Bloodsuckers (2015)

  1. Gabe- Body burnt by neck of garlic (Michael)
  2. Kayla- Bitten in the neck (Tessa)
  3. Christie- Bitten through the neck and stabbed with pocketknife (Rosie)
  4. Abigail- Staked in the heart (Michael)
  5. Faith- Staked (Lindsey)
  6. Kiara- Staked (Lindsey)
  7. Mrs. Casey- Bitten in the arm (Rosie)
  8. Lewis- Sprayed by holy water (Yumi)
  9. Peyton- Staked in the heart (Michael)
  10. Jerry- Throat slit (Rosie)
  11. Chris- Bitten in the neck (Rosie)
  12. Aria- Bitten and absorbed through the darkness (Rosie)
  13. Katherine- Beaten up and bitten (Tessa)
  14. Lynn- Bitten (Rosie)
  15. Yumi- Throat slit (Lindsey)
  16. Baxter- Bitten in the neck (Rosie)
  17. Tessa- Staked, sprayed with holy water and turned into dust by the sunlight (Lindsey)
  18. Rosie- Staked and turned into dust by the sunlight after opening the window curtains (Lindsey)

Bloodsuckers: Return of the Blood (2016)

  1. Yoshi- Bitten (Lungard)
  2. Edd- Bitten in neck and thrown to tree (Jasmine)
  3. Jasmine- Staked in head (Lindsey)
  4. Rob- Bitten in leg and blood loss (Lungard)
  5. Helen- Bitten and shot (Lungard)
  6. Principle Willaim Clint- Pulled into janitors closet (Will)
  7. Paul- Impaled with stake (Michael)
  8. Greg- Staked in heart (Gary)
  9. Will- Heart ripped out (Lungard)
  10. Lungard- Flagpole though heart and staked in eye

Bloodsuckers: The Next Generation (2017)

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