Bloody Road 3DD is a 2015 horror slasher film and is the sequel to the 2014 film.


The fil begins with Snake (Derek Mears) getting up from his attack and looking out the tunnel. Twins Katrina (Megan Fox) and Sherrie Thompson (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Lara (Brianna Evigan), Sara (Rumer Willis), Jesse (Ryan Merriman), Shelby (Katrina Bowden), Carmen (Crystal Lowe), Natalie (Meagan Tandy), Charles (Jensen Ackles), Mark (Aaron Yoo), Jenny (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Cherry (Ellen Wroe), Nikko (Nico Tortorella), Bob (Matt Lanter), Justin (Dustin McKamie), Andy (Nick Zano) and Marcus (Miles Fischer) traveling in Marcus,s Trailer when the trailer runs out of gas and they try to find a gas station but there is no gas station when they find the tunnel and decide to go in. Snake grabs Justin and stabs him in the back 3 times with his pocket knife. Katrina witnesses Justin,s death and tells Sherrie, but Sherrie doesn't believe her and they keep unpacking.

That night, Carmen is sleeping when Snake comes in with an axe and Carmen screams as she is then killed and her blood splatters against the wall. Katrina hears Snake but when she goes to Carmen,s room, he,s gone and Katrina becomes nervous. Snake then comes up behind her and hits her on the head with a baseball bat and she falls unconscious and drags her and her friends to his lab.

Katrina woke up the next morning and found herself in the lab tied up along with everyone else. Marcus and Jenny are then gutted with Snake,s pocket knife and Katrina kicks Snake, causing him to throw his pocket knife into her hands. She cuts herself loose and frees everyone else, except Natalie, because Snake woke up and everyone ran. Snake then dragged Natalie to the dungeon, nailed her to the wall and put an apple in her mouth and put the axe to her stomach, kill her. Katrina and everyone else ran to the trailer but it wasn't there and they ran downhill and saw it rolling away and Mark jumped on it and tried to stop it, but it rolled into a site of minefields, which killed Mark and blew up the trailer. Everyone got scared and tried to run back up, but Snake leaped out with a corkscrew and everyone screamed and climbed over the railing and down the mountain ridge, but Snake pushed a boulder over onto Andy, which caused him to fall to his death and Crush him.

Snake pushed a boulder down to Bob, but Katrina pushed him out of the way and it fell and crushed Lara instead. Sherrie gasped and continued climbing down along with Nikko and Katrina teased her for climbing down with a boy, but she remarked that she was climbing down with a boy too, causing her to become ashamed and guilty. 1 hour later, they got onto the ground and everyone thought they were safe, until Katrina asked where Bob was. Bob,s corpse, now sliced in half, fell onto the ground and everyone stared in shock. A grappling hook then fell on where Bob,s head would be and everyone looked up and saw Snake swinging down the rope like a fire pole and Everyone ran and hid in a tunnel, With Snake following them. Snake caught up with Cherry and drilled thru her back with his corkscrew, killing her.

Sherrie and Nikko continued to run but Snake leaped onto Nikko and drilled thru his neck with the corkscrew. Sherrie ran and told Katrina that Nikko died and then Cherry,s corpse was thrown in front of them. Snake chased them into a cave with everyone else and they blocked the entrance with rocks so he couldn't get in. However, it became very quiet and then suddenly, Snake broke in and stabbed Jesse in the chest several times with his pocket knife. Charles began to panic and ran, but Snake leaped onto him and while he was wrestling Snake, he told Katrina, Sherrie and Sara to run. They climbed out of an empty "window" in the cave, while Snake strangled Charles.

Katrina, Sherrie and Sara ran, but found themselves at a steep slope and tried to climb, but they kept slipping. Katrina and Sherrie finally got their grip just when Snake came outside and he threw his pocket knife into Sara,s back, pinning her to the slope. Katrina and Sherrie pushed several giant boulders down on Snake and he was pressed to death. Katrina and Sherrie cheered and continued to climb in safety.


  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Sherrie Thompson
  • Megan Fox as Katrina Thompson
  • Ryan Merriman as Jesse
  • Jensen Ackles as Charles
  • Meagan Tandy as Natalie
  • Jaqueline MacInnes Wood as Jenny
  • Aaron Yoo as Mark
  • Nico Tortorella as Nikko
  • Miles Fischer as Marcus
  • Nick Zano as Andy
  • Matt Lanter as Bob
  • Crystal Lowe as Carmen
  • Brianna Evigan as Lara
  • Rumer Willis as Sara
  • Dustin McKamie as Justin
  • Ellen Wroe as Cherry
  • Derek Mears as Snake Jailbird


Justin- Stabbed in back 3 times with pocket knife

Carmen- Killed with axe

Marcus- Gutted with pocket knife

Jenny- Gutted with pocket knife

Natalie- Axe thrown into stomach

Mark- Blown up in minefields

Andy- Fell to death and crushed with boulder

Lara- Fell to death and crushed with boulder

Bob- Sliced in half (Offscreen)

Cherry- Drilled thru back with corkscrew

Nikko- Drilled thru neck with corkscrew

Jesse- Stabbed in chest several times with pocket knife

Charles- Strangled

Sara- Pinned to slope thru back with pocket knife

Snake- Pressed to death with boulders


Katrina, Sherrie

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