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Born Under A Bad Sign is a 2001 American Supernatural Slasher Horror film written and directed by Gregory Hoblit starring Orlando Bloom, Lynn Collins, Jonathen Rhys Meyers, Bill Murray, Jon Heder, Miranda Raison and James Van Der Beek.

The film was a box office success grossing triple its' initial budget size and garnered critically good reviews considering the uproar of disappointing horror films of the same calibre.

The film was made by Dreamworks and Regency Enterprises.

The film was awarded with Empire and Saturn Award nominations for Best Horror Film: 2001 losing out to the Nicole Kidman starring success The Others.

The has a earned a cult standing among recent horror movies and is regarded a classic with its title being one instantly recognized in pop culture.

The film serves as one of three main spoofs in Keenen Ivory Wayans parody sequel Scary Movie 2 which also was a critical box office success.


Seven strangers gather together at a seemingly abandoned factory which has been mysteriously haunting all of their dreams.

The strangers come to discover upon venturing inside they all have a connection to each other and from a certain moment in all their lives they were marked for death by the ghost of a cursed wife and her enraged lover's spirit.

First Harold Lowell who is killed as an old television playing an old 30's broadcast of the Henry Hall classic Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf is spiralled off the factory foyer staircase down below crushing and snapping half his body.

After Harold's grisly death the strange marking on his arm which all of them share fades and the broadcast on the almost completely smashed old television resumes as tables and various objects project themselves at the screaming group.

A swarm of crows breaks through the windows and attacks but one among the birds smashes and with a loud screech stops the rest which become frozen still in action.

The crow then begins to speak in a small raspy animal voice ushering the group away from the foyer.

They are led down to the boiler room of the factory where the shocked blonde Boston, Massachusets student Lara Sheerer vanishes out of fright attempting to find her own way out she however stumbles into a greenhouse like enclosuer where the window panes above shatter their glass, and expunge the said glass down below upon causing her to knock into a welthammer which swings back and forth eventually making collision with her, impaling and killing her almost instantly.

Lara's mark then vanishes from her leg and the group then encounter a glowing blue orb which leads them out as the crow finds them and tells them they must follow it.


  • Orlando Bloom as Jimmy Herding
  • Lynn Collins as June Heckle
  • Jonathen Rhys Meyers as Travis Forrester
  • Bill Murray as Professor Shawn Wallace
  • Jon Heder as Drake Barstow
  • Miranda Raison as Lara Sheerer
  • James Van Der Beek as Harold Lowell


  1. E.I- Nelly
  2. So Fresh So Clean- Outkast
  3. Music- Erick Sermon and Marvin Gaye
  4. When I'm Cleaning Windows- George Formby
  5. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?- Henry Hall
  6. Last Nite- The Strokes (End Credits Song)