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Bobby Gibby's is an American-British-Canadian surreal satire/farce comedy television series created by Frederick "Freddy" Jennings which first aired its first season of 21 episodes on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) from March 13 to July 31, 2009. Despite its relatively low episode order, the show was popular enough to garner one of the first fanbases spanned from a The CC (Cartoon Comedy) show. It was one of the first shows created for the channel but, despite its popularity, the show had relatively low ratings since The CC had barely launched at the time, and lack of word-of-mouth affected viewership greatly. The second season saw a great delay in episode broadcasts, airing 8 episodes over the course of more than an entire year. It aired from December 11, 2009, until December 31, 2010. The show was considered for a future continuation by The CC (Cartoon Comedy), as part of its efforts to revive old properties for additional seasons or TV film. It would be the last property to be a part of this deal.

On July 27, 2018, a third season of 30 episodes, plus one special, was announced and previewed at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. Also announced was that it would be the last revival by The CC (Cartoon Comedy). It began airing on May 27, 2019 with a 5-episode bomb, and went into hiatus after the January 10, 2020 batch of episodes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The last two episode batches remain unscheduled.


An astute but neglected 12 year old boy named Bobby Gibby the 21st, who comes from a long line of descendants with the same name, experiences surreal situations in his personal and school life.

Voice cast

Main characters

  • Bobby Gibby the 21st (Jason Ritter) - The 12-year old intelligent but ignored main character of the series who gets constantly embroiled in surreal situations. He only has two friends, Marissa and Tom, and has a penchant for cookies.
  • Tatum (Melanie Lynskey) - Bobby Gibby's mother who neglects him alongside his father.
  • Topher (Mark Hamill) - Bobby Gibby's father who ignores him alongside his mother. It is revealed that he was named "Bobby Gibby the 20th" in his birth certificate but choose his middle name, Topher, as his first name.
  • Bert (Thurop van Orman) - Bobby Gibby's younger brother who, while not dotted upon by his family, is not as ignored as Bobby Gibby.
  • Nevaeh (Tara Strong) - Bobby Gibby's younger sister who is the apple of her parents' eye and the reason they ignore Bobby Gibby.

Secondary characters

  • Marissa (Patricia Autschwitz) - Bobby Gibby's friend who is a fan of France animation and calls herself a "Francieboo" (an obvious reference to "weabooos"). She only becomes a main character in "Friday Night Bowling Alley Fever" along with Tom, Bobby Gibby's other friend.
  • Tom (Anthony Lynch) - Bobby Gibby's other friend that enjoys reading constantly, reading anything from cereal ingredients to RC car manuals.


Production for the entirety of the show took 3 years, starting from 2006 until 2009. Each episode took a month and a half to make, and most of the animation was made in South Korea.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 March 13, 2009 July 31, 2009
2 8 December 11, 2009 December 31, 2010
3 31 May 27, 2019 N/A

Season 1 (2009)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Original airdate
1 1 "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" Fatima Mataraci March 13, 2009
Bobby Gibby is an intellectually gifted and precocious 12 year-old whose many talents and ingenious are dismissed by his ignorant parents, Topher and Tatum, who prefer to dot over his younger sister Nevaeh more (despite the fact that she gets consistently low grades at school and is mediocre at softball practice which she was forced to sign up for). Due to their dismissive nature, he is not invited at all to the family table for dinner, until he is invited by his mother while she is multitasking on something. Bobby Gibby hopes to have the best family dinner ever, but crazy vegetarians and "dinner table gremlins" may set that goal way back.
2 2 "The Comet" Fenton Cole March 27, 2009
During an Advanced Placement Mathematics test in his AP Math class, a comet strikes Bobby Gibby's school, causing it to get demolished and burst into flames. Bobby Gibby is left unscathed, but finds himself tangled in a strange conspiracy when his other teachers and classmates have seemingly vanished following the comet's impact on his school. Bobby Gibby then finds out that he is not the only one unharmed, as he runs into the school's mysterious janitor (Alex Hirsch in a special guest appearance), who may know about the teachers' and classmates' whereabouts.
3 3 "Cookie World" Annie Oh April 10, 2009
Bobby Gibby finds an alternative world ridden with cookies behind the cookie shelves of the grocery store Amazing Groce. This world features a cookie sun which emits chocolate rays, cookie people referred to as "Cooks", and cookie infrastructures. Bobby Gibby befriends some of the Cooks and even gets adapted by a Cookian couple, Doughnald (Diedrich Bader) and Doughborah (Nathasha Leggaro). Time (chronologically, time in the cookie world goes by 10 years faster in 10 Earth minutes) passes, and Bobby eventually goes to a cookie school, graduating from college, and even marrying his cookie wife Doughra (Grey DeLisle). However, this seemingly-perfect world crumbles under the pressure when Bobby Gibby feels hunger pangs and tries to shake them off, ultimately loosing it and eating his adoptive parents and his wife, before starting to eat everyone and everything. He eventually finds an escape in the spot where he originally entered into the cookie world, and comes back to the real world with 10 minutes having passed in the real world. He tells of his epic tales in the cookie world to his parents, who ignore him as they help Nevaeh chose her breakfast cereal.
4 4 "Santa Claus Is Teaching You a Lesson" Annie Oh April 17, 2009
Bobby Gibby wouldn't like anything more than attention from his parents on Christmas, but he does not get his Christmas miracle as his parents yet again leave him home alone on Christmas Day just so they can watch Nevaeh perform at her school's Christmas pageant, also tasking him with wrapping gifts up. He is wrapping them up when he finds Santa Claus (Jess Harnell) stalking him, and tells him that he'll report him for stalking. Santa, however, tells Bobby Gibby that he'll teach him a lesson for being "naughty" this year, and uses his reindeer henchmen to kidnap him and force him to eat Santa's grandma's fruitcake. Now Bobby Gibby must escape from Santa Claus while not gagging up from the fruitcake. In the end, the real Santa Claus (Jim Cummings) comes over and lets Bobby Gibby for actually being very "nice", before beating up the other "Santa Claus".
5 5 "Celebrity Visit" Lester Gomez May 1, 2009
Bobby Gibby decides to go visit his favorite celebrity, 139 year-old scientist Margaret Fitzgerald (Cree Summer), after realizing that she is alive despite her ridiculous lifespan. Along the way, he enters a bus supposed to take him to his destiny, only to realize it's actually a bus full of mentally unstable people (though it's not outright stated), finds himself in a town run only by dogs, gets picked up by an 80 year-old Elvis Presley, and gets dropped off in a literal void of nothing. Eventually, he manages to reach the household of Margaret, but immediately finds her dead because she was proved as a fake "scientist".
6 6 "B-Day Cray Cray" Calvin MacKenzie May 15, 2009
Bobby Gibby celebrates his 13th birthday and wants nothing more than for everything to go his way during his birthday party - which is, to say, nothing goes right at all! His party's not all right when his dad "buys" him guests off of a website called (since he is an asocial and lonely kid), is gifted with strange gifts, like a jar of bitten fingernails and a colorless, silent unicorn, and his dad ends up buying him a real donkey after mistaking it for a piñata donkey. Things only go south from there when he ends up realizing a dark family secret that his parents have swept under the rug for the past 13 years.
7 7 "Bobby Gibby EXPOSED!" Kenneth Dumont May 29, 2009
Bobby Gibby's idiosyncratic yet surreal life comes to light after a kid catches him entering the cookie world at Amazing Groce. He eventually enjoys his fame and attention that he receives, especially since his parents start fully paying attention to him and spoil him with gifts, forgetting that Nevaeh exists at all. Unfortunately, it comes at a price when Men in Black-esque suited men, the "Control Police", attempt to ruin Bobby Gibby's life in order to make the world a more "boring place".
8 8 "TVBobby" Calvin MacKenzie June 5, 2009
Bobby Gibby loves watching TV as much as the next kid, but he may change his opinion after famous TV show characters (like Spic, The Solitary Raider, Steinfelt, you know, the classics!) come out his television and cause havoc among his household, which is already bad enough on its own. Now Bobby Gibby must escape from the TV characters who want to replace his family and figure out how to re-instate the TV characters into their respective TV shows.
9 9 "Vegetable Parents" Calvin MacKenzie June 12, 2009
Tired of his parents' cold dismissiveness towards him, so with the help of middle-aged magician/chef simply named "Chef" (Jess Harnell), Bobby Gibby decides to turn his parents into - of all things - vegetables, so that he can teach them a lesson (or something?). He enjoys playing around with them, teasing with them, telling his internal struggles to them, and trying to get them to be better parents. They seem to be getting the hand of this, and Bobby Gibby believes that his parents may deeply care for him now. Problem is, Chef finds them as vegetables and decides to cook them for Bobby Gibby (!), thinking he's helping him. Bobby Gibby must go on a quest to get them back and will prove his loyalty to his parents.
10 10 "Friday Night Bowling Alley Fever" Wendy Conroy June 26, 2009
Bobby Gibby finds friends in a girl at his school named Marissa (Patricia Autschwitz) and her friend Tom (Anthony Lynch) after they invite him to play a game of bowling at Barry Ball's Bowling Alley-and-Social Gathering Plaza. Bobby Gibby accepts in excitement as he's usually a lonely kid and has never gotten invited to do something fun by a classmate before. Things seem to go all right at the Bowling Alley-and-Social Gathering Plaza until Bobby Gibby realizes the place is a surreal one that is hosted by mannequins who serve pizza literally made out of the same materials as the bowling balls, and the bowling balls themselves are decapited heads! Bobby Gibby and his friends must win bowling against a bowling ball monster made out of them if he wants to get out of there alive.
11 11 "Bobby Gibby's Intellectual Goes Solo" Fatima Mataraci July 3, 2009
Bobby Gibby's personified intellectual knowledge decides to part ways with his "owner" and pursue his own identity as a celebrity, gaining wealth and fame, while a scatterbrained Bobby Gibby becomes the center of his parent's attention. All seems well for the both of them until Bobby Gibby's intellectual is kidnapped and cannot function without his owner. A moronic Bobby Gibby must stumble his way to his intellectual and free him using what only remains of his intellectual (which is none).
12 12 "School of Geniuses" Grekk July 17, 2009
Bobby Gibby is accustomed to attending public school despite his intellectual knowledge, but he forces his parents to sign him up for Smart School after he gets an acceptance letter. The school gives him many learning advantages and Bobby Gibby even makes his first real friend, his dormmate Ted (Elton Wamboldt), an eight year-old who's "Albert Einstein in a bed-wetter's body". Unfortunately, Bobby Gibby hears from the principal, known only as Prince (Clancy Brown), that he secretly built the school to extract all of the kids' smartness while they're sleeping and implant it onto his own brain so he can become an evil super genius. Bobby Gibby and Ted must then combine their cunning and intellectual smarts to stop Prince's diabolical plans.
13 13 "Bobbie Oldie" Fatima Mataraci July 31, 2009
In the year 2165, Bobby Gibby is an 168 year-old and copes with the unexpected fame that comes with being the oldest human being ever, like getting hounded by 100 year-old ladies every time he leaves his house, and nosy news reporters entering and breaking his house. He also starts developing surrealistic hallucinations (which indicate he might be schizophrenic), and believes he is married to a cookie wife not related to Doughra from "Cookie World". Those problems fade in comparison to sharks who can shoot lasers coming out of their eyes taking over the world. Bobby Gibby, who has super strength, manages to punch some sharks out and soon his hometown (though not the world) is ridden of the laser-eye sharks. As he returns home, he finds a kid (Mark Roughton), who experiences surrealistic situations as well and is ignored by his parents. Bobby Gibby decides to take him out under his wing and help him embrace his surrealism.

Season 2 (2009-10)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Original airdate
14 1 "Season-ing" Annie Oh December 11, 2009
Bobby Gibby decides to combine all of the 4 seasons together after finding out that he likes each and every particular quality in all of them. This means that he can make a snowman and go to the pool at the same time! Unfortunately, things go very wrong when an anthropomorphic snowman starts adapting to water and wants to go to a pool, and Bobby Gibby's sister Nevaeh gets trapped under a big, seemingly infinite pile of leaves in a hot summer afternoon, and Bobby Gibby must forget his differences with her and save her.
15 2 "Mr. Roe Bott" Kenneth Dumont January 8, 2010
After numerous complains against Bobby Gibby are made at his school due to his "all-around weird predisposition", he and his sister (who was comically removed from school due to her "terrible name", Nevaeh) are placed in homeschooling to be taught by Mr. Roe Bott, a robot teacher and the first of its kind (which their mom had to waste most of their college funds on).
16 3 "Odd In The Family" Fatima Mataraci March 5, 2010
Bobby Gibby's crazy and eccentric family members, including Great Uncle Nelson, a self-proclaimed cryptozoologist who claims to have had a beer with Bigfoot; the gothic, taciturn Grandmother Evangeline; Cousin Cadence who peddles her Avon-like products, which are alleged to cure anything; the glitzy and elegant fully-clothed, yet incomprehensible Uncle Burgess; and many more, visit Bobby Gibby's nuclear family, despite Bobby Gibby's worries.
17 4 "Ride the Cookie!" Wendy Conroy March 26, 2010
Bobby Gibby's wishes to become a cookie jockey finally come true when he stumbles upon a newly-formed Cookie World and becomes the proud owner of a "Sweetie", a horse-like cookie creature on which one can ride in. However, instead of worrying about restraining his urges to consume the sentient cookies and his Sweetie, he now has to fret about his Sweetie, Cooksey, eating him up!
18 5 "Toilet Squid" Grekk April 30, 2010
A toilet squid, which is similar to the elusive toilet alligators of New York City, begins clogging up the bathrooms with his thrusting tentacles in order to escape, and when employing plumbers grants him little success in retrieving the mollusk, Bobby Gibby must remove him out of there all by himself as he has taken classes on plumbing.
19 6 "It's A Jungle In There" Grekk May 21, 2010
When Bobby Gibby falls ill and consumes nothing but junk food and sweets, his teeth become so crooked, charred, and ridden with cavities that an actual jungle of food particles and germs begins to manifest inside of BG's mouth, which prove to be a challenge for his dentists.
20 7 "The Brotherhood of Together Boys" Calvin MacKenzie September 24, 2010
Bobby Gibby transitions into adolescence, which proves to be a tumultuous period for him. Figuring out that his parents have rejected his inquiries about his growing body, BG turns to a junta of juvenile boys, who bond over their similar rough childhoods, for guidance, and finds greater purpose than just appeasing, and catering to the whims of, his overbearing parents.
21 8 "Would You Like a Werewolf With That?" Kenneth Dumont December 31, 2010
While the BG family actually order food from a (gasp!) fast-food restaurant called Bun of the Grill, a werewolf breaks into the restaurant and holds everyone hostage unless one of them can offer him a delicious "meal". BG assumes he does not refer to any human beings, but an actual food meal. Because almost all the employees have escaped the premises except a smitten Twilight-esque book series fan who's completely useless, Bobby Gibby and his family have to cook up the perfect meal for this glutonous lycanthrope.

Season 3 (2019-)

A 30-episode, plus one special, third season was announced with an exclusive preview for a mid-2019 broadcast at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. The season premiered on May 27, 2019, with a batch of 5 episodes. The next batches aired on August 16, 2019 and January 10, 2020, respectively, with the Christmas-themed special airing in between on December 13, 2019. After the sudden coronavirus epidemic, the last two batches were removed from their original schedules for the time being.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Original airdate
22 1 "The Mask Of Death (Literally)" Lester Gomez May 27, 2019
3 years after the season 2 finale, Bobby Gibby is now 15 years old and in middle school during the fall season. For his Halloween costume, BG rummages through the selection at a nearby thrift store (at his mother's wishes) and uncovers a demonic mask, which he pays up. Soon, he gets stalked by Death, who was the original owner of the mask and wants it returned to him, but Bobby Gibby resists, frustrating Death. By misfortune, he gets the mask thieved by a kid dressed as a demon, but comes to terms with this as Death watches on.
23 2 "Manhole In One" Calvin MacKenzie May 27, 2019
In light of the 3rd anniversary of their friendship, Bobby Gibby, Marissa, and Tom memorialize by hanging out at their town's only park which almost everyone else avoids, and for good reason - it soon crumbles and refashioned into a manhole park, and Bobby Gibby must convince his unimpressed friends into having fun anyways.
24 3 "Turtle War I" Wendy Conroy May 27, 2019
A disheveled senile man (Jim Cummings) officiating himself as the "Turtle King" wages war on Bobby Gibby's town with a troop of box turtles, and BG's the only one (well, his friends also join in, but only after left without a choice, and partly because they're bored) who fights back with his own army of box turtles.
25 4 "We're Just the Demons That Live In Your House" Calvin MacKenzie May 27, 2019
After Bobby Gibby's parents refuse his pleads to attend a concert by his favorite band The Dalis of El Salvador, his friends coax him into dressing him and all of them up as the "demons that haunt the minds of those living in this residence" to guarantee a successful escape and avoid any punishment from his parents.
26 5 "Mall Brat" Fatima Mataraci May 27, 2019
Bobby Gibby's stalked by a creepy girl resembling Samara Morgan from The Ring, and to his astonishment she integrates herself into his family as his stepsister, despite having no recollection of her relation to him. At last, he revisits the mall his mom and gets rid of her.
27 6 "Dog House" Grekk August 16, 2019
Bobby Gibby's family is assaulted by a pack of stray dogs of indiscernible origin, and he tries to tame them to no avail.
28 7 "Kids From Other Schools" Wendy Conroy August 16, 2019
After Bobby Gibby enters an academic contest at one of his teacher's behest, he stresses over the possibilities of losing to his fellow competitors, but does not realize the true horrors awaiting him when he meets the kids from other opposing schools.
29 8 "Walk Festival" Lester Gomez August 16, 2019
A festival involving walking towards an unknown location has got the whole town participating, but Bobby Gibby feels like he's the only one bothered by the uncertainty that lies ahead.
30 9 "Under The Influencer" Wendy Conroy August 16, 2019
Social media popularity becomes all the rage at Bobby Gibby's school, so with a little peer pressure from Marissa and Tom, Bobby Gibby tries his hand at gaining fame online and quickly becomes beloved and worshipped by his numerous followers to the point where he is considered a god.
31 10 "Her Hair Was Like the Waves" Calvin MacKenzie August 16, 2019
Bobby Gibby falls in love with a girl and finds that her hair turns into a river whenever she allows for it. He almost ends up drowning in her locks, however, and falls out of love with her.
32 11 "School House Sucks" Fenton Cole October 25, 2019
After Bobby Gibby's house gets destroyed by a feral alligator, the family temporarily leases a room at Bobby Gibby's middle school while they await reconstruction, which makes Bobby Gibby the target of his classmates' jeering and mockery. Bobby Gibby becomes less lively as a result and withdraws from his friends, but after a heartfelt talk with a formerly-homeless teacher, Bobby Gibby makes the most of his parents' financial situation by hosting a soup kitchen in the cafeteria for the homeless and destitute.
33 12 "The Times They Are a-Climate Changin'" Grekk October 25, 2019
Bobby Gibby researches the effects of climate change on the Earth as a result of humans' ineptitude and is saddened by them, leading him on a mission to live his life as eco-friendly as possible. Unfortunately, he becomes so environmentally aware that he no longer can coalesce with other human beings and can only communicate with plants, troubling his friends.
34 13 "All Hazards' Eve" Fatima Mataraci October 25, 2019
After his mother assigns him the task of handing out candy on Halloween (as he is barred from participating in Halloween anymore for dressing up as "a disappointment" the year before), Bobby Gibby tries to divide up the candy and accidentally defects it, with poison he came into contact with while doing a science procedure, which poses a risk to the children who consume the candy and the possibility of Halloween being prohibited forever!
35 14 "Such Sweet Sorrow" Lester Gomez October 25, 2019
BG and his friends Marissa and Tom explore an abandoned chocolate factory for Tom's urban exploration vlog series and receive more than what they bargained for when they must evade a chimpanzee on the loose, who apparently belonged to the founder until he abandoned him for being too expensive to care for.
36 15 "Oh No, He Can't Hear You!" Annie Oh October 25, 2019
A pair of brain-implanted "ear buds" called Brain Buds become the hottest must-have trend for adults and teenagers alike as they successfully noise-cancel any background noise, but BG discovers that these buds actually are a detriment to one's hearings and cognitive development.
Special Special "Pitch Black Christmas" Calvin MacKenzie December 13, 2019
40-min Christmas special. Although the days leading up to Christmas oftentimes are shortened due to Daylight Savings Time (DST), Bobby Gibby realizes that Christmas Day seems even shorter than usual when nightfall arrives super early at 2 pm, until he learns from the news that calved polar caps have swam at every corner of the world (including Bobby Gibby's town) and have quickly intruded upon the climates of those regions, resulting in Antartica-like atmospheres. Only the most astute and the most physically built individuals can intervene and patch things up, so BG and a bodybuilder (Patrick Warburton) form a partnership in order to handle these innocuous yet environmentally nefarious ice caps and (literally) shine more light on all the affected regions.
37 16 "This Message Was Approved By
Bobby Gibby"
Fenton Cole January 10, 2020
A professor of BG's suggests that he try his run as a candidate for the upcoming United States presidential election, due to his adept knowledge of government and politics. He accepts this only so he can cross an item off his bucket list, that being: running for the presidency. To accomplish this, he hires his sister as his campaign manager, but she attracts more attention than he does due to her adorableness, and people demand she try her hand at the nomination. She does because she think it's "totally cool", quickly garnering a legion of followers who vote for her, culminating in her nomination and subsequent election as POTUS. Quickly she makes a series of terrible decisions that leads to rocketing unemployment rates and the value of the dollar plummeting. So Bobby Gibby has to impede her before she guides the country into financial ruin.
38 17 "Peoplets" Annie Oh January 10, 2020
Tom gets exasperated over everyone in his life controlling him and commences practicing a really obscure denomination of the Black Arts known as "Human Puppetry", which allows him to avenge those domineering individuals by manipulating them into harming themselves, as if just mere puppets. Bobby Gibby only unveils this after Tom relates a graphic account of forcing a school tormentor to bang his head against the wall until he bled profusely. Fearing the escalation of Tom's dark magic, Bobby Gibby immerses himself into Human Puppetry and learns a thing or two so he can restrain Tom and teach him a thing or two about maneuvering others. When he accomplishes just that, Tom pleads for BG to metaphysically emancipate him, promising him that he will permanently forfeit the dark arts. In the end, the two make up and consider watching a movie, but BG comically announces he must first give up the Black Arts as well.
39 18 "They See Me Foldin', They Waitin'" Lester Gomez January 10, 2020
At the park with Marissa and Tom, Bobby Gibby encounters a man who's been continuously and inexplicably unfolding himself for the past decade or so. Bobby Gibby sympathizes with him and remains at the park to assist the unfolding man with anything he needs (which is not much apart from splaying him). Eventually, a crowd of people forms to watch the man unfolding and begin barraging him with insults, some even urging him into speeding the process. The poor man finally finishes unfolding himself, but not before he's ripped from too much pressure, effectively killing him at the scene. BG mourns him while the sirens clamor in the background and takes a piece of his unfolded body as something to remember him by.
40 19 "Quarantine Queen" Grekk January 10, 2020
Amidst a particularly contagious flu season, Bobby Gibby's family confine themselves to their home to diminish the chances of infection from non-family members. Nevaeh sees this as a chance to order everyone around her, especially Bobby Gibby, as a result of her impeachment during her presidential tenure from the episode "This Message Was Approved by Bobby Gibby", who she enslaves into cleaning her room and doing her homework. Her brother and parents begin regarding her more as an adult, entailing her to visibly age into an actual adult (with a resemblance much like Queen Elizabeth II). To further delay her aging, Bobby Gibby demands his parents to treat her like a child instead of submitting to her like she were a venerable elder.
41 20 "Pool Shark" Fatima Mataraci January 10, 2020
After overhearing rumors of a shark infesting the municipal pool, Bobby Gibby's parents scrap their trip there and prohibit their kids from approaching any body of water, which BG dismisses as aquaphobia by proxy. Accompanied by his friends and an insistent Nevaeh, Bobby Gibby investigate the pool to confirm its existence, only to be confronted with the legendary shark itself...who turns out to be innocuous and not a threat at all. He had, in fact, been banished by his shark family into the pool for not being a "true shark", as he was incapable of preying upon smaller aquatic animals for sustenance. To help him with this defect, the kids aim to teach him how to properly hunt in the sea. BG observes that the shark yearns to remain who he is and, after a talk with the town's mayor, grants him permission to be used as a pool attraction that people can ride on.


Season Critical response
Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
1 72% (11 reviews) 68 (3 reviews)
2 59% (6 reviews) 60 (1 review)
3 88% (52 reviews) 79 (15 reviews)

Upon airing, the series was critically lauded for its surrealism and offbeat humor that made it stand out from typical series from other networks airing at the time. It currently holds a "Certified Fresh" rating of 72% at review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes for its first season, with the consensus being, "This hilariously bizarre series is unlike anything you'll ever see." Metacritic scored it a 68 out of 100, citing "generally favorable reviews". The second season holds a "Rotten" rating of 59%; "Bobby Gibby's still manages to be funny and surreal despite airing this season [of only 8 episodes] for an entire year". Metacritic scored it a 60 out of 100 for "mixed or average reviews". For its third and last revived season, which aired almost 9 years after the season 2 finale, Rotten Tomatoes has it at an 88% approval rating based on 52 reviews, the most out of all three seasons, with the consensus reading, "A brief but hilarious 2-year run is followed a decade later by a bewildering, uproarious return that respects the charisma created by the original two seasons."