Blood: The Last Vampire is an American-Japanese animated horror action film; it is a retelling of the 2000 anime film Blood: The Last Vampire.


In circa 1966 Japan, a team of top secret undercover agents dispatches a mysterious woman named Saya who is sent to a high school on a U.S. military base a few days before Halloween to hunt down creatures known as Chiropterans.


So what're you trying to say is that Saya is actually an emo Buffy look a like.

I guess you can say that.

So the Chiropterans...What the hell are they?

Creatures who disguised themselves as people and


You stupid dumbass!

I didn't to anything wrong!

David grabbed Lewis by the collar and shook him.

David: Don't ever pissed her off again! Do you hear me! As far as we know, she's the only remaining original!

Lewis looked at him in confusion

Original? What the hell does that even mean?

Voice Cast

Saya- the main protagonist of the film. She is the last remaining vampire and is called "the only remaining original". Though she holds most humans in contempt, she seems to have some respect for Alex.

David- one of Saya's handlers who works for the U.S. government organization called


Alex- a teenaged boy who befriended Saya and is later in love with her. He is later revealed to be the biological son of David.




  • Unlike the 2000 anime, the film give details about Saya's past and why she is "the only remaining original" and the mystery behind the Chiropterans.
  • Even though the retelling film stayed true to the 2000 anime, many changes were made and new characters were introduced.
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