Blood and Black Lace is a 2008 American Horror film remake of the original 1964 cult classic film of the same name.

It was written by Ehren Krueger and directed by Dario Argento.

It stars Kate Winslet, Kari Bryon, Elijah Wood, Jared Padelecki, Adrien Brody, Asia Argento, Amy Adams, Laura Prepon, Laura Ramsey, Julianne Moore, Victoria Justice, Kaya Scodelario, Elena Satine, Jeffrey Ballard and Alphonso McAuley.

It was released theatrically in all theatres on January 14, 2008.

It was distributed by Lionsgate and Mosiac Media Group and it's rated R for Strong bloody horror violence and gore, some sexual content, drug use and language.


The film begins with two young blonde teenage girls (Laura Ramsey) (Laura Prepon) living next door to an arrogant red headed supermodel (Julianne Moore) who wind up witnessing their celebrity neighbour be murdered by a maniac who hacks her to pieces with a woodshed axe.

The film then continues on to show a Manhattan Debutane Modelling organization who are looking for the right red headed beauty to replace their dead leading woman.

However the runner-up replacement is soon then murdered publicly and the police immediately assume the killer's signature victims will be red head models.

The killer then offs a third red headed beauty from the modelling organization before uncharacteristically changing to three teenagers from a high school group whom possess blonde and brown hair.

An Intrepid Journalist (Kate Winslet) looking to switch into police work and be a detective get's offered her chance by going undercover and being the next-runner up for the red head model position so she will be bait to lure the killer out.

The killer however then surprisingly offs her red headed journalist friend (Amy Adams).

The Modelling Organization prepares to shut down following the insane amount of murders but an out of town brown haired fashion model from Vogue (Elena Satine) and former cop organizes with the local Manhattan police department to keep the plans for the modelling party ago so they can catch the killer.

As the party commences the undercover Journalist's hired photographer (Elijah Wood) and a wannabe red headed female high school journalist (Meghan Jette Martin) are killed upon arriving at the party.

The Brown Haired Fashion model and her assistant Clarice (Asia Argento) are then killed and the Brown Haired fashion model former cop is revealed to have also been a natural red head.

The killer is then revealed to be the innocent little model fashion cover publicist (Kari Bryon) and she has two partners the surviving teenager from the high school victim group (Jared Padelecki) and the Sheriff (Brian Cox).

The Journalist however gains the upper hand as the Publicist turns on her teenage partner and kills him leaving just her and her.

The Journalist is able to disarm the publicist of her gun and holds her hostage just as the Sheriff Partner comes in.

The Sheriff Partner doesn't respond to the threat and instead puts a bullet in the Publicist's head.

The Journalist then flees around the building from the Sheriff Partner until she grabs hold of him on an upper floor and spirals them both out a window.

It is revealed the Sheriff Partner survived the fall by using the Journalist to break his fall mostly.

He is then carried away to the hospital where takes fixation on a red headed nurse who is tending to him in the Hospital.

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