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Booty and the Bees: A Thanksgiving Surprise is a 1997 American film produced by Michael Shires Television and released on July 22, 1997 by Pentagon Television.


An evil piano turns The Gang back into cartoons like they once were when they are getting ready for a thanksgiving party where both Betty and Prince April’s Family are Coming, so they go after the piano so they can turn back into live action humans before Thanksgiving Day.


  • Julia Roberts as Betty
  • Kevin Costner as Bees/Prince April
  • Jeremy Bulloch as Lawernce
  • Willem Dafoe as Kevin
  • TBA as Balia Pester
  • Michael Caine as Spacey Pester
  • TBA as Chucky Pester
  • Bill Murray as Grammer
  • John Goodman as Kelsey
  • TBA as Prince April’s Mom
  • TBA as Prince April’s Dad


  • Tim Curry as Mezzo the Piano and Henry the Hunter
  • Bernadette Peters as Tara the Turkey
  • Tony Longo as The Ghost of George