Border of Death: My Destiny is a horror film centering on Melody Masayume, an Angel Sorceress who tries to find her destiny, it is set to air on January 14, 2011


When born and eventually growing in their lives, many people are of course bound to fear death. Few thought it was possible to run from it at certain times, but nothing exists to keep you away from it no matter what. People think of it as a "Black Death" where you'll reside into only eternal darkness. However, there is found to be a hidden side after death. One where the dawn never comes. Only for those who needn't face the fear of death of one's self can enter.


Nadeshiko Masayume

Melody Masayume

Chloe Malone


Erin Donovan


Lexie Cross

Child Melody Masayume


Rin Kagamine: Kokoro

Fragment Reactions: End of Daylight

Others: Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

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