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[[Category:Films featuring Eliza Bennett]]
[[Category:Films featuring Eliza Bennett]]
[[Category:Films featuring Britt Robertson]]
[[Category:Films featuring Britt Robertson]]
[[Category:Films featuring Emma Stone]]
[[Category:Films featuring Barry Watson]]
[[Category:Films featuring Aubrey Mouse]]

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Boogeyman 11 is a horror-thriller-slasher movie starring Eliza Bennett, Barry Watson, Emma Stone, Britt Robertson, Aubrey Mouse,


A 17 year old teenage girl name Claire Lloyd was haunted by the Boogeyman after he kill her parents (Tim's younger sister) when she was 8 year old. Claire is Tim's niece and his daughter and Claire's real name is Danielle Jensen.



  • Eliza Bennett as Claire Lloyd/Danielle Jensen
  • Emma Stone as Annie Lloyd/Claire's adoptive sister
  • Barry Watson as Tim Jensen/Boogeyman
  • Britt Robertson as Michelle Barlow/Claire's best friend
  • Aubrey Mouse as TBA
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