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Bloody Mary Is A 2013 American Horror Film Starring Willa Holland, Cody Longo, Alexandra Daddario, Josh Hutcherson, Nico Tortorella, Teresa Palmer and Megan Fox.


6 Friends Decide To Play A Prank On Jane (Megan Fox) About Bloody Mary And Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) Stabs Her In Her Back, Accidentally Killing Her Because It Was Dark. Now, 1 Year Later The 6 Friends Are Killed One By One By Bloody Mary Disguised As Jane. Can They Stop This Prank?


It starts off with Jessica (Willa Holland) running to class and is late and her teacher looks at her and says your late and she says it won't happen again and they laugh. Jessica sits down next to Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) and Sienna (Teresa Palmer) and they say that's why you wake up early and they laugh. Class is over and Jane (Megan Fox) comes up to them and says bitch slept in late and Jessica says that the bitch was with her last night and Jane rolls her eyes and Jake (Cody Longo), Jessica's boyfriend and Tyler (Nico Tortorella), Jake's best friend, come up to them and Jake kisses Jessica and he says to Jane what scares you and she says that she's afraid of Bloody Mary and he says that she's not real.

Jake pulls Jessica and says that they're gonna pull a prank on Jane to scare her and she says when did they decide to do this and he says when she was sleeping and Jessica says that she doesn't know if she wants to do this and Jake begs her and she agrees to do it. They play truth or dare, Jake asks Jane truth or dare, she says dare and Jake dares Jane to go to say Bloody Mary in the mirror 3 times and she does. She then waits and sees and sees someone behind her and starts screaming. She tries to escape and she is stabbed in the back accidentally by Rachel and she falls to the ground dead. Rachel then screams and runs out the door and says that she killed Jane by accident and Jessica says they have to call the police and Jake says no and decides to bury her. They bury her and they keep it a secret.

1 year later, Jessica, Jake, Rachel, Tyler and Sienna are in there senior year of college, Jessica


  • Willa Holland as Jessica
  • Josh Hutcherson as Nick
  • Cody Longo as Jake
  • Alexandra Daddario as Rachel
  • Nico Tortorella as Tyler
  • Teresa Palmer as Sienna
  • Megan Fox as Bloody Mary/Jane


  • Jane- Accidentally Stabbed In Back With A Kitchen Knife (Rachel)
  • Tyler- Throat Slit With Kitchen Knife (Bloody Mary/Jane)
  • Sienna- Stabbed In Neck With A Kitchen Knife (Bloody Mary/Jane)
  • Jake- Stabbed In Forehead With A Kitchen Knife (Bloody Mary/Jane)
  • Rachel- Dragged Into A Mirror And Blood Is All Over The Mirror (Bloody Mary/Jane)


  • Jessica
  • Nick