Blood Roses is a Mystery Drama Tv Series Starring Liv Tyler,Patrick Depsey,Shanley Caswell,Briana Eviga,Blake Lively and Sara Paxton


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Family Bane

Liv Tyler As Angie Bane/Nancy Gilmore

Patrick Depsey As Patrick Bane

Shanley Caswell As Dennis Bane

Briana Evigan As Dylan Bane

Blake Lively As Rosie Bane

Sara Paxton As Alison Bane

Gilmore Family

Michael Fassbender As Stephen Gilmore

Emma Stone As Emily Gilmore

Maiara Walsh As Rachel Gilmore

Colton Haynes As Issac Gilmore

Sasha Pieterse As Lisa Gilmore

Other Cast

Bobby Campo As Scott Bradley

Zach Roerig As Dustin Quaid

Selena Gomez As Quinn Andrew

Avril Lavigne As Doris Quaid

Tom Welling As Derek Boss

Ashley Tisdale As Amanda

Zachary Levy As  Ash Albert

Jennifer Lawrence As Maya Albert

Kellan Lutz As Benjamin (Ben) Dawn

Luke Wilson As Official seymour


Angie Bane-she is the principal of the series she wants to settle qui killed his sister(22 chapters)Alive

Patrick Bane-he is the husband of angie(22 Chapters)Alive

Dennis Bane-she is the daughter of angie and patrick and younger sister rosie and alison (22 Chapters)Alive

Dylan Bane-she is sister and aunt rosie patrick, alison and dennis(22 Chapters)Alive

Rosie Bane-she is the greatest sister alison and dennis and daughter angie and patrick(22 Chapters)Alive

Alison Bane-she is the middle sister of rosie and dennis and daughter angie and patrick(22 Chapters)alive

Nancy Gilmore-She is the twin sister angie she is murdered in the first episode(21 Chapters)Death

Stephen Gilmore-the nancy's husband and first suspects(22 Chapters)Death

Rachel Gilmore-she is the eldest daughter of Nancy and stephen(22 Chapters)Alive

Emily Gilmore-(22 Chapters)Alive

Lisa Gilmore-(22 Chapters)Alive

Isacc Gilmore-(22 Chapters)Alive

Quinn Andrew-she is a friend of Nancy and soon will live in the house and bathe murdering his family in 10 chapter(20 Chapters)Death by Stephen(the rose painted blood)

Doris Quaid-(20 Chapters)Alive

Derek Boss-(19 Chapters)Death

Amanda-(20 Chapters)Alive

Ash Albert-(22 Chapters)Death

Maya Albert-(5 Chapters)Death Banjamin Dawn-(22 Chapters)Alive

Official Seymour-(1 Chapters)Death


1 season 22 Chapters

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