Bloody Mary 3: Mary's Revenge is a comedy-horror-slasher film starring Briana Evigan, Katie Cassidy, Minka Kelly, Dakota Fanning, Shantel VanSanten, Nina Dobrev, Emma Bell, Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti, Leah Pipes, Rooney Mara, Chelan Simmons, Shanica Knowles, Jessica Szohr, Alyson Michalka, Demi Lovato, Logan Browning, Kiely Williams, Candice Accola and Kat Graham


  • Briana Evigan as Melissa
  • Katie Cassidy as Jenna
  • Minka Kelly as Carla
  • Dakota Fanning as Aubrey
  • Shantel VanSanten as Lucy
  • Nina Dobrev as Raina
  • Emma Bell as Emily
  • Danielle Panabaker as Lacey
  • Amanda Righetti as Taylor
  • Leah Pipes as Sarah
  • Rooney Mara as Jade
  • Chelan Simmons as Jessica
  • Shanica Knowles as Tanisha
  • Jessica Szohr as Angela
  • Alyson Michalka as Jane
  • Demi Lovato as Hanna
  • Logan Browning as Karen
  • Kiely Williams as Caitlyn
  • Candice Accola as Carol
  • Kat Graham as Penny


Carol- Slashed 5 times in chest with machete.

Penny- Stabbed in the stomach with a railroad spike.

Tanisha- Stabbed in the hand with a Knife.

Jade- Throat split open with garden shears.

Jessica- Stomach cut open with an axe, Heart ripped out.

Sarah- Skinned by chandelier.

Lacey- Beaten with gutter pipe and drowned in pool. Caitlyn- Chained to wall to rot.

Hanna- Eyeballs pulled out.

Karen- Spear stabbed thru forehead.

Angela- Cord pulled around neck.

Jane- Chopped up with power saw.

Raina- Froze alive in freezer.

Taylor- Dunked in lake and killed by piranhas.

Emily- Impaled in neck with pole.

Melissa- Machete stabbed in penis.


Jenna, Carla, Aubrey and Lucy


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