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Blood Daze is a 2016 teen dark-comedy-fantasy horror film directed by Mike Mitchell.


A young teenaged 14-year-old vampire wants something to love for a mortal named Eria.



  • Jakob Davies as TBA, a 13-year-old vampire boy who loves mortals
  • Emma Fuhrmann as Eria Jones, a girl who loves the immortal and wants to pay the price
  • Ysa Penarejo as TBA, Eria's friend who likes immortals.
  • Helen Colliander as TBA, Eria's friend
  • TBA as TBA, Eria's 10-year-old brother
  • Ashley Nicole Greene as TBA, TBA's best friend who is a mortal.
  • Parker Bolek as TBA, an immortal who is just like TBA.
  • Katelyn Mager as TBA, a girl who is immortal like TBA and is TBA's sister.
  • Sierra McCormick as Jenna, Eria's older sister
  • TBA as TBA, Eria's former rival
  • Kelly Preston as Lucinda "Lucy" Jones, Eria's mother
  • Matthew Broderick as Leopold "Leo" Jones, Eria's father
  • TBA as TBA, an evil vampire who wants to kidnap mortals