Bloody Road 3D is a 2014 Horror Slasher film that stars Derek Mears, Chelan Simmons, Nicholas D'Agosto, Ryan Hansen, Emma Bell, Danielle Panabaker, Thomas Dekker, Alex Pettyfer, Lindsay Lohan and Bobby Campo.


9 friends are going on vacation but When their car breaks down, they have to camp on the ridge and a killer is After them.


The Film begins with 9 friends going on vacation but their car breaks down so they go outside and they check the gas tank and it,s empty. Sadie says that a gas station is not for miles, so they have to camp on the ridge. Franny tries to sneak away in the car, but Snake grabs her and impales her in the chest with a knife. Sadie stares in shock and tells everyone but when they look, Snake is not there. Everyone grumbles at Sadie and Sadie begins to cry and Alyssa tells her it,s okay and that it was just a hallucination.

However, the next morning, Sadie wakes up tied to a bed with everyone else and Snake comes in with an axe. Frank cut himself free and tried to cut Trixie free, but He was stabbed in the back with the axe. Sadie gasped and Snake tried to strangle her, but she kicked him in the stomach and he fell, his pocket knife flying thru the air. She cut herself loose and cut Johnny, Alyssa, Timmy, Trixie and Juan free. Just when she was about to cut Edward free, Snake got up and everyone ran. Snake then grabbed his pocket knife, which Sadie dropped and sliced Edward in half.

Sadie, Johnny, Alyssa, Timmy, Trixie and Juan ran to the car and Sadie and Alyssa burned some pine knots and were about to pour the tar into the gas tank when Snake came out and Alyssa screamed and threw the bucket in the air, knocking out Timmy. The four ran from Snake but Alyssa said they had to go back for Timmy but Sadie said he was probably dead already and to keep running. Timmy woke up, Saw Snake and ran to find Sadie. Snake chased him until he cornered him at a dead end and Timmy tried to climb up the rocks, but Snake threw a chisel into a rock, causing many rocks to fall and crush Timmy.

Snake chased the 5 into a tunnel and threw his scythe at Sadie, pinning her on a wall by her shirt. Snake tried to set. Her on fire, but Alyssa came up and jumped on his back, causing Snake to throw the match and set Alyssa on fire instead. Sadie stared in shock over Alyssa,s death and ran from Snake and tried to find her friends. She found Johnny, Trixie and Juan and told them that Alyssa was dead. Snake then came up behind Johnny and stabbed him in the back 5 times with his pocket knife. The trio ran and Snake chased them down a tunnel. Trixie tripped on a rock and Snake came up behind her and sliced her back open with his pocket knife.

Juan and Sadie hid behind some rocks, where Snake couldn't reach them. Soon, it was quiet out and Juan became suspicious and went out to peek, ignoring Sadie,s warning. At first it was clear but then Snake leaped on him and impaled him thru the heart with a corkscrew. Sadie kicked a rock and climbed out and leaped on Snake and drilled a hole thru his face with the corkscrew, killing him. Sadie laughed in defeat for killing Snake and walked back to the car. She burned some more pine knots, poured the tar into the car tank and hot wired it and drove away.


Derek Mears as Snake Jailbird/Criminal Hitch-Hicker, the killer

Chelan Simmons as Sadie/Protagonist

Nicholas D'Agosto as Johnny/Sadie,s boyfriend

Ryan Hansen as Frank/Johnny,s best friend

Emma Bell as Alyssa/Sadie,s best friend

Danielle Panabaker as Franny/Sadie,s enemy

Thomas Dekker as Timmy/Franny,s boyfriend

Alex Pettyfer as Juan/Alyssa,s boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan as Trixie/Frank,s girlfriend

Bobby Campo as Edward/Frank,s enemy who also loves Trixie


Franny- Impaled thru chest with knife

Frank- Stabbed in back with axe

Edward- Sliced in half with pocket knife

Timmy- Crushed by falling rocks

Alyssa- Set on fire

Johnny- Stabbed on back 5 times with pocket knife

Trixie- Back sliced open with pocket knife

Juan- Impaled thru heart with corkscrew

Snake- Drilled in face with corkscrew



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