Bowser (The Magic Park)

Bowser is the main antagonist of the 2016 animated film, The Magic Park. He is the manipulative and arrogant dream demon who plotted to take over New York and brainwashes all the kids with a massive army of animatronics at his command.


Introduced as the Mayor of the town New York, Bowser is a greedy Mayor who takes opportunity of the paranormal events in the town for his own money. Because of this, along with the fact that he constantly forbids his son, Nickland, to hang out with the Mystery Gang, their relationship slowly cracks worse and worse. Thanks to Nickland's tricks, Bowser accidentally kills himself in the explosion after digesting soda and mints.

Years later, he revives as the spirit owner of the Magic Park, a amusement park trap in Oregon that competes with the Toy Factory. When Leela tries to flirt with him, he pretends to be charmed, but the minute the two are alone, Bowser subdues him, webs him up and drags him into a cave to eat him. He shows his true form to him while bragging about how he fell straight into her trap and how he will eat him just like she did to countless other men, but not before he reveals his true colors, disguised as The Freak of Crystal Cove and attempts to attack the Mystery Gang, and make the Magic Park a haunted place within each of the gang's mysteries. Bowser then brainwashes all the kids through the song "God's Bad Creatures".

However, Nickland, Darlene, Fat Burton, and Grenda manage to save Stan and leave Bowser stuck under a giant statue's boot.





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