Blood Lace

Blood Lace is a 2014 French-American slasher film directed by Franck Khalfoun and written by Alexandre Aja, Grégory Levasseur, and C.A. Rosenberg. The film was produced by the French film companies La Petite Reine and Studio 37. It is a remake of the 1964 film 'Blood and Black Lace' and stars Mackenzie Davis. The film also stars Andrew Droz Palermo and Barbara Crampton.


A masked murderer arrives at a fashion house, and begins to murder the models one by one.


In the opening scene, famous fashion model, Erin Lucas (Wendy Glenn) goes to the bar and gets herself a drink inside a club. She begins to get too drunk and is eventually forced to leave. She decides to walk back to her apartment and gets a phone call from a friend of hers, Mia. Erin ignores the call and makes it to her apartment. As she reaches her door, she starts to feel like she is being watched. As she opens her door, she hears a noise behind her. Erin quickly turns around when someone wearing pin-up girl type mask impales her through the jaw, killing her.

In the next scene, Christina (Annabella Sciorra) and Richard Davison (Elias Koteas), a married couple, are driving to their 'haute couture' fashion house. They enter their country fashion house, a stately mansion, heavily secluded deep in the woods. As she is preparing herself for an evening fashion show downstairs, Christina hears a noise come from the attic. She is then startled by her personal assistant, Natalie (Sharni Vinson), who enters the bedroom. Christine tells her she thinks someone is in the attic. Just then, they hear another sound. Natalie goes up to investigate. She enters the attic and is about to open a dark closet door, when she is startled by the slamming of the attic window, which she assumes must have made the noise. Natalie shuts the window and heads back down, once she leaves the attic, the closet door creaks open, revealing that someone was, in fact, hiding inside. 

Downstairs, the fashion show is about to begin, whilst one of the models, Mia (Amy Seimetz) is trying to get in touch with Erin. Mia asks if any of the models have heard from her. Anna (Nora Arnezeder) tells her to call her boyfriend, but one of the other models tells her he's out of town. Mia insists that she call the police, but knows that it'll disturb the fashion shoot and Christine won't be happy. Mia decides to leave and go to the police station, much to the reluctance from her colleagues. Just as Richard begins to give an introduction speech, Christine's creative director, Erna (Nina Hoss), informs her that Mia has left. A frustrated Christine orders Erna to put another model in Mia's dress. Mia travels to the police station, where she speaks to Officer Hurt (Daron Stewart). He unfortuantely tells Mia that Erin is not considered missing as it has not been 24 hours. 

Hurt tells her to go home, get some rest and come back to them tomorrow if she still hasn't heard anything. An upset Mia leaves the station and heads home on the subway. At her apartment, Mia goes inside and makes herself a drink. She checks her answer machine and discovers a message from Erin. The scene cuts to Mia as she finishes with her shower, and steps out into the bedroom, where she puts on some underwear. Mia is brushing her wet hair at her dressing table, but stops and becomes very upset. She grabs her little black diary and a pen, writing everything she is thinking. Once she finishes writing, she places the pen on the dressing table, but it falls onto the floor. She ducks down to pick it up and when she rises, is suddenly attacked by Pin-Up Girl (L.C. Holt), who repeatedly stabs her in the stomach. 

The next morning, at the fashion house, Anna awakens and heads downstairs, where she finds all the other models in makeup for a photoshoot, including Lucia (Genevieve Alexandra) and Charlotte (Sarah Gadon). They have both noticed Mia's abscence. Anna takes part in the shoot with two other models. The photographer, Matthew (Ben Rosenfield), uses Anna as the central part of the shoot and comes off very professinal and skilled. Meanwhile, Mia's boyfriend, Nick (Ti West) arrives at the apartment and heads straight into the bedroom, where he finds Mia's corpse on the bed. 

Later that evening, all the models sit down for dinner, Richard toasts to the success of the fashion show, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. However, the mood is broken when Richard starts mocking the fact that Mia ran off. Anna becomes defensive and informs him of her disappearance, and an argument ensues. The argument is disturbed when theres a knock at the door. Gina answers it. It is Inspector Elliott Grey (Max Martini) and asks to speak to Christine and Richard in private. Elliott informs them both that Mia has been found dead in her apartment and are looking into the disappearance of Erin. 

The officer tells them he will station another officer outside the house at all times from now on. After the officer leaves, Anna makes her way upstairs and hears Christine arguing with Richard about something, but it is not very clear. Anna turns around only to be startled by Matthew, who was watching her listen. He walks past her and enters the office, shutting the door behind him. That night, at her apartment, Anna attempts to call Erin again and again. She also researches Richard on her laptop, before she gets a knock on the door. She opens it, revealing Nick, who has just got out of the station and needed to speak to her, as he knew she was the closest person to Mia that he knew about. 

Nick tells him that they found Erin's body in her apartment and Anna expresses feelings of guilt for Mia having been murdered following her rushing out of the fashion show. Anna goes to the kitchen to make Nick a drink. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Nick is suspicious and picks up a baseball bat that Anna keeps. Nick slowly approaches the door as Anna follows behind. Nick tells Anna to wait, as he opens the door, finding no-one around. As Nick turns to Anna in confusion. The door suddenly slams shut revealing Pin-Up Girl, who quickly approaches Anna, who backups into the living area. Pin-Up Girl grabs her, but she struggles and breaks free, before locking herself in the bathroom. In the corridor, Nick is attempting to break through the door and get inside. After a couple of failures he manages to get inside, but the assailant is nowhere to be seen. Nick searches around, only for Pin-Up Girl to hack him in the face with a cleaver, killing him.

Anna continues to hide in the bathroom and hears the commotion. After a moments silence, Pin-Up Girl begins to kick the door in, before chucking Nick's body at it and breaking it down. Anna threatens him with a pair of small scissors and after slicing his arm, he gets her in a choke hold and breaks her neck. Pin-Up Girl is then shown searching through and destroying her apartment. Meanwhile, at a studio in the city, Lucia is doing a topless photoshoot for an advertising campaign. Richard is present. Afterwards, in the dressing room, Lucia is alone, getting herself ready to leave. Once she's ready to go, she hears a small noise coming from the lockers behind her. She approaches it and attempts to look inside the slots. Noticing the padlock is unlocked, she quickly locks it before leaving. Lucia says goodbye to Richard as they go their seperate ways. 

Walking home, she runs into some friends, who ask her to come to a bar, but she insists she has to get back to her apartment. The scene then cuts to Lucia arriving at her apartment. It is learnt that she lives with Anna, unknown to she is dead. Lucia gets her keys, but instantly notices the broken door. Entering, she finds Nick's body and the trashed interior. She passes the bathroom, but Anna's body is missing. She walks into the bedroom, finding Anna's body on the bed. An upset Lucia walks over to the corpse, and notices the window is open. She moves to close the window, then hears something in the room. She walks over, about peeks down under the bed and sees Pin-Up Girl. Frightened, Lucia attempts to flee, but Pin-Up Girl slices the back of her achilles and she falls to the ground. She drags herself out of the room as Pin-Up Girl crawls out from under the bed. 

Pin-Up Girl watches how Lucia continues to drag herself and follows. Making her way across the apartment, Lucia is determined to get away, but Pin-Up Girl quickly grabs her and throws her onto the glass table in the middle of the living area. Lucia, injured and bleeding, turns around screaming, as Pin-Up Girl repeatedly stabs her to death in the back with the knife. Pin-Up Girl then pulls the knife from Lucia's back, then sits down on the couch, staring at Lucia's dead body.

The next morning, Gina enters Christine's office, where she is doing press with a journalist and is asked about the disappearance of Erin Lucas and refuses to comment, declaring the interview finished. Gina aks if she needs anything. Christine asks if Gina can go to the design room and find Erna. Gina heads over to the design room, where she finds Matthew taking photos of the mannequins. Matthew invites her into his room, where she becomes taken with his photographs. Gina goes back to the design room, where she cannot seem to find Erna. 

Later that night, Charlotte arrives back from a party and passes the officer tasked with keeping the house guard. Gina is with Matthew, drinking wine. Gina reveals that when she got the job, everyone she knew told her job is one "a million girls would kill for". Matthew tells her that the modelling business has more secrets that any other business. Gina goes to Christine's bedroom, where she finds Richard walking out after an argument. Gina goes inside and sees Christine crying on her sofa. Gina apologises and goes to leave, but Christine insists she stays. 

Christine then lets down her guard for the first time as she worries about the effect the death of the models will have on her as she grew so close to them. She also tells her that she learned of a plan to replace Christine with Erna Follet. However, at a luncheon, Christine's husband, Richard announced that Erna would join Christine as her creative director. She also explains how Richard is having an affair with Lucia and she "has always hated the bitch". 

In Charlotte's bedroom, she is throwing up in the bathroom. She then gets up, puts on a CD and runs herself a bath. Matthew is taking a shower in his face. Meanwhile, Erna is in Christine's office, looking around, obviously jealous how it doesn't belong to her. Heading to bed, she notices the attic door wide open, before hearing a noise in the design room. She heads inside and is surrounded by mannequins.

She walks through and suddenly one of the mannequins falls and smashes on the floor. She looks around but cannot see anything. She looks in between two mannequins and an assailant wearing a doll-face type mask pops out of the darkness and kills Erna with a blow to the head with a machete. Richard hears a faint scream and heads towards it. Outside, the police officer is wandering around the front of the house with a flashlight, observing the woodland. He is then suddenly attacked in the dark by Pin-Up Girl, who stabs him in the throat. Inside, Gina and Richard meet in the dining room, where they question the noise they heard. Suddenly, an arrow bursts through the glass, striking Richard in the shoulder.

Richard manages to make it out of the dining room with the help of Gina. They both check their phones to call 911, but none of the phones are working. Gina mentions that whoever it is might be jamming the signals. Gina sends a text message to 911, revealing that she knows that they have to respond to that, but is unsure if they will get decent signal. Gina then tends to Richard's wound. Upstairs, Charlotte is in the bath with the music too loud to be able to hear any of the commotion. She has a cloth folded ove r her eyes. 

As she relaxes, the door slowly opens and Dollface walks inside. He walks closer over to her and watches her. He leans down and brushes the bubbles lightly with his hand. Charlotte feels his prescence and pulls the cloth of her eyes, suddenly seeing Dollface. Before she has time to even scream, Dollface pushes her head down underneath the water. He holds her under there for a while, as she struggles to breathe, before she eventually drowns. Back downstairs, Gina goes into the kitchen to gather weapons and grabs a butcher knife and a meat pounder. Gina goes back to the hallway, where Richard still is, and is about to hand him a weapon when a window explodes, causing Gina to fall to the ground, dropping all of the weapons. She looks up  and sees that the police officer's corpse was used to break the glass, as Pin-Up Girl enters the home, wielding the crossbow. 

He raises it and Gina quickly moves out the way as he shoots and as he goes to take another shot, she gets up and slams the meat pounder down on the crossbow, causing him to drop it. She then strikes Pin-Up Girl round the head, causing him to fall over and then bludgeons him to death with the meat pounder. Richard watches in horror, as Pin-Up Girl lies dead on the ground, surrounded by his own blood and brains. Gina takes off his mask and reveals his face, asking Richard is he knows him. He says 'no'. Gina guesses that there is at least one other assailant, and that they are definitely in the house. Richard then quickly pulls the arrow out of his back, which causes him to blackout. Gina then puts him behind the curtain in the dining room, before going upstairs.

As she walks down the upstairs hallway of the house, Dollface emerges from the room behind her, and watches her silently. Gina goes up in the attic and checks the closet from earlier, and finds a sleeping bag, bottled water, and even a bottle filled with urine, revealing that someone had camped out in the closet over a few days. Suddenly, the power in the whole house goes off. A confused Christine wanders out of her bedroom and turns the power back on. She is startled by Matthew, who tries to convince her to come with him, just as Dollface steps out of the corner and slices Christine's throat with the machete. Christine dies a slow, bloody, agonizing death, as Matthew watches without emotion. After Christine dies, Dollface walks up to Matthew. Matthews asks Dollface why he did that in front of him. It is then revealed that the assailants are working for Matthew and that he is after the inheritance, which is worth millions. Matthew then goes to search for Gina.

Downstairs, Dollface finds Pin-Up Girl dead on the ground. Dollface goes into a rage, turning the dining room table over, and screaming. Matthew goes back upstairs Gina hears his screams, and grabs a screwdriver, and heads down from the attic. She finds Christine's corpse on the floor, whilst downstairs, Richard awakens from the screams, and is cornered by Dollface, who is hell bent on revenge. He approaches Dollface with the machete, just as Gina runs downstairs, and stabs Dollface in the back. Dollface screams in pain, then rushes out the front door, with the screwdriver still inn his back. Gina tells Richard that he blacked out. He asks about Christine, and, not wanting to reveal the truth, Gina says she doesn't know where she is. Matthew comes back downstairs and discovers them both. He lies and says he heard screams. Gina tells Matthew that they're under attack and then tells Richard to go down to the basement to find more weapons, as she and Matthew will make booby traps. Gina then takes some boards and drives nails into them, placing them under exposed windows, so that anyone steppingn inside will step on a nail. Matthew asks where Gina learned all of her tactics. 

Gina reveals that she had a strange childhood, and that her father went crazy when she was a child, and moved the entire family to the Outback, and basically raised Gina in a survivalist compound. As she explains this Matthew picks up one of the boards and is about to drive the nails into Gina's head, but stops when she turns around. Gina then asks about Charlotte, and Matthew says shes upstairs. Gina wants to go up and check on her, but Matthew volunteers to do so. Gina says they can go up together. Matthew changes her mind, and says he feels safer downstairs. Gina heads upstairs, as Matthew opens the front door and goes down to the basement. In the basement, Richard has found some weapons. Matthew reveals to Richard that Christine is actually dead. Richard breaks down and Matthew proceeds to beat Richard to death with a log, yelling for him to die. 

Upstairs, Gina finds Charlotte's drowned corpse, and is suddenly cornered by Dollface. With nowhere to go, she jumps from the second story window, landing hard on the ground below as a shard of glass impales her left leg. Dollface looks down from the second story window, as Gina limps off into the woods. Matthew meets up with Dollface, and explains that everything is going wrong. He tells Dollface to go get Gina, and kill her, but Dollface says that hes faster and stronger than her, and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to finish the job. Matthew reminds Dollface that he is paying him a lot of money and forces Dollface to go outside and find her. Gina limps next to a tree, pullinng out a mini-flashlight, and pulls the shard from her leg. She hears a noise, and turns with a flashlight, revealing Dollface, with the machete. Gina then makes her way back toward the house.

Gina crawls through the shattered window and hides behind a curtain. Dollface crawls through the same open window, avoiding the boards with the protruding nails, but doesn't see the other board placed closer to the windowsill, and steps right on a nail. Dollface screams in agony, as Matthew, makes his way into the living room. Dollface pulls the nail from his foot. Matthews complains about Dollface bleeding on the carpet, leaving his DNA. Dollface, enraged, grabs Matthew and shoves him against the wall, shouting about Gina  killing his brother (Pin-Up Girl). Matthew claims he didnt know they were brothers, he just knew they served together (implying that the assailants are all ex-soldiers). When Dollface threatens Matthew again, Matthew, though frightened, states that no one will get anything if he dies, since he alone will receive the entire inheritance of his family's estate (revealing that he killed Richard). He does, however, offer to pay Dollface extra as soon as the inheritance comes through. Gina, hiding behind the curtain, hears all of this, when suddenly her cell phone starts to beep. The sound gets everyones attention, as Gina fumbles with the phone, revealing that her text message to 911 sent earlier has gone through, meaning the cops are on their way.

After Matthew agrees to pay the remaining assailants extra, Dollface grabs the machete, and walks over to the curtains to kill Gina. Gina, weaponless, raises her fists, and, when Dollface pulls back the curtains, she punches him straight in the throat. Fox Mask grabs his throat, choking, as Gina escapes out of the house. When she makes it outside, she double backs into the house through another exposed window. Matthew rushes out to catch her, holding the crossbow, with Dollface, dragging his wounded foot, follows behind. Matthew splits up from Dollface, who once is outside, notices the other open window, and slowly approaches it with the machete ready. When he pokes his head through the window, Gina stabs him in the head with a screwdriver, killing him and causing him to drop the machete.

Gina picks up the machete, not seeing Matthew is outside the house with the crossbow, putting her in his sights. She senses something, then turns right as the arrow bursts through the glass and hits her in the shoulder, falling to the ground. Matthew crawls through one of the windows, and approaches Gina. Matthew throws down the crossbow and picks up the machete. He then leans down beside her. As Gina, exhausted and bleeding, lays down on the floor, Matthew tells her that everyone had to die. Matthew then explains that Matthew was originally given the job as creative director, before Christine replaced him with Erna just to keep her own job. Matthew was fueled with this rage, which made his work suffer. Things got worse, when Erin found out about the fact that he was original supposed to have the job and began blackmailing him. When her blackmail demands became too much, he had her murdered, before learning she had told Mia. 

Whilst Matthew talks, Gina slowly picks up a disgarded knife and quickly stabs him in the foot and he falls to the floor. Matthew pulls the screwdriver from his foot and stabs Gina in the hand, pinning it to the floor. Gina screams, as Matthews stands up and raises the machete and slams it down on Jane, but she manges to pull her hand free with the screwdriver and slam her hand into his knee. She then pulls the screwdriver out of her hand and stabs Matthew in the neck behind the ear. In pain, he grabs Gina and throws her away from him. Matthew falls to the ground, on his knee as he bleeds. Matthew watches in horror, as Gina picks up the machete, and angrily stabs Matthew through the head, killing him. Matthew falls to the ground dead.

Just as Gina is about to leave, she is surprised by the arrival of the police including Inspector Elliott Grey, who gets Gina taken out by officers as a police SWAT team, discover Matthews dead body.



  • Erin Lucas; impaled through the jaw with knife.
  • Mia; repeatedly stabbed in the stomach with knife.
  • Nick; hacked in the face with a cleaver.
  • Anna; neck broken in a choke hold.
  • Lucia; repeatedly stabbed in the back with knife.
  • Erna; a blow to the head with a machete.
  • Charlotte; drowned in the bath.
  • Pin-Up Girl; bludgeoned to death with a meat pounder.
  • Christina Davison; throat slit with machete.
  • Richard; beaten to death with log.
  • Dollface; stabbed in the head with a screwdriver.
  • Matthew Davison; stabbed in the neck behind the ear, stabbed through the head with a machete.
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