Born to Kill is a 2013 horror drama film that is a remake of the 1947 film of the same name. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Claire Danes and Jennifer Connelly



The movie open with Jake Plamer (Tyler Mane) was meets by Sam Wilde (Mark Wahlberg) in the casino. Laury and Sam talk. Jake take Sam in his home and meet his wife, Laury Palmer (Franka Potente), Jake did not know Laury is Sam's girlriend. Sam and Laury talk about Jake. Sam went to the kitchen. Jake made cup of tea for Sam. Sam tell Jake, he is love with Laury. Jake go to tell Laury. Sam attack Jake and kill Jake to beat to death. Sam hide from Laury. Laury found Jake dead. Sam kill Laury. The dogs was bark so loud and Sam grabbed the dog and strangles to death. Sam move the body in bedroom.

A woman named Helen Brent (Claire Danes) walk in the street. Helen saw the door was open. Helen went inside of the house. Sam call Helen. Helen found out Sam is in the house. Sam push Jake and Laury's body. Helen was shock to found Jake and Laury's body and she found the dog dead. Sam saw Helen. Sam chase Helen and they went outside. Helen lock the door. Sam break the door and attack Helen. Sam push Helen to break the door. Sam go to kill Helen but Sam did not kill Helen. Sam say to Helen is "You say something about me, I will kill you". Sam walk away. Helen call the police not about Sam kills Jake and Laury.


  • Mark Wahlberg as Sam Wilde
  • Claire Danes as Helen Brent
  • Jennifer Connelly as Georgie Staples
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