"Boxing Madness" is a downloadable game for Xbox Live Arcade. It was released on February 4, 2010. It was produced by THQ. It's no longer available to download.


Playable Characters

  • Johnny the Oval
  • Sammy the Oval
  • Holly the Oval (unlockable)

Supporting characters

  • Jimmy the Oval
  • Timmy the Oval
  • Tommy the Oval
  • Lucy the Oval (mentioned)


Johnny and his friends arrived at the boxing match to fight against the The Oval Bully Robert. 

Match levels

  1. Slam Dunked Oval
  2. Bite a Shape
  3. Leg Breaking Oval
  4. Whirlpool Oval
  5. Oval Purple Eyes
  6. Shape Electric Shocks
  7. Final Match: Head Crack


  • This is the only video game to be released on Xbox Live Arcade
  • It revealed that Holly doesn't know how to wrestle. 
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