Bob the Builder 2 is a american horror slasher film it star Mattrew Broderick, Bella Sana, Danielle Panabaker directed by Chuck Russel a sequel to Bob the Builder (Horror film)


Bob get alive and revenge who killed her seven people will be killed


one day Matt (Mattrew Broderick) and get wedding to Barbara (Danielle Panabaker) she married her "One night in the hospital" Barbara have a baby she called her Naniel (Bella Sana) Barbara love her "Two Day" Bob get alive and revenge now Naniel is 7 years old now she a kid she go to school she write the test Bob killed the teacher Naniel run out in the exit door school Bob kill her all classmate Naniel talk to Dad "who that murder" she look at the window and she see Bob get Barbara and kill her Naniel cry and Matt hold a knife to kill her but she shoot Matt and died Naniel run and hold a axe and bashed Bob head Naniel cry she bash Bob arm, body, hands, and feets with foot


  • TBA as Naniel
  • Mattrew Broderick as Matt
  • TBA as Barbarap
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