Bouncy Boy 2 is the sequel to the 2014 film Bouncy Boy. It is an animated superhero film.


Set 10 months after the events of Bouncy Boy, a secret man delivers an object via plane into Grayson, but this object can wipe out the entire city. When Tommy meets a girl, Maggie, that he likes, he will make a choice: flee with her out of the city while a giant Beast destroys it, or try to take on the Beast himself. But the city only has a matter of time before the Ray Sphere blows-- and if everyone knows something, it's that the city needs Bouncy Boy, now.


  • Release Date: May 10, 2014
  • Soundtrack: Bouncy Boy 2 Original Soundtrack (TBA)
  • Amount of $$$ Made at Box Office: $1,846,917,865

Main/Minor Characters

  • Tommy/Bouncy Boy: A used-to-be nerd who nobody liked, Tommy took the choice of becoming Bouncy Boy--and defending those he loves.
  • Maggie Pottman: The girl of Tommy's dreams. She doesn't know who Tommy really is, but she likes him anyway. Aww! But soon, she will be one of the choices Bouncy Boy will have to make, the other being Grayson.
  • The Beast: A giant monster intent on destroying all life-- in Grayson, at least. His former being was the Hooded Man. Along with Maggie, Bouncy Boy will have to make the choice of ether conquering it or fleeing with Maggie before Grayson explodes.
  • The Hooded Man: the man who delivered the Ray Sphere to Grayson, took down the plane and became the Beast. He is the main antagonist of Bouncy Boy 2 (The Beast).
  • Caintre: A big man, leader of the New Madías criminals. When Bouncy Boy gets to New Marías, he will meet the criminals, ending with Caintre.


The movie starts out with a hooded man at an airport. He boards a plane with a secret suitcase and while on the plane shoots the pilot and copilot. With the plane going down and approaching Grayson fast, the hooded man jumps out of the plane with the secret suitcase, and whatever is inside. The plane then crashes somewhere in the Grayson River.

The next day, Bouncy Boy is bouncing around the city, and he goes behind a wall and in 3 seconds changes back to Tommy. He meets up with Maggie, the girl who "is always giving Tommy looks". But she simply replies that she always has sunglasses on, so it may look that way. Tommy asks her out on a date after a few years, and she says she'd love that. All of a sudden, cop cars race by and Maggie asks what's going on. Tommy says he's brave so he'll check it out. In 3 seconds you see Bouncy Boy crash into some trees and falls down near Maggie. Maggie states that she's never liked Bouncy Boy, and that he's always been a vigilante.

Later that night, a news report states that a mysterious object was found on a nearby rooftop, it was a glowing sphere and had a broken suitcase next to it. Tommy (Bouncy Boy) checks it out and does a full-scale analysis on the object. He says it's like a bomb running on Ray Field Energy, the same energy the Ray Field Inhibitor (RFI) ran on at OtisCorp. Now that Dr. Otis is dead, his building is abandoned, and so is OtisCorp. So, the cops do a full search of the building and find samples of Ray Field Energy in the basement that match the Ray Sphere (the sphereical objectile), and a dead body, with a hood on, which they run tests.

After so many tests on the dead body, it actually comes to life, and when the guards find it alive, it teleports away with a sample of the Ray Field Energy (RFE). After putting the RFE in the Ray Sphere, the hooded man turns into a giant Beast. The Beast punches a building and it collapses on the street. Bouncy Boy shows up and he spots the Beast, saying that like himself, the man was exposed to RFE and became something greater. Bouncy Boy bounces to him and starts battling him. But with one hit, Bouncy Boy (BB) goes flying into a building and falls. BB, almost defeated on the street, looks up and sees the horror that awaits him. 

BB is down and everyone thinks he's dead, but then he notices the Ray Sphere accelerating. BB realizes that if he doesn't stop this Beast and get rid of the Ray Sphere, Grayson is doomed. BB now realizes his main priority is to get past the Beast and deactivate the Ray Sphere. So, BB does, but he finds out there is no deactivating it, no turning the Ray Sphere off. So BB realizes he must do the one thing he never thought he would do: Take the one he loves, Maggie, and leave Grayson. There is no stopping the Beast and the Ray Sphere. That the person the Beast once was, that hooded man, must have been involved in the RFE Plan at OtisCorp. But, that aside, BB realizes Maggie is inches away from the Beast's grasp, and must act faster than he ever has.

BB grabs Maggie right as the Beast steps there. BB and Maggie leave Grayson, everyone in it, too, and the city is shocked. Maggie thinks Tommy will die in the Blast because she doesn't know Tommy is BB, and remember how she can't stand BB? Grayson's final moments were the Beast destroying it, and the Ray Sphere finishing it. 10 Seconds. 5 Seconds. 3 Seconds. Time is slowing down for everyone in Grayson.

1 Second.

With BB and Maggie now miles away from Grayson (They landed on a bot heading South to New Madías), the Ray Sphere detonates. Buildings, cars & people get literally obliterated and the entire Grayson is demolished. The Beast is down, dead. Everything BB stood for, protecting the city, dead.

The movie ends with the ship with BB and Maggie aboard, now heading down to New Madías, where a whole 'nother adventure awaits them.


  • Maggie technicially appeared in Bouncy Boy, on the street near the cops for a split second. But because it was only a micro-cameo, this is her first legit appearance.
  • The movie takes place still in Grayson, but a different area of Grayson, still near the OtisCorp building but not the area where the first movie took place. It is, however, smaller than the original area.
  • The new area also has a sort of Times Square area with lots of lights, cars and billboards, and is where Tommy meets with Maggie. Most of the ads are parodies of real companies. The parodies are:
      Parodies                                             Real Companies
McDiabetes McDonalds
Tomato King Burger King
Fakebook Facebook
Buildin' Bodyfat Dunkin' Donuts
NOKIDS want our phones anymore Nokia
Please Buy Best Buy
elvi's levi's
World Wildlife Wrestling Fund World Wildlife Fund
  • There are also two ads that are not parodies, one saying to visit New Madías, a reference to the main town in Bouncy Boy 34 and the end of this movie (mentioned). The other ad is sponsoring Ray Field Energy by OtisCorp. It reads:

"Go the Ray Field Energy Route, never need electricity again.

Ray Field Energy is simple, clean and dangerous. And you can be a better person today!

OtisCorp: Where Everything Matters."

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