Bloody Revenge is the second episode in the first season of Hunters (TV series). It follows Pilot/The Demon Within and is followed by The Church

Plot Summary

Jimmy Vaughn (the phantom) was active in the 90s. He was put in jail by two cops (Kyle Winsor and Peter Kramer). Jimmy dies in jail and kills Peter as a phantom. Kyle goes over to his parent’s house and catches the phantom as he is killing Kyle’s parents. The Phantom is wearing a mask of white that has been burnt in a fire. The Phantom looks at Kyle, points at him and walks through the wall. The Hunters come to Grantsburg and Kyle tells them who it is (he recognises the way it kills and the mask it wears). The Hunters tell Kyle to leave (which he doesn’t) and they devise a way to kill it. They make a magic bomb that is made of Myrrh, Sulphur (minute amounts), salt, pepper and gunpowder. They encase it in a shell of iron that has been washed under a dark moon. They go to Kyle’s house knowing Kyle hasn’t left and arrive to find The Phantom attacking Kyle. They lure the phantom to them by dragging Kyle to the lounge room. The Phantom steps onto a banishing circle (pentagram enclosed in a circle with an inverted pentagram overlaying the original one). The Phantom can’t move away, and Dan puts the bomb at its feet, lights it and hides behind the sofa. After the explosion, the Phantom is gone and there is a piece of iron in each point of the original pentagram. Kyle gets up to thank the Hunters, but becomes possessed by a demon and rushes at them. Sam grabs a shot gun and blows a hole in it. The hole stitches up and the Hunters shove it in the pentagram so it can’t move and run of.


After the series was launched, the second episode was devised by the creator Jason Holt and the other producers. The idea began with a masked killer, but creators cut this as it seemed to much like Jason Vorhees. When interviewed about the second episode by Empire, Jason Holt said that the antagonist was loosely based on Vorhees. The episode was originally called "Blood Roads", but it was replaced by "Bloody Revenge", referring to Jimmy Vaughn's rampage for revenge against the police.


When the episode aired in the US on Sci Fi a week after the pilot, it received 89% of positive votes. Empire commented that the graphics were brilliant and rated it four star. TV Week gave a good review too, but warned that it may be a bit too scary for young children.

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