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Bouncy Boy is a 2014 Chris6d film using action figures. It is based on the former Bouncy Boy movies made by Chris6d long ago.


"Bouncy Boy" is about a nerdy high-schooler who keeps being picked on. When he visits his scientist friend who has an electronic device (The RFI), Tommy will take it too far and gain extreme superpowers.

Main Characters

  • Tommy: An average high-schooler who keeps getting picked on. He becomes Bouncy Boy.
  • Dr. Otis: Tommy's scientist friend. He owns his own building in Grayson and is the creator of the RFI.
  • The Servobot: A giant robot who terrorized Grayson. He was tough but Bouncy Boy stopped 'im


  • Release Date: April 19, 2014
  • Amount of $$$ Earned at Box Office: $1,637,928,317 totalè
  • Soundtrack: Bouncy Boy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    • "I Am Bouncy Boy"
    • "Being Treated This Poorly"
    • "The Ray Field Inhibitor"
    • "I Don't Care What Otis Says"
    • "He's Being a Hero?"
    • "They're Calling it Bouncy Boy"
    • "The Servobot's CARnage"
    • "Protect Those That You Love"



Grayson is the main city in which Bouncy Boy takes place.

  • The City
    • Downtown Grayson, where OtisCorp is located
    • The Statue of Grayson, a separate island with a big statue off the coast of Grayson
    • Midtown Grayson
  • The border of the City and the Town
    • Grayson Penitentiary, which separates the City & the Town. It is 1/6 of Grayson and in order to get into the two districts, you must go through there. It is heavily guarded, with lots of Prison Towers, Gas Tanx, etc.
  • The Town, which is the suburban district of Grayson. It has a tall statue of the Grayson Granger (a nice tall monster)

The Ray Field Inhibitor

The Ray Field Inhibitor, or the RFI, was the device Dr. Otis created. It can grant a person superpowers, such as enhanced speed and strength. When powered with 5 nitrogen and 4 oxygen. it gives the user the ability to bounce extremely high and not take as much fall damage as the rest of us would. However, it it very dangerous, as Otis warns Tommy not to use it. But at 3:14 AM Tommy sneaks in, uses it, and becomes Bouncy Boy.


The movie begins with Tommy on a school bus being picked on. Then he gets thrown off the bus into the street. So, after having enough, he called his pal Otis, the scientist. He owns his own building, OtisCorp. Tommy calls him on Bluetooth on the street. He asks if he can meet up with him and Otissays "Yes, yes, meet me on the roof!" So, Tommy meets him there.

They talk about the RFI, and Otis explains it to Tommy. Tommy asks if he could set up an appointment with Otis to use the RFI on him so he can become strong, because he doesn't like being picked on all the time. Otis says no, because the danger to Tommy would be too great. Tommy says he understands, but at 3:14 AM, Tommy sneaks into the Building to the RFI on the roof. He activates it and passes out.

The next morning, Tommy wakes up on a rooftop nearby, with a superhero suit, and a bit bigger in size. Tommy wonders what he can do and jumps off the building. No, really, he actually JUMPS. When he hits the street below, he bounces off a truck high into the air and onto the buildings nearby. He then spots a civilian being assaulted. Tommy stealth-takes him down and Tommy, now known as Bouncy Boy, tells the civilian to never fear. But he runs away and calls the cops. The cop car speeding towards him crashes into other cop cars because Bouncy Boy bounced away. It IS in his name. Bouncy Boy then stops a bank robbery.

The Commissioner of Grayson Penitentiary, armed with an RPG, tells two guys with machine guns to fire at Bouncy Boy if they see him. Sure enough, they spot Bouncy Boy in the Town trying to get to OtisCorp to tell Otis the news. The Commissioner shoots a rocket at Bouncy Boy, but BB bounces out of the way and the rocket hits a building. BB manages to get past them and heads to OtisCorp to tell Otis the news. BB, now Tommy, tells him that he is BB. Otis tells him that he never would have known, and bans him from OtisCorp for going against him. Tommy then spots the Servobot on the street below, destroying stuff. Tommy then transforms into BB and leaves.

The Servobot is causing chaos but BB bounces into him, only for BB to fly into a bus having been deflected by the Servobot's Sword-Blade. The ServoBot stomps on the ground, causing a massive sinkhole on the street. The Servobot then picks up a bus and throws it into BB, but BB bounces out of the way and the bus hits another bus and they get destroyed. BB then dodges a car that hits a telephone booth with a Rite Aid truck there. BB then attacks the Servobot with all his might and the Servobot's system fails and he collapses. BB asks who he is and he sends a missile in the sky, which bursts into smaller missiles. BB dodges these missiles and they land on the Servobot, and he explodes for good.

BB is not done, as Otis is now tied to the top of an antenna with dynamite ready to blow it up. BB tries to save him, but the TNT explodes, and the antenna falls to the street below, exploding. Otis lands on a nearby rooftop and BB comes to aid him. But it is too late. Otis says that he's gonna make enemies, and he wants BB to promise him something: to protect this city and the ones he loves. Then Otis dies.

Tommy is now at Otis's funeral giving a speech. The rest of the people clap and Tommy says that there's still a great city out there, a city for him to protect. He is Bouncy Boy.


  • Maggie, who first appears in Bouncy Boy 2, was actually seen for a split second when Bouncy Boy is jumping away from the police heroically. She can be seen standing next to the police where Bouncy Boy takes down the mugger.
    • However, she is out of focus and does not speak or is even mentioned, so this isn't a legit appearance.