either Sing Or Dance. Like Cooper Has Been A Funk Troll Since The First Film In 2016, Branch Is Revealed To Be Not One Of The Pop Trolls. Both Him And Creek Have Been Princes Of Survivalist Trolls Since The First Movie. Hasn’t Been Decided What Years It’ll Come To Cinemas.


Branch Is Living A Great Life Of Being A Bright Good Person Now. After Starting Singing And Dancing Again, And Having Funs Around With Poppy, The Snack Pack And The Different Trolls From Other Kingdoms And Sing Different. But When King Peppy Finds Out His Daughter Is In Love With Branch, And The Troll Village Needs A King, Peppy Decided To Make Branch His Future Son In Law. Even Creek Is Back And Has Been A Good Person Ever Since The Snack Pack Have Got Captured By The Bergeens. He Was Only Pretending To Sell The Trolls Out And Tricking Chef. But After Being Eaten By A Hill Monster, Creek Was The One Who Survived And Returns To The Troll Village Apologizing His Friends For Everything That Happened. But Branch Was Totally In A Bad Mood Of Becoming A King. Cause He Was The Village Grouch Since His Grandmother Died. All That He Needed Was A Help To Become A Ruler Along With Poppy And Take Peppy’s Place. But One Day When The Trolls Discovered That There Are Two More Strange Trolls That Doesn’t Sing Or Dance Like All The Other Kingdoms. The Survivalist Trolls Are Secret Allies Of Pop Trolls That Actually Turned Their Backs On Them Years Ago. But The Terrorist Trolls Are Ruthless And Only Kill Those Who Come Near Their Kingdom. But When Branch And Creek Finds Out That They Are Brothers And One Of The Survivalist Trolls, Poppy, Hickory, Cooper, Darnell, Biggie And Trollex Will Join Them On A Quest Finding Out Who Branch Really Is And What Family He Has. But Finding The Survivalist Valley, King Alcaeus And Queen Cassandra Are Happened To Be Branch’s Parents. The Captain Horace Is Alcaeus’ Brother And Uncle Of Branch. And The Prince Proteus Is The Second Brother Of His Long Lost Ones, Branch And Creek. Spending Time With The Royal Survivalist Family, Both Branch And Poppy Finds Out Why Survivalist And Terrorist Trolls Doesn’t Sing, Dance And Why They Turned The Back On Every Troll Kingdoms On The Map. And Need A Plan To Defeat The King Of Terrorist Trolls Armigate Tax And His Allies Before They’ll Start Taking Over Every Troll Kingdoms And Bringing Titans Back To Life.

Main Cast

  • Justin Timberlake as Branch, Prince of the Survivalist Trolls and The Future King Of Pop Trolls
  • Anna Kendrick as Poppy, Queen of the Pop Trolls and Branch’s girlfriend later become Wife
  • Ben Kingsley as Alcaeus, King of the Survivalist Trolls and the long lost father of Branch
  • Wendie Malick as Cassandra, Queen of the Survivalist Trolls and long lost mother of Branch
  • Russell Brand as Creek, Yoga Teacher of Pop Trolls, Branch's biological brother and former rival
  • Ludacris as Armigate Tax, King of the Terrorist Trolls and arch-nemesis of Branch and his family
  • James Corden as Biggie, a large Pop Troll, member of the Snack Pack and Mr. Dinkles' owner
  • Sam Rockwell as Hickory, A Yodeling Troll in Cowboy outfits and great friend of Poppy and Branch
  • Anthony Ramos as King Trollex, Leader of the Techno Trolls and Best Friend of Branch and Darnell
  • Ron Funches as Cooper, a Giraffe, prince of the Funk Trolls who was raised by the Pop Trolls
  • Anderson Paak as Darnell, Twin brother of Cooper and Best Friend of Branch and King Trollex
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Proteus, The prince of Survivalist Trolls and brother of Branch and Creek
  • Djimon Hounsou as Horace, Captain of Survivalist Guards, Alcaeus’ brother and uncle of Branch

Additional Characters

  • GloZell as Grandma Rosiepuff, Former Queen of Survivalist Trolls and Branch’s grandmother
  • James Earl Jones as King Apollo, Former King of Survivalist Trolls and Branch’s grandfather
  • Walt Dohrn as Topher, Member of the Terrorist Trolls and the Royal Advisor of Armigate Tax
  • Jeffrey Tambor as King Peppy, Father of Poppy and the former King of the Pop Trolls
  • Flula Borg as Dickory, a small Yodeling Troll and huge beard and Hickory’s brother
  • Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond, A Pop and Glitter Troll and member of the Snack Pack
  • J Balvin as Tresillo, Leader of Reggaeton and a good friend of Branch and Poppy
  • Berenice Amador and Jamila Hache are Marimba and Tambora, Tresillo’s sidekicks
  • Icona Pop are Satin and Chenille, Pop Trolls, twin sisters and members of The Snack Pack
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Dinkles, Biggie’s pet worm who can talk in secrets
  • Red Velvet are The K-Pop Gang, great friends of Branch turned allies of Reggaeton Trolls

Additional Voices

  • Walt Dohrn also voices Smidge, small female strong Pop Troll and is a member of the Snack Pack
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