Brad the Impaler is a 2012 exploitation/horror film directed by Greg Garcia, released on February 12th 2011. It is Garcia's second film, after the successful Pistol Whipped. It stars Josh Gregin as the titular character Bradley "Brad" Nailevich, a peaceful ranch owner who is shot and his wife and daughter killed, left for dead by a deranged group of mutant mobsters called the Strampalata Famiglia, or SFs. In the attack Brad's hands are mutilated, and he repairs them by attaching nails to his fingers and two longer nails in his arms. Transformed into a violent vigilante Brad goes on a rampage to get revenge, killing the Famiglias one by one.

The film was released on February 12th 2011 and performed modestly at the box office, as well as receiving generally positive reviews.


  • Josh Gregin as Bradley "Brad" Nailevich: A peaceful rancher who lives with his wife Beth and his daughter Julie in Texas. His hands are mutilated and he is left for dead when the Famiglia attack his house and kill his wife and daughter. Seeking revenge he repairs his hands by attaching nails in place of his fingers, and begins his journey of revenge.
  • Peter Rashkov as Roberto Raviskino: The leader of the Strampalata Famiglia, who is deformed with an abnormal arm and a gun fused into his hand
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