Blue Monday is an American horror franchise that comprises of fourteen films, a television series, comic books and several video games.

The franchise primarily focuses on serial killer Tommy Blue who was born to a woman who practiced necromancy and placed a spell on him to make him a "child of satan", or "pure of evil". On his eighteenth birthday, Tommy murdered his abusive mother after years of mental torment and went on a killing spree in the town he'd been isolated from all his live (Buteville, Oregon), targeting suburban mom Elspeth Raines. Tommy killed his mother on the first monday of the year, known as "Blue Monday" due to the bleak weather and post-christmas depression.

The original Blue Monday, released in 1976, was written and directed by Ifan Barber. It starred Sally Field as Elspeth Raines and co-starred Tim Curry as her brother Sheriff Jonathan Berk. It was a box office success as well as being critically hailed, and saw the beginning of the slasher genre in Hollywood, shortly followed by seminal slasher film Halloween in 1978. 

Eight sequels have since followed. Tommy Blue is the antagonist in all the films apart from Blue Monday IV: Satan Rising (1982) and Blue Monday VIII: The Christmas Killings (1996), both films are set in the same universe as the Tommy Blue main series, but at different points.

IV takes place during Tommy's childhood and focuses on his mother's killings. VIII takes place in a retrofuturistic 2016.

In 2006, writer-director Edgar Wright made a remake of the 1976 film. A direct sequel to the 2006 remake was release in 2009, starring Reese Witherspoon as Elspeth Raines and Ryan Reynolds as Sheriff Jonathan Berk. The first instalment in the reboot was fairly well received, while the sequel was critically panned and was unsuccessful at the box office, with a third film in the rebooted franchise cancelled in 2010.

A direct sequel to the original trilogy was released in 2016 and ignores all other films in the franchise.


Title Director Premise Release Date
Blue Monday Ifan Barber After murdering his abusive mother, cursed teen Tommy Blue pursues a killing spree in the Oregon town of Buteville, targeting a suburban mom and her friends. January 5th 1976
Blue Monday II: Tommy's Revenge Ifan Barber Escaping his sanatorium, Tommy Blue returns to Buteville to seek revenge on the woman who put him there. January 8th 1979
Blue Monday: Power of Three Ifan Barber A coven of witches in Buteville resurrect serial killer Tommy Blue on the anniversary of his death, inflicting terror back on the town and specifically Elspeth Raines. January 7th 1980
Blue Monday IV: Satan Rising Geoffrey Wallis Wendy Blue and her coven of witches seek revenge on the men who wronged them the only way they know how, murder and satanic rituals. But Wendy soon learns that her son may be the ultimate sacrifice January 4th 1982
Blue Monday V: The Buteville Nightmare Ifan Barber Trapped in a purpose built prison by a paranoid Elspeth Raines, the undead Tommy Blue is driven even more psychotic by his confinement. But when a treacherous friend of Elspeth's let's him escape, the heavily pregnant housewife must take Tommy down once and for all. January 7th 1985
Blue Monday VI: Resurrection Ifan Barber Tommy summons his mother from Hell, hoping that she will help him finally take down the Raines family. January 5th 1987
Blue Monday VII: The Ghost of Satan Ifan Barber Tommy and his mother bargain with Satan in hopes of banishing the citizens of Buteville to eternal torture. January 7th 1991
Blue Monday VIII: The Christmas Killings Christopher Hox In 2016, Buteville is tortured by a Tommy Blue copycat killer. Sheriff Berk and his wife Moira come out of retirement to take down the copycat. December 16th 1996
Blue Monday IX: Tommy's Final Showdown Christopher Hox Tommy returns to Buteville for the millennium and hunts for a new target at a college frat party. January 3rd 2000
Blue Monday Edgar Wright In this reimagining of the original film, Tommy Blue is a trouble teenager who is taken from a satanic cult by a social worker, but after murdering her, goes on a killing spree of his own through a nearby town. January 9th 2006
Blue Monday: The Second Coming Edgar Wright The satanic cult he left years earlier revives a long-dead Tommy Blue and sets him on the people who killed him originally. January 5th 2009
Blue Monday 40 Ifan Barber 40 years after his first attack on Buteville, the Raines return to mourn those lost that night, not knowing that a reclusive Tommy is plotting his deadly comeback. January 4th 2016
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