Bouncy Boy 4 is the fourth and final installment of the superhero film series Bouncy Boy, set for release in 2016.


The final chaper of Bouncy Boy's (BB)'s legacy, taking place 18 months after Bouncy Boy 3. Tommy & Maggie have gotten married and had a son, Damien. There are two new villains on the loose, what will BB, our hero, do?

Nothing else is known at this time.


  • Release Date: TBA
  • Soundtrack: TBA
  • $$$ Made: TBA


  • Bouncy Boy/Tommy: Long ago, Tommy was an average nerd in high school, until he was exposed to Ray Field Energy and became Bouncy Boy, the superhero we all know and love! Maybe.
  • Maggie: The love of Tommy/Bouncy Boy's life, and vice versa. Her and Tommy have gotten married and had a son, Tommy Jr.
  • Blade: Blade was The Mysterious Man in the end of Bouncy Boy 3 . He is (SPOILER!) the creator of all the villains BB has ever faced, from the Servobot to Kessler (not the Caintrè). He is also responsible for blowing up the Bouncy-Craft and killing Maggie. He is the main antagonist of Bouncy Boy 3 and 4.
  • Mayhem: Mayhem is the secondary antagonist / villain of Bouncy Boy 4. He is the final creation by Blade, a giant monster bent on destroying Bouncy Boy, and everyone / thing else.


The plot is unknown at this time.

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