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Buddy2020 Buddy2020 21 April

Fanon Wiki Awards News

Here's some news for you...

If Chris6d retires from being the host of the Fanon Wiki awards, then I'll be the replacement!

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Firekong1 Firekong1 8 March

Ice Age-Shrek crossover species

  • Macrauchenia
  • Dodo
  • Turkey
  • Donkey
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Wolf
  • Sloth
  • Chicken
  • Frog
  • Piranha
  • Barracuda
  • Shark
  • Mammoth
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Zebra
  • Ostrich
  • Lion
  • Aardvark
  • Tapir
  • Capybara
  • Macaw
  • Brontotherium
  • Kangaroo
  • Llama
  • Jaguar
  • Flamingo
  • Lemur
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Shy john 2 Shy john 2 10 January


Isla del propietario

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XNDUIW Simon XNDUIW Simon 13 August 2021

5579 1401 1287 4809

try this number

5579 1401 1287 4809

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36u6soa 36u6soa 13 June 2021

Shuriken Brawl Cryptoverse Manga Wiki needs contributors!

Hello, may I introduce the wikia project that I'm working on? It is called the Shuriken Brawl Cryptoverse Wiki, the series that I am currently working on in webtoons canvas. It is about a boy who enrolls in the school called "Crystal Brawlers Junior High", where students, known as Crystal Brawlers, merge and combine with Crystal Monsters with a special watch to give them supernatural powers. I am making a wiki about this because I have been drawing since I was 8 years old. But unlike the other unfinished manga series that I drew entirely in traditional paper and pencil/pen, this is my first digital manga ever, as I never have made a digital manga series before, though I plan to make it a series. And even though I have some interesting idea…

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Cuber2020 Cuber2020 13 June 2021

My comic book list 2

Here is my second list of comic books:

  1. Ultimate Batman Vol 1
  2. Ultimate Batman Vol 2
  3. Ultimate Batman Vol 3
  4. Ultimate Batman Vol 4
  5. Ultimate Batman Vol 5
  6. Ultimate Batman Vol 6
  7. Ultimate Superman Vol 1
  8. Ultimate Superman Vol 2
  9. Ultimate Superman Vol 3
  10. Ultimate Superman Vol 4
  11. Ultimate Superman Vol 5
  12. Ultimate Superman Vol 6
  13. Ultimate Wonder Woman Vol 1
  14. Ultimate Wonder Woman Vol 2
  15. Ultimate Wonder Woman Vol 3
  16. Ultimate Wonder Woman Vol 4
  17. Ultimate Wonder Woman Vol 5
  18. Ultimate Wonder Woman Vol 6
  19. Rango Reggie Vol 1
  20. Rango Reggie Vol 2
  21. Red Robin/Blackfire
  22. Batman/Black Canary
  23. Batman (Richard Grayson)/Black Canary
  24. Wonder Woman/Hawkgirl
  25. Batman/Hawkman: Dark Nth Metal
  26. Superman/Martian Manhunter: Return of the Black Zero
  27. Hawkman/Ice
  28. Hawkman/Fire
  29. Batman/Talia Al Ghul
  30. Batman & Vicki Vale
  31. DC's Arro…

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Unhappymeal1 Unhappymeal1 18 May 2021

New Project

New Project called "Nothing On (But The Radio)"! Check it out

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UK2007 UK2007 15 May 2021

Characters Face Swap

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Alebeltr31 Alebeltr31 28 April 2021

The night girls

The night girls chapter is coming out in 20-22

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Alebeltr31 Alebeltr31 28 April 2021


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CaillouFan CaillouFan 24 April 2021

Happy 1 Year Anniversary To Me (on this wiki)!

You know what 2 days ago was? My 1 year anniversary on this wiki! I have edited here since April 22, 2020 and have been active this wiki since! In fact, I’m very close to my 1000th edit on this wiki. I still enjoy editing this wiki, and I’m glad I reached my 1 year anniversary on here!

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DaveTheUselessLover 1995 DaveTheUselessLover 1995 1 April 2021

Battington: My Two Front Teeth Deleted Scenes (Transcript)

My Two Front Teeth is a short film created by YouTube user Battington. What if there were deleted scenes to it?

  • 1 Deleted Scene 1: Family Dinner
  • 2 Deleted Scene 2: Gloria Heads Out
  • 3 Deleted Scene 3: Giving Up Looking
  • 4 Deleted Scene 4: Sofia Looks For Her Family
  • 5 Deleted Scene 5: Sofia Is The Last Victim

Gloria: Sofia, have you seen your father anywhere? He was taking your letter to Santa to the mailbox.

Sofia: I don't know.

Henry: Maybe he went out shopping for groceries.

Gloria: At 6PM? It's gonna get very dark soon.

Sofia: Maybe Uncle Arthur knows. Uncle Arthur!

Uncle Arthur: Yes Sofie?

Sofia: Do you know where Daddy is?

Uncle Arthur: Can't say I haven't seen him.

Sofia: Oh.

Gloria: We should just leave it be.

Henry: Ok.

Sofia: Can I be excused?

Gloria: Of …

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PumpKing998 PumpKing998 26 March 2021

Any Administrators I can message?

Hey! How do I message administrators? I tried to send one, but I don't see anything about Walls or Messages.

I made another page on a different Wiki, and wanted to make sure if it was ok that I pasted word-to-word info I made. If so, please let me know. Here are the links to compare.

The Hattress and the Huntress - Shipping Wiki[1]

The Hattress and the Huntress

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Piotr tchaikovsky222 Piotr tchaikovsky222 24 March 2021


Neobiontomania - Polish animated series.

Many years ago there was the amazing and enormous cataclism on the world - probably some kind of an explosion, but it still isn't sure. The most important effect of this event was creation of the new, strange beings named Neobionts.

Some time after the cataclism the great international organization called "Reserve" came into being. It's task was and still is examination of the Neobionts and also protecting them from the extinction.

However, there was some people, who wanted claim the Neobionts and use them as weapons to take control over the world. They began catching them, making them attack the innocent ones, and even organize their dangerous fights for money and fun. In this case, the Reserve made it…

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NathanJohnson NathanJohnson 23 February 2021

Purge Lockdown

The Purge 6: Lockdown is the sixth main installment of The Purge film series, which will be due for release in March 2022.

Following a global wide pandemic which has killed millions of people, governments worldwide initiate nationwide lockdowns in their countries to slow the spread of the disease. When it gets out of control they initiative a 24/7 curfew all year round in order to prevent any further infections and deaths. When the public become restless due to the lockdowns and not able to see people or take part in any activities, the governments create a one day event in the year titled the "Day release scheme", in which people can go out once a year and do whatever they want, which includes parties, meeting friends, drinking alcohol, havin…

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CryptoverseMaster CryptoverseMaster 23 February 2021

Cryptoverse Wiki

Hello, may I introduce the wikia project that I'm working on? It is called the Cryptoverse Wiki! It is dedicated to Cryptoverse (クリプトバース Kuriputobasu), the series that I am currently working on in webtoons canvas. It is about a boy who enrolls in the school called "Crystal Brawlers Junior High", where students, known as Crystal Brawlers, merge and combine with Crystal Monsters with a special watch to give them supernatural powers. The main character wants to be the strongest, but must obtain his dream by working to his best for it through adventures and discoveries. The Japanese version of the series can be found here.

I am making a wiki about this because I have been drawing since I was 8 years old. But unlike the other unfinished manga serie…

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Girl missing's biggest fan Girl missing's biggest fan 21 February 2021

My 2nd blog

Hi everyone hope you all have a lovely Sunday. If you have Roblox I'm doing a give away so put your user

in the comment and friend me. My user is jann0892. Your prize will be...

2 Free adopt me ox boxes!

So comment your User here and i will choose one person to win. It ends on Tuesday good luck everyone!

Also when you are commenting for the give away make sure you put User:(Then your user).

Bye for now -Madi

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Girl missing's biggest fan Girl missing's biggest fan 20 February 2021

My first blog

Hi everyone I hope you are all ok i just wanted to say im so excited to join this fan page everyone stay safe and have a great saturday

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EnderSpawn13 EnderSpawn13 29 January 2021

I am leaving this wiki

I am sick of this. My page just got deleted. Why can't I make an episode guide?! you tell me that! GOOD riddance!

I'm coming back. I decided that i am sorry for saying this. I realized that there were no categories on my page.

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GarfieldFan1997 GarfieldFan1997 14 January 2021

Ashley Armbruster in: Third Street Chaos

(The film begins with a Disney logo going reverse just like how Team America: World Police did it while the original theme of it plays.)

(Disney Presents)

(Ashley Armbruster in: Third Street Chaos)

(We begin with a black screen.)

Ashley Armbruster: It was all a long time ago. We've never graduated from elementary school after 5th grade. There was a slight issue in our world's system. And now, things have changed a lot. My friends were kidnapped and plenty more. This is my story.

(We fade into Mrs Grotke's class.)

TJ: Hmm.... I don't know this question.

Mrs Grotke: Something wrong TJ?

TJ: Yes, I don't even know what questions these are.

Mrs Grotke: You can save that for homework. Your grades have been going up the chart.

TJ: They have? Why didn't you…

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GarfieldFan1997 GarfieldFan1997 30 December 2020

Earth To Luna: The Movie/Transcript

(The movie begins with a moving landscape of a neighborhood in 2D and 3D animation.)

Luna: Life, the best place to be in. I'm apart of it, and so are you. Your world is filled with trees, buildings, houses, water, animals and others. But most importantly, we're all different. This is the story of my first out of state road trip.

(Earth To Luna Theme Plays)

(Universal Pictures Presents)

(A Point Grey/Silver Pictures Production)

(In Association With Universal Kids)

(Earth To Luna: The Movie)

(Song ends)

(Luna is seen sleeping in her bed)

Luna's Mother: Luna! Time for school!

Luna: (Wakes up and showers)

(Music Plays)

Luna: Today's the day, a fulfilled way, to have show and tell. Life's an adventure I'll tell you that. I just hope that I don't smell.


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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 14 November 2020

Scooby-Doo! Studio now on Fanon Wiki!

Hi, everyone on Fanon Wiki!

Today, I am making the Scooby-Doo! Studio, a wholly owned entertainment company owned and founded on November 13, 2020 by Harry Vallet as a tribute to the late Ken Spears, now deceased back in November 6, 2020.

Do you want to be in it? Here's a link to my page which will show you how to get there.

See you at Scooby-Doo! Studio!

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Trapper1023288 Trapper1023288 14 October 2020


Taro is a marine wolf he's amazing and cool one day i will love to meet him

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SkyGuy SkyGuy 18 September 2020

Looking for a "Programmer"

SkyGuy here. I'm looking for someone who can help me import the MongolUnicode template on Wikipedia here to Fanon Wiki. For a long time now I've been using

]]»~ 03:44, October 4, 2020 (UTC)
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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 16 September 2020

Art Designers Wanted

Calling all Wiki Users!

Today, we're looking for art designers (who may have or may not have a DeviantArt account) for our following pages:

  • Annie Smith
  • Jack Smith
  • Merlin
  • Archimedes
  • Mr. Smith
  • Mrs. Smith
  • Frog Creek
  • Crystal Ball
  • Magic Tree House (location)

If you're willing to volunteer to do some art here, please comment below!

That's all for now.

-Harry Vallet

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Cutterfish12345 Cutterfish12345 15 September 2020

I'm Back

Hi guys, remember me? The creator of Phytonoids. Now I'm back and doing something I've been planning for the past few weeks. 

sorry if it counts as spam but I assure you it isn't

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CloudyIskies CloudyIskies 12 September 2020


Hi Ive created pages Cream the rabbit and Lina the red panda so far. C:

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Kyuna Hi Kyuna Hi 28 August 2020


Hi my name is kyuna hi and I'm super stylish

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 25 August 2020

Hey there.

Hey there. Name's Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse. How are things for you? Also, would anyone like to hear about my ideas?

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Starlina Starlina 16 July 2020

Introduction Blog

Good Morning! I'm Starlina, I'm a Fanon Writer with success wrting 2 Power Rangers Fanon series and I'm among the Admins at the Power Rangers Fanon wiki. In real life outside of the wiki I'm an IT Specialist and a Radical Supreme of Feminists. In addition I'm an Author of a Semi-Autobio of my life in the city. 

Please feel free to comment thank U


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Egor Vasylets Egor Vasylets 21 June 2020

SAMC Interview

Don't take this blog seriously.

Interview with the creator of the show "Stories about my class" and actor of the main protagonist of this show, Sergio (SAMC).

- Hi, Egor. After Season 1 ended, we all are waiting for new Season 2. When this season will air?

- Season 2 is going to air on July 6, 2020. 

- What the plot of the season? 

- Our friends gets an item called "Spinring". It's parody on spinning top. This Spinrings Have spirit inside them. Friends are battles to each other using this spinrings and make some new friends.

- How many episodes is going to be there?

- Many. Season 2 is divided by some arcs. We are only shooting second or third arc. We don't know how many episodes is going to be there.

- Is season 2 going to have Narrator, like sea…

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Nashwalker Nashwalker 9 June 2020

Moesha (reboot)

Moesha is the reboot of the same American sitcom starring Brandy as the titular character. The series was created by Ralph Farquhar, Vida Spears, and Sara V. Finney.

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Main
    • 2.2 Recurring

Taking place 20 years after the original series' end, Moesha Mitchell is now working as a news journalist at a predmoniently black-run TV station. She is widowed with three children from her marriage to her her childhood best friend, Hakeem Campbell, who passed on 6 years prior. She has recently re-married to Malcolm Dawkins, a businessman widower with two children of his own. As the two families try to adjust to each other, Moesha finds that she can rely on her family and old friends even more than before.

  • Brandy as Moesha Mitchell-Dawkins (forme…

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We won, Mr. Stark

Josephdapro is gone. Reduced to atoms. That means no more drama.

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 14 May 2020

Project Synergy situation

Hello everyone, some of you might have heard about Project Synergy hosted by Wazzupguys and Ootwar on Dream Fiction Wiki. It's a project meant to create a more centralized, if not the centralized, community for everything fan-made/fiction. And well this wiki appears to be in this project

But, don't worry, this will not affect the Fanon wiki or any other of them.

The project happens that they get together as a team and admins of the wikis discuss a common set of rules and ideas. 

All the wikis are listed into groups, ill list them for you.

  • Group Big 1: Ideas Wiki and Fanon Wiki (the group we are in)
  • Group Big 2: Dream Fiction Wiki and Dream Logos Wiki
  • Group Big 3: Scratchpad and Parody Wiki
  • Group Big 4(Special Group): Fantendo and Random-ness Wiki…
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Wazzupguys Wazzupguys 11 May 2020

Project Synergy

This announcement is meant for all members and administrators of the following wikis(That is only if the users want to participate):

  • Game Ideas Wiki
  • Movie Ideas Wiki
  • Cartoon Ideas Wiki
  • Game Port Ideas Wiki
  • TV Ideas Wiki
  • Literature Ideas Wiki
  • Car Ideas Wiki
  • Lost Media Ideas Wiki
  • Anime Ideas Wiki
  • Reviews Wiki
  • Movie Reviews Wiki
  • Book Reviews Wiki
  • Game Reviews Wiki
  • Music Reviews Wiki
  • Dream Music Wiki
  • Fanon Wiki
  • Anime Fanon Wiki
  • Manga Fanon Wiki
  • Video Game Fanon Wiki
  • Movie Fanon Wiki
  • Music Fanon Wiki
  • Comic Book Fanon Wiki
  • Creativity Wiki

“Hello, It is Me You’re Looking For?” Jokes Aside, Wazzupguys Here. and Today. Me and Ootwar have a Special Announcement. The Announcement of Project Synergy.

  • 1 What?
  • 2 Why synergy?
  • 3 How is this gonna happen?
  • 4 The Wikis Themselves Will be d…

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Jay Jay Viglirolo Jay Jay Viglirolo 4 May 2020

Nickelodeon Vs. Cartoon Network

Nickelodeon Vs. Cartoon Network is a crossover fighting game idea of mine based on "Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe".


In the Nickelodeon universe, SpongeBob stops Plankton from trying to help Denzel Crocker rule the entire world.

When Plankton uses a portal to escape, SpongeBob does an attack which destabilizes the portal.

While in the Cartoon Network universe, Ben 10 stops his enemy, Vilgax from trying to steal the power of the omnitrix.

Vilgax tries to use a portal like Plankton’s to escape, but Ben does an attack which destabilizes the portal as well.

This causes the merging of Plankton and Vilgax, resulting in the creation of Plankgax, whose mere existence causes the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network worlds to begin merging; if allowed to…

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Cuber2020 Cuber2020 4 May 2020

My comic book list

Here is my first list of comic books:

  1. Injustice: Endgame (also known as Injustice: End of War or Injustice: The Final Regime)
  2. Injustice: Blood Call
  3. Injustice: Lost Family
  4. Injustice: Exodus
  5. Injustice: Lost Heroes
  6. Injustice: Revelations
  7. Marvel's Daredevil Season 4
  8. Marvel's Iron Fist Season 3
  9. Marvel's Luke Cage Season 3
  10. Marvel's The Punisher Season 3
  11. Mortal Kombat 11 (Prequel video game comic book series)
  12. Spawn: Spider-Man
  13. Spawn: Mortal Kombat
  14. Spawn: Resident Evil
  15. Street Fighter and Final Fight
  16. Tekken: The Devil Within
  17. Spider-Man: The Amazing Family
  18. Marvel's Avengers: The Final Stand
  19. Halo Infinite: Prelude
  20. Gears 5: Before The Bound
  21. Spider-Man: Age of Sinister
  22. Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 4
  23. Marvel's Moon Knight: The End
  24. Spawn: Injustice
  25. Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Insti…

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Jay Jay Viglirolo Jay Jay Viglirolo 25 April 2020

Nicktoons Invaded

Based on “Cartoon Network Invaded“, I came up with an idea for a Nickelodeon version of it.

I call it: “Nicktoons Invaded”. Here the shows, titles and plots:

Chapter 1: SpongeBob SquarePants: Outer Space Sponge: When Plankton catches SpongeBob and Patrick watching an alien movie marathon, he comes up with a plan to contact real aliens.

Chapter 2: The Loud House: A Very Loud Invasion: When strange green lights start showing up all over Royal Woods, The Louds decide to investigate.

Chapter 3: Bunsen Is a Beast: The Beast Who Cried Alien: A new kid arrives at Muckledunk Middle School and his extremely odd and strange behavior makes Bunsen think he’s actually an alien.

Chapter 4: Pig Goat Banana Cricket: The Horrible, Despicable, Terrible Extra-Ter…

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 21 April 2020

How i do planets, stars and galaxies

I do them using Space Engine (the older free version and more programs like Universe Sandbox 2 for mostly planets and stars or a planet generator online.

I also do them on YouTube videos that play with Space Engine and more that i like or artist impression of a planet!

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 15 April 2020

Just a response

For Fiction, the history of our Empires, Nations in the past is ALTERNATE HISTORY (FANON HISTORY) like different from the Canon (REAL) history. But still, sometimes on my FANON is canon, then AFTER YEARS Modern world with canon nations, with some fictional.

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 14 April 2020


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Robertoiglesias Robertoiglesias 13 April 2020

What I plan to make

This is a list of fan-fiction films I plan to make:

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (2016)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 4 (2018)
  3. The Neverending Story Returns
  4. Candyman - Two Faces of Evil
  5. Final Destination 6 (maybe)
  6. Black Christmas (2014)
  7. Halloween - The Terror of Michael Myers (1995)
  8. Halloween III (2011)
  9. Halloween IV (2013)
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Josephdapro Josephdapro 12 April 2020

Happy Easter

We of Fanon Wiki give you happly Happy Easter for everyone! Hope you ate your Easter Egg and your bunny hidden the Eggs somewhere.

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 10 April 2020

Alternate Earth (how it is actually...

This is my alternate Earth, do you like it?

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 5 April 2020



So as you might have read in Username687's talk page, there is a crazy user named Nia.exe on YouTube, please, stay away from that ACCOUNT or things get VERY BAD. As you know it's profile picture is Username687's drawing of Nia.exe.

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 3 April 2020

Here is the video! (FOR REAL THIS TIME)

Here it is.....

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 3 April 2020

Here is the video!

There it is, the mistery has been resolved, its THIS ONE:

HAHAHAHA YOU GOT PRANKED, dont worry it will be in the next one (FOR REAL)

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Josephdapro Josephdapro 2 April 2020

You guessed it

If you guys like this blog post, well, ill leak the video were Nia originated in the next blog posts. :)

(nah not practically leaking, just showing u so u dont say like AAH WHERE DA VIDEOU OF DAT GIRL CAEM FROM? Stuff like that, it will be in the next blog)

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CNRG18 CNRG18 31 March 2020


  • (The episode begins where we see Ryker waking up from the alarm clock)
  • Ryker: (yawns) Cindy, are you up?
  • Cindy: Of course I am. I always wake up early in the morning.
  • Ryker: What day is it today?
  • Cindy: I don't know what "day" is.
  • Ryker: Please tell me you're joking, right? I literally taught you last night about the definitions!
  • Cindy: I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Today is the first day of the weekend.
  • Ryker: Oh, it's already Saturday? Time really does go fast. Wait, what was the thing I was about to tell you? Oh yeah! Cindy, guess what dream I had last night.
  • Cindy: And that dream is?
  • Ryker: In my dream, I imagined myself telling Katie of how I feel.
  • Cindy: And what did she say?
  • Ryker: (sighs) I didn't know. The alarm clock immediately woke me up befo…
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Jay Jay Viglirolo Jay Jay Viglirolo 31 March 2020

Cartoon Network Version of “Scoob!”

Like my idea for a Nickelodeon version of "Scoob!", I have my own voice cast ideas for a Cartoon Network version of "Scoob!"

And of course, it should be an anthology TV Show on Netflix.

Johnny Bravo:

John Cena as Johnny Bravo

Maya Rudolph as Bunny Bravo

Sadie Sink as Suzy

Jay Baruchel as Carl

Kevin James as Pops

Cow and Chicken:

Melissa McCarthy as Cow

Kevin Hart as Chicken

Jim Carrey as The Red Guy

Judy Greer as Mom 

Will Arnett as Dad

Jake Johnson as Flem

John C. Reilly as Earl

Dexter's Laboratory:

Jacob Tremblay as Dexter

Isabella Bazler as Dee-Dee

Wyatt Oleff as Mandark

Seth MacFarlane as Monkey

Alex Borstein as Computer

Gemma Arterton as Agent Honeydew

John Krasinski as Major Glory

Zach McGowan as Valhallen

Steve Austin as The Infraggable Krunk

Giovanni Ribisi…

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