Bouncy Boy 3 is the sequel to the 2014 films Bouncy Boy and Bouncy Boy 2, set after the events of Bouncy Boy 2, when Bouncy Boy and Maggie reach New Madías. It will be released by Chris6dFilms in 2016.


After arriving in New Madías after the destruction of Grayson, people hate Bouncy Boy (BB). BB will have to step up and earn the people's trust back, or dark things will happen, according to the new villain in town, the Grayson Knight.


  • Release Date: TBA
  • Soundtrack: Bouncy Boy 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - TBA
  • Amount of Bux Made at Box Office: TBA

Main Characters

  • Tommy/Bouncy Boy: Tommy was once an average nerd who got picked on, when he used a device that gave him incredible powers, he became Bouncy Boy.
  • Maggie: Maggie was Tommy's girlfriend, until she thought Tommy died in the blast in Bouncy Boy 2. She doesn't know that Tommy is Bouncy Boy, so for now, she hates Bouncy Boy. When he saved her from the blast, she hated him more because she thought he let Tommy die. She loves Tommy.
  • The Grayson Knight: A new supervillain on the rise in New Madías, who was from Grayson and blames Bouncy Boy for its destruction. The Knight is bent on BB's destruction and will get it no matter what the cost.


The movie begins with an overview of New Madías. There is a large car chase going down on the streets between a van and some cops. Bouncy Boy (BB) is narrating over the scene, saying how when he arrived in New Madías, everyone hated him because of the events of Grayson, and despised him. Even Maggie, the one person he saved, but that was only because she doesn't know who BB actually is (Tommy) and thought Tommy died in the blast.

BB manages to set up barriers in front of the van, causing the van to flip over in slow motion, and crash. The cops show up because they realize BB is only trying to help them, unlike the rest of New Madías. BB rips the driver out of the van and it is a thug. He interrogates the thug and threatens to seriously hurt him if he doesn't talk. The thug, terrified, says he'll talk. All of a sudden, before he can talk, the scene switches to a flashback which says One Week Earlier.

The scene shows BB and Maggie on a rooftop, talking. Below, people are yelling at BB for what he did to Grayson, and that he sucks. BB tries to explain to Maggie that he had a reason for what he did, which he cannot reveal at this time. But Maggie feels terrible because she thinks Tommy died in the Blast and BB took her away from him, and hates BB for this. Also that Otis would be ashamed of BB.

BB askes Maggie how she knows about Otis. Maggie explains that long ago, before BB existed, she was an intern at OtisCorp, and studied Ray Field Energy, the same energy that powered the Ray Field Inhibitor (the device that gave BB his powers) and the Ray Sphere (the device that blew up Grayson). Maggie begins to back away from BB and climb down the building via a ladder on the back of the building. However, plans are foiled as BB spots something. But it may be too late.

Snipers stand two rooftops away, and take a shot at Maggie. We hear a sniper shot and Maggie scream, and fall to the ground, 3 stories up. BB panics and checks on Maggie, who is laying on the ground below, unconscious. BB discovers that the sniper missed, but missed by a hairline, so the bullet startled Maggie, causing her to let go of the ladder and fall the heck off it. BB realizes that Maggie is heavily wounded and gets her to a hospital before it's too late. Phew.

BB then hears reports of a car chase going on in downtown New Madías. BB checks it out and thus, we are back to the opening chase scene from before. The scene switches back to the moment BB was interrogating the thug, who has the same clothing as the sniper from before. BB makes the thug talk, and he talks, alright. About the sniper, and that he was hired by a new villain, the Grayson Knight. Then the thug falls unconscious.

The Grayson Knight? What the heck is this junx? BB is wondering now but all of a sudden, a mysterious figure grabs BB before the camera can even see it. He throws BB onto a rooftop before he even knew what höppened. The man appears to be a mysterious figure, armored. BB asks who he is, and the reply is, "Someone seeking vengeance". He then picks up BB and smashes him through the roof, into the building below.

In the building BB and the man (who is revealed to be the Grayson Knight) have a large battle but in the end, BB comes out victorious. But the Knight tells BB that even when he thinks he's won, he's lost. BB checks outside and sees Maggie trapped in a city bus. BB prepares to go after Maggie but the Knight stops him, and tells him he wouldn't do that if he was him. BB asks the Knight why but the answer is that the bus is wired to blow if BB comes to close.

BB gathers all his might and grabs the Knight, saying that if he doesn't talk now he's gonna pay the price. But the Knight replies that it is not him that will pay the price, it is the one who seeks failure who will. (He is referring to BB.) With this, BB knocks the Knight out with one punch and breaks out of the building to go to the bus. BB breaks the window of the bus and grabs Maggie extremely fast, and gets out of there 0.1 seconds before the bus explodes.

With Maggie a safe distance away and the remaining thugs taken out, Maggie demands to know what this was all about. BB reveals his true identity to Maggie and Maggie realizes it all. She kisses BB and everything is AOK now!

But wait. You think the movie would end as cliché as that? Well, news flash: NO. Instead, after the kiss BB realizes that if the Knight kidnapped Maggie, the person close to BB the Knight knew BB's true identity. AND the sniper. BB tells Maggie that this isn't going to be good, that now that Grayson's gone instead of avoiding the chaos they FOLLOWED the chaos.

And on top of this, news is going around that because of the Blast in Grayson, the Ray Field Energy has caused a massive plague, the Ray Field Plague. Now even more people are hating BB because of this. Maggie says they better batten down the hatches because something is coming. Something dark. That whatever it is, it could result in BB's downfall if he isn't careful.


  • The name "New Madías" is based off of "New Marais" from inFAMOUS 2.

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