Bloody Pom Poms is a 2016 horror film and the second sequel to The Cheerleader Massacre and it's follow-up Cheerleader Camp.


During a party, a girl named Megan finds her boyfriend Daniel cheating on her with her best friend Alison. Two weeks later, Megan joins the cheerleading squad at West High. Daniel approaches her and tries to apologize, explaining that he believes that he found his soul mate in Alison. Megan's new cheerleading friends then convince her to play a prank on Daniel and Alison to get back at them.

At yet another party, this time at a farmhouse, they lure Alison and Daniel into the barn. However, the prank goes badly wrong and Alison falls onto the spikes of some farm machinery, impaling her to death. Daniel agrees to keep quiet about the accident.

Some time later, the cheerleaders are in the midst of training for the upcoming basketball final, and Daniel is training for the game. One day, cheerleader Parker is slasher to death in the shower room but her body is removed. Later, Linda and her boyfriend Damon have sex in the locker room when they are also attacked and slashed to death.

It soon becomes clear to the team that someone is hunting them down, one by one. The killer is found to be a teacher, Mr. Bentley, who had become obsessed with Alison. During the final struggle, Megan ends up with Bentley in the rafters in the gym, where the game is being held. She manages to stab him and he falls through the scoreboard to his death.

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