Blue Streak: Police Silde (2019 film) Action, Comedy, Crime.,,, Film



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  • Jimmy Clarke as Miles Logan/Dt. Malone Miles III's Ally.
* Jamie Clarke as Wilbur Logan, Miles's deceased Father.
  • Lewin Solomon Jr. as Will (rumored) crossover Enemy of Miles.
  • Erbin Swaby Rivers as Brenton (villain) Miles's enemy.
  • Papo Swaby Nixon as Matt (rumored) enemy of Miles, Amanda's Half-Brother.
  • Jennay Camacho as Jamie Lee (rumored) Lover of Miles, Troy's unseen first-cousin.
  • Ashley Rankin as Dr. Amanda (villain)..,,, Enemy of Miles, Matt's Half-Sister.
  • Ashley Iris Swaby as Ashlee Logan (mentioned) Miles's Younger Enstranged Niece and Troy's Sister.
  • Arley Swaby as Troy (picture only)..,,, Ashlee's Enstranged Brother.
  • Luis Manuel Amador as Gay Bisexual (rumored) Hated Ally of Miles.
  • Giovanni Swaby as Cam Wilde (villain)..,, Miles's enemy.

Uncredited Casts

  • Arley R. Swaby as Shopping Store (uncredited) Miles's Best Friend.
  • Philee as Benjamin Logan (uncredited; deleted scene)..,, Miles's legal-Father.
  • Miguel Amador as Gary Bennings (Uncredited; post credits only)..,, Miles meets Gary in Racetrac Gas Station.
  • Yamile Swaby Ortiz as Natalie Logan-Duff (uncredited) Miles III's Aunt.
  • Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo as Miles Linus 'Hal' Logan, (II)(mentioned) Miles's great great grandfather.


  • "Lose Control" performed by cheapshots courtesy by Cheapshots
  • "Baliame" performed by Nacho courtesy by Nacho
  • "Million Bucks" performed by Maino courtesy by Maino
  • "Blue Streak (Main Theme)" performed by John Debney courtesy by John Debney
  • "Lie, Cheat, Steal" performed by Run The Jewels courtesy by Run The Jewels (Main Theme)
  • "Baliame (remix)" performed by Nacho ft. Yandel courtesy by Nacho ft. Yandel

Trailer Songs

  • "PAnda (Lush Rush Remix)" performed Desiigner courtesy by Desiigner

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