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Blood Nation is an American horror black comedy miniseries.


The series takes place in circa 2000's, in a small town called Sunnyhaven.


He is the grandson of Dracula.

she is the great granddaughter of Van Helsing.

A vampire of Romani heritage.

A Spanish-American best friend of.


1.In The Shadows-

2.Bring Me To Life-


  • Evan: God, you suck!

looked at him with blood smeared all over his mouth and chin

Well duh, i suck! I'm a mother fucking vampire!

Evan looked at with a disappointed look on his face.

Evan: No, i mean you suck at it!

I am a vampire. We suck blood from people's necks, wrists, etc. OF COURSE I FUCKING SUCK! THAT'S HOW I STAY ALIVE!

Evan facepalmed

Evan:Not that you dumbass! I know that we have to suck to stay alive! It's just that you really suck!


Evan:Ha! Works every damn time.

If we don't stop the vampires from taking over the town, they will suck us dry.

has the perverted look on his face.

You see, i'm a vampire but i take shit from holy water and beating the living crap out of those Twilight bitches!

and that's not holy water, it's just regular water.

  • I don't want to die a virgin!

After the number of times you've sucked my cock like a popsicle, i'm not sure you are unqualified as a virgin anymore and, even if you are, nothing is going to get near my ass tonight.