The Bp.5 anti-aircraft turret was a light emplacement weapon built for Imperial forces by Taim & Bak during the Galactic Civil War.


Designed specifically for use against low-flying aircraft such as Rebel T-47 airspeeders or BTL Y-wing starfighters attempting bombing runs, the turret mounted a twin light flak pod on a short base. Including its own power generator to keep it functioning no matter the state of any external power supply, it was designed with simplicity in mind and could be quickly set up from pre-fabricated parts at any Imperial installation.

The flak pods had an extremely high rate of fire, blasting high-velocity projectiles that ignored shields and detonated with an air-burst effect at any airborne target. Short intervals between firing were required to prevent the turret from overheating, however. They could be manually directed to fire at ground targets, but their specialized anti-aircraft rounds were practically useless against armor plate.

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