Boy Meets World: Dead By Dawn is a horror fanfiction of the teen sitcom, Boy Meets World. The story deals with Cory Matthews and his friends celebrating spring break at a cabin in the woods but things take a sour turn when an ancient evil releases flesh possessing demons from an indian burial ground, the kids suffer a gruesome series of events of demonic possession and death.

The fanfic is a homage to The Evil Dead.


The story opens up with Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence Matthews packing to go on their spring break at a resort in woods which was rented by Shawn Hunter. Soon after packing, Cory and Topanga leave for the cabin with Jack Hunter, Rachel McGuire and Angela Moore but they are completely unaware that Cory's older brother, Eric Matthews is hiding in the back of Jack's truck.

Meanwhile, Alan Matthews organizes a picnic in the woods with his wife Amy and their daughter Morgan in the same location as the woods. When the kids arrive at the cabin, Shawn introduces them to their cabin for spring break but is interrupted by Eric who comes out of hiding as a stowaway. Cory is initially angry at Eric for stowing away but decides to let him stay thanks to a pep talk from Jack. They unpack and spend their first hours at the lake. Meanwhile, Alan, Amy and Morgan begin their picnic but Morgan and Alan come across an indian burial ground with two ceremonial daggers lying on the ground. This worries Morgan but Alan assures her that they're fine as long as they don't disturb the dead and steals the daggers as a patch of fire erupts from the ground.

That night at the cabin, Cory, Topanga, Rachel, Shawn, Angela, Eric and Jack are eating dinner until the basement door suddenly flies open. Cory and Shawn explore the basement only to find a series of weapons and a spell book of the dead. After coming back from the basement, Cory shows the spell book to the others and finds a note inside one of the pages saying to burn the book. When a worried Rachel tries to do what the note says, Eric takes the book from her and foolishly reads an incantation from one of the pages, inadvertently summoning a demonic entity.

Back in the woods, Amy, Alan and Morgan are asleep in their tent but are awakened by a shadow outside the tent. Alan goes outside the tent to investigate but is attacked by an unseen force far from the safety of the tent. Amy hears Alan's screams from the woods and tries to find him as Morgan wanders off into the woods until she comes across the cabin. Upon peaking into the window, she finds Jack and Rachel having sex on the couch until Eric comes in and pours red paint on the couple as prank, making them mad and making Morgan laugh hysterically. Morgan is then caught by Cory, who heard her laughing and invites her inside.

Meanwhile, Amy finds a trail of blood in the woods which leads to a huge cocoon leaning on a nearby oak tree. As Amy tries to touch the cocoon, It hatches to reveal a naked slime covered Alan who glares at her with a blank expression. Amy tries to talk some sense into Alan but his body grows bigger and bigger and bigger as his skin begins to blister and boil and tear apart to reveal a demonic, inhuman version of Alan. The transformed and possessed Alan chases Amy down and rapes her as she attempts to escape. Her screams are heard by Cory and the rest of the group as he, Shawn, Topanga and Jack come to her rescue while Eric, Angela, Morgan and Rachel stay behind to call for help.

When they get to Amy, Cory is shocked to find out that he and the others were too late to save his mother as she begins to transform into a demon as Demon Alan climaxes into her. Soon after, Demon Amy stabs Jack through the leg with a sharp tree branch as he tries to kill Demon Alan with an axe. Cory is then forced into killing his possessed mother by impaling her through the head with the same tree branch that impaled Jack's leg. The entity then leaves Amy's dead body and chases Cory, Shawn, Topanga and the wounded Jack all the way back to the cabin where it smashes through the window and attacks the rest of the group until it gets Eric. Before the terrified eyes of everyone else in the living room, Eric's skin begins to melt in a gross fashion as his guts burst out of his stomach, his teeth fall out of mouth only to be replaced by razor sharp fangs and his eyeballs explode, transforming him into a demon.

Demon Eric begins to attack the rest of the group by pushing Topanga into a mirror, knocking her out and leaving minor to moderate cuts on her face. Cory and Shawn then push Demon Eric into the cellar, trapping him inside. Soon after, Rachel bandages up Jack's leg and Cory puts a wounded Topanga to bed. Angela looks inside the book to find a way to reverse the incantation but finds that the only way for the incantation to end is to be dead until dawn. Angela freaks out and flees the cabin in a frenzied state with Shawn running after her. Outside the cabin, Shawn tries to convince a now dead calm Angela to come back inside but she suddenly goes into a massive seizure that blasts her mouth apart, makes her hair fall out and contorts her body to the point that it ruptures it, turning her into a demon.

Shawn realizes that the entity got to Angela before he did and attempts to warn Cory and the others but is attacked by Demon Angela who deeply scratches his face until it bled but Shawn then throws her into the cabin where she begins to terrorize Morgan who defends herself with one of the daggers that Alan stole by stabbing It into Demon Angela's heart, seemingly killing her. Cory, Morgan, Shawn, Jack and Rachel check to make sure that Demon Angela is dead but she springs up and tries to attack the remaining group once more but Shawn dismembers her with an axe, killing her for good not after he pockets the dagger for safekeeping. Cory and Shawn then bury Angela's remains in the front yard and they soon get into an argument on what is the best course of action for their friends. The fight comes to a bitter end when Shawn tells Cory that their friendship is over and decides to leave the cabin to get help.

While driving away, Shawn is then attacked by Demon Alan who makes him crash the truck, knocking Shawn unconscious. Back at the cabin, Cory and Rachel check up on Topanga and Jack in their respective rooms while Morgan stays in the living room to keep on a lookout for Shawn. In Jack's room, Rachel and Jack begin to make out until he begins to feel searing pain from his leg and Rachel checks his leg to see that it's rapidly rotting from the wound and is spreading all over his body. Rachel slowly backs away in horror as Jack's body continues to deteriorate and rot as his head becomes corroded from the deterioration as his transformation into a demon is complete. At the same time, Cory strokes the face of an unconscious Topanga in a loving manner until she wakes up with milky white eyes and begins cackling madly as blood begins to ooze out of every part of her body as her transformation into a demon is almost complete, much to Cory's horror.

Morgan suddenly hears the chaos coming from the rooms and goes to investigate but Demon Eric kidnaps Morgan and drags her into the basement. Demon Eric chases Morgan throughout the basement until she find the weapons and grabs a chainsaw from the workbench and gorily bisects Demon Eric in half just as he corners her. A blood soaked Morgan emerges from the basement as Cory is tossed into the room by Demon Topanga who throws up blood into Cory's mouth but Morgan comes to his rescue by decapitating Demon Topanga with the chainsaw. Back in Jack's room, Demon Jack corners a terrified Rachel into the adjoining bathroom where he bites her in the hand. Rachel arms herself with a straight razor but Demon Jack grabs it just before she does and splits his tongue in half with the razor before forcibly kissing her on the lips. At the same time, Cory and Morgan rescues Rachel just in time before Demon Jack can assault her and locks him in the bathroom.

All three sit on the couch and wait for Shawn to return with help. Back on the road, a bloodied Shawn awakens to find the bridge connecting to civilization is destroyed much to his horror and runs back to the cabin only for Demon Alan to intercept him and attack him again. A drawn out battle ensues between the two men until Shawn emerges victorious by stabbing the dagger he kept into Demon Alan's chest, causing the dagger to bleed and to pop out of the demon's chest. The dying Demon Alan collaspes on the cross of the indian burial ground and slowly reverts back to normal before dying. A bloodied and bruised Shawn then returns to the cabin on foot.

When he gets to the cabin, Rachel, Cory and Morgan fill him in on their own situation involving Jack and Topanga becoming demons themselves. Cory and Shawn renew their friendship when the latter tells Cory that he killed Alan when he prevented him from getting help. While the two boys work things out, Rachel goes into the kitchen to disinfect the bite mark on her hand but the entity gets into her bite mark and possesses her. Rachel's eyes begin to bleed and vomits blood and her entire insides along with a number of internal organs, making her body almost skeletal and completing her transformation into a demon. Demon Rachel slowly stalks towards Shawn and attacks him but Morgan saws off Demon Rachel's arm with the chainsaw, forcing her to retreat to the basement.

As Shawn thanks Morgan for saving him, Cory's body begins to inflate to the point where he becomes massively obese until parts of his skin split open, spewing blood all over Morgan and Shawn as they watch in horror as Cory's skin splits apart, rendering him skinless and fully transformed into a demon. Around the same time, Demon Jack breaks out of the bathroom and continues his assault on Shawn and Morgan with Demon Rachel and Demon Cory teaming up to kill them. The gruesome brawl that ensued takes them outside of the cabin where Demon Jack and Demon Rachel almost win the fight.

Shawn and Morgan flee into the shed and finds an axe and a shotgun and uses the weapons to fight back with Morgan blasting Demon Rachel's head to pieces with the shotgun and Shawn hacks Demon Jack to death with the axe. As soon as the duo emerge victorious, a revived but headless Demon Topanga attacks them with a chainsaw but Shawn defends Morgan by deflecting the chainsaw into Demon Topanga's body, slicing her body to pieces. Soon after that, Demon Topanga's head which has spider like legs comes out of the cabin screaming "i'll swallow your soul" more than once before being blown apart by Morgan's shotgun.

Exhausted, Morgan passes out leaving Shawn to battle Demon Cory alone as the latter charges out of the cabin after him. Worn out from the fight, Shawn is almost strangled to death by Demon Cory who gets blinded by Shawn who pushes his thumbs into his eyes, enabling him into dismembering him with the axe. Not long after, Shawn attempts to wake up Morgan but all of a sudden, the sky begins to rain blood and Morgan wakes up and levitates into the air as every part of her body becomes disjointed. Her arms and legs snap backwards and her head spins at 180 degrees as she grows a dog-like snout and a tail consisting of her spine, as the entity reveals himself as The Unholy.

Shawn is caught in a vicious fight with The Unholy as he is cornered in the shed and fills the chainsaw with gas but The Unholy, now armed with a machete, severs Shawn's hand and slashes his leg. Wracked with pain, Shawn saws off The Unholy's arm with the chainsaw and escapes the shed. Shawn finds the second dagger that Alan stole near the cabin and throws it into The Unholy's chest and saws the demon in half, killing it and ending the horror for good.

The blood rain stops and the sun begins to rise as a weakened Shawn leaves the cabin and reaches the indian burial ground and returns the daggers before collapsing by a tree, passing out from the pain he is suffering. The fanfic ends when an unseen force rises from the burial ground and attacks the unconscious Shawn, leaving his fate uncertain.


Ben Savage as Cory Matthews/Demon Cory

Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence Matthews/Demon Topanga

Will Friedle as Eric Matthews/Demon Eric

Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter

Matthew Lawrence as Jack Hunter/Demon Jack

Maitland Ward as Rachel McGuire/Demon Rachel

Trina McGee Davis as Angela Moore/Demon Angela

Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews/The Unholy

William Russ as Alan Matthews/Demon Alan

Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews/Demon Amy

List Of Transformations

Alan Matthews- The entity attacks Alan off-screen as he investigates an intruder at his campsite. Upon being attacked, the entity envelops Alan into a cocoon which destroys his clothing. An hour later, Amy went to find Alan but finds him inside the cocoon but as Amy begins to touch the cocoon, Alan burst out of the cocoon, naked, covered in slime and seemingly unharmed. When Amy got his attention, Alan began to grow almost 30 feet tall and his skin started to blister and boil at an alarming rate until it tore apart to reveal a darker shade of skin. His hair grew longer and grew a set of horns and a pair of sharp fangs, becoming Demon Alan.

Amy Matthews- While being raped by Demon Alan, Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Jack arrive in time to save her but Demon Alan had already climaxed into her which caused her transformation. She suffered through a similar transformation as her husband as she grew to the same size of 30 feet, her breasts become flat, she sprouts a tail, claws and fangs, and lastly her hair falls out, becoming Demon Amy.

Eric Matthews- The Entity chases Cory, Topanga, Jack and Shawn back to the cabin, it attacks almost everyone in the cabin and even tried to hurl Rachel out the window but when Eric came into the room, the entity charges at him and possesses Eric. Upon possession, Eric's skin slowly melts away like soft cheese exposing raw muscle, his stomach explodes, unleashing a hodge podge of intestines and organs, his teeth shoot out of his mouth as fangs grow in their place and his eyeballs explode like balloons, becoming Demon Eric.

Angela Moore- After freaking out over what's going on, Angela tries to leave the cabin but was attacked by the entity upon leaving the cabin. Shortly after, Shawn follows Angela outside before trying to convince her to come back inside. As Angela tries to squeak out an answer, she starts to go into a seizure but it was the entity beginning to possess her body. The seizure causes her mouth to blow up, tearing off her jaw. Her hair falls out in handfuls and her body stretches to grotesque proportions until her bones start to break, becoming Demon Angela.

Jack Hunter- After being wounded by Demon Amy (who impaled him through the leg with a sharp tree branch), Jack began to rest in his bed until he began to make love with Rachel, who came to check on him. After feeling an unbearable pain in his bandaged leg, Rachel discovers a type of skin infection on his leg which quickly began to spread throughout his leg. Rachel was horrified to learn that the entity has gotten to Jack before she did and watches in horror as the infection rapidly spreads throughout his body. Jack's teeth began to fall out along with parts of his skin due to the infection. His face also becomes ravaged by the infection, rendering it bloody and raw. This turns Jack into Demon Jack.

Topanga Lawrence-Matthews- After being knocked out by Demon Eric, Topanga was put to bed by Cory. Later, Cory enters her room to check on Topanga who is resting from her ordeal. Cory begins to stroke her face in a loving way but Topanga suddenly wakes up possessed by the entity and begins cackling madly as she levitates up into the air. While laughing uncontrollably, blood begins to ooze out of every part of her body and her eyes become milky white along with her hair, becoming Demon Topanga.

Rachel McGuire- After being bitten in the hand by Demon Jack, Rachel attempts to disinfect the bite in the kitchen but the entity possesses her, causing her to bleed from her eyeballs and vomit blood along with her intestines along with numerous organs. The blood loss makes her body skeletal and dangerously skinny, this turns her into Demon Rachel.

Cory Matthews- After Morgan, Cory and Shawn fend off Demon Rachel, the entity targets Cory and possesses him. Upon possession, Cory begins to inflate to the point he becomes massively obese, bursting out of his clothes in the process. But he continues inflating until his skin begins to split open in multiple places and then becomes skinless when his skin splits apart all together, becoming Demon Cory.

Morgan Matthews- Morgan becomes the final person to be possessed by the entity in the form of blood rain. Morgan levitates up in the air and her arms and legs snap backwards, grows fangs and a snout, a tail made of her spine and her head spins at 180 degrees, thus becoming The Unholy.

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