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Boutique film or simply Boutique but also known as the Boutique Film Manufacturing Company Is a Metropian film production and distribution company Owned by Tanner-Brocks Teles through Industry Teles moviemakers (a division of Industry Teles)

Founded in the British part of East-Asian Metropia ( unkown place in Elizabeth Province) it is one of the biggest film companies in East Asian metropia


Boutique Film was founded on 19th August 1909 by a group of filmmakers called the Boutiques, These included: Alfie Mcluskey, Haruka Hirashima, Jake Leblanc, Lisa Damselles, Roberta Ying, Steves Evenson and Pierre coughavanh (pronounced Cough-ha-van-th) Who would go out reviewing british Stageplays, One day, they decided to adapt one of them produced in their country. in 1909, With investment of the Bank of England, they made the oldest Metropian studio called "boutique film" named after their group.

During 1911, They bought out 4 small film companies, these included:

  • Member: Haruka Hirashima's Banbūsutā Films.
  • Moving legs and arms
  • Phillip Chillie's Manufacturers
  • Cluck-chick productions

in 1918, Boutique film formed a theater called: Boutique cinemas, after the boutiques acquired the theater which inspired them to make a studio. Every week, Premire screening's of Films would be hosted, this made Boutique films popular as they even made a division called: Boutique sound, which was made to focus on audio-films. However, Many people complained the noise was "too Noisy" so they decided to make a new system called: Pazuzu 3000, which gave films clearer sounds.

in 1936, the Company had a deal with technicolor to remaster films from 1936 onwards. the 1st being: Misaki Goes showboating, which did extremely well at the box office.

in 1938, Boutique member: Haruka Hirashima died in her from unkown causes, so CEO buisness was given to Alfie Mcluskey.

in the early 1940's, Because of WWII, was concentrating on lower-budget productions that were the company's main staple: westerns, melodramas, serials and sequels, until 1945, the company soley focused on B movies.

in 1945, they returned to B movies, with a goal to launch a Japanese division In tokyo called SCY tokyo.

in 1985, Radio company: Industry Teles acquired Boutique film for ¥1000,0000 After this, Industry teles would own all of it's library

in 2015, Industry teles was bought by Tanner-Brocks soon, the two merged to create: Tanner-Brocks Teles. in 2020, Boutique film made a deal with Finnish Company: supercell after acquiring Tencent Holdings 81.4% stake, Industry teles soon Bought out the remaining, As tencent now acts as their silent partner.

Boutique Animation would be developing FIlms based on Supercell games for 2024/2025 releases respectively.


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