Boogeyman is a 2015 upcoming Horror Thriller Supernatural Film Starring Briana evigan,Sheane Grimmes,Nina Dobrev,Alexa Vega,Selena Gomez,Katrina Bowden,Juliana Guill,Emma Bell,Anna Hutchison,Hayden Pannetiere,Maggie Ma,Meagan Good,Crystal Lowe,Jordana Brewster And Anna Kendrick



  • Briana Evigan As Lisa Martin, the main protangonist
  • Shenae Grimmes As Maya Fletcher
  • Nina Dobrev As Maria Reyes
  • Alexa Vega As Carmen Ronalds
  • Selena Gomez As Teresa "Terri" Cassidy/Boogeyman, the main antagonist
  • Katrina Bowden As Amber Cornan
  • Juliana Guill As Marcie Lockwood
  • Emma Bell As Taylor Schmidt
  • Anna Hutchison As Tracy Lennox
  • Hayden Pannetiere As Dakota Moore
  • Maggie Ma As Kyra Chung
  • Meagan Good As Kelly Brags
  • Crystal Lowe As Demi Cyrus 
  • Jordana Brewster As Mrs.Damon
  • Anna Kendrick As Michelle Kendrick


  • Michelle-stabbed in chest with ax when she was asleep (Boogeyman)
  • kelly-hanged with fan (Boogeyman)
  • Demi-Gutted with ax (Boogeyman)
  • Kyra-Axe in the chest and heart out put in the freezer (Boogeyman)
  • Marcie-head ripped off with peak work (Boogeyman)
  • Carmen-Thrown out the window (Boogeyman)
  • Dakota-crushed by the freezer when she was hiding (Boogeyman)
  • Tracy-beheaded with an ax when she hidden in the garage (Boogeyman)
  • Mrs.Damon-crossed with the tree with a machete when she ran out (Boogeyman)
  • Amber-ax thrown to the back and painfully pushed (Boogeyman)
  • Teresa-head shot by lisa thinking she was Boogeyman (Lisa)


  • Lisa Martin
  • Maya Fletcher
  • Maria Reyes
  • Teresa Cassidy/Boogeyman
  • Taylor Schmidt
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