Bloody Mary is a 2023 supernatural horror film directed by James Wan.


After a cousin's death on Halloween night in 1994 while playing Bloody Mary, a teenage girl with PTSD thinks that she has been haunted after playing the game. When strange things happen, she has to solve the mystery on who is causing this.


At a Halloween party in 1994, Mallory is dared to play Bloody Mary by saying the name three times, as she enters the bathroom, she lights up the candles and does so. When the candles blow out, she turns on the lights to reveal Bloody Mary in the mirror. She screams as Bloody Mary lunges into her. Sarah and Alyssa hears their cousin's scream as they go into the bathroom to reveal that Mallory's entrails are ripped out as they scream.


  • Iris Apatow as Sarah Norman, a young teenage girl who believes that she has been haunted after playing Bloody Mary
  • China Anne McClain as Alyson Schroeder, Sarah's friend who is very popular and cool
  • Auli'i Cravalho as Juna Ya'nai, a Polynesian-American girl who loves to surf and a friend of Sarah's
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Brian Clarke, a nerdy boy who is obsessed with comics and pop culture
  • Tyler Alvarez as Raul Melgar, a Hispanic-American who is Alyson's girlfriend
  • Maya Hawke as Ursula Hennings, a shy and clumsy new student
  • Maude Apatow as Alyssa Norman, Sarah's older sister
  • Kiernan Shipka as Mallory Willard, Sarah's late younger cousin who died after playing Bloody Mary
  • Lake Bell as Hailey Norman, Sarah's mother
  • Wes Bentley as Jordan Norman, Sarah's father
  • Skai Jackson as Sophie Schroeder, Alyson's sister
  • Melissa Ziegler as Melissa Schroeder, Alyson and Sophie's mother
  • Samantha Morton as Queen "Bloody" Mary Tudor of England I, a ghostly spirit and the main antagonist


Mallory's Death

One year later...

Juna plays Bloody Mary alone

Mallory's Ghost

Sarah is invited to a Halloween party

Sarah vs. Bloody Mary


  1. Queen Mary Tudor of England I - Reproductive system disease
  2. Mallory Willard - Entrails ripped out by Bloody Mary
  3. Brian Clarke - Strangled to death by Bloody Mary
  4. Melissa Janeway - Throat slit by Bloody Mary
  5. Jordan Norman - Eyes scratched out by Bloody Mary
  6. Bloody Mary - Dragged to Hell by Sarah Norman


  1. Sarah Norman
  2. Alyson Janeway
  3. Sophie Janeway
  4. Hailey Norman
  5. Alyssa Norman
  6. Raul Melgar
  7. Ursula Hennings
  8. Juna Ya'nai

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  • It is distributed by TriStar Pictures, Stage 6 Films and Annapurna Pictures with Atomic Monster Productions (only seen at the end of the movie).
  • The costumes are shown in the film:
    • Mallory - Witch
    • Sarah - Cheerleader (Mallory's death scene only) and witch
    • Alyssa - Fairy (Mallory's death scene only) and Britney Spears
    • Alyson - Mad Hatter
    • Juna - Hula dancer girl
    • Brian - Sailor boy
    • Raul - Vampire
    • Ursula - Fairy
    • Sophie - Voodoo doll
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