Blockade Runner: Rise of Renegaz 9 is a 2016 Sci-Fi movie by Christopher Nolan who also created Interstellar.

The movie is distributed by Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures.


It is the year 2320 in the 24th Century.The movie starts in the year 2298 when Andrew McConnel is training at the Astor Training Base for Intergalactic Soldiers.Andrew meets Lyoid Wermond a Rank 2 Astor Soldier who helps Andrew in how to become a Astor Soldier.

Later the day as he was walking to the Sleeping Base he saw a bright light in the sky crash to a nearby mountain and there he discovers something no man has ever found...

22 years later Andrew is a Rank 6 Astor General with hes crew consisting of Elmer Herris,Lyla Wright and Lex Starm.Andrew gets a call by High Leader Palando who asks him to go explore a nearby crash site at the Gormount aley.The five team mebers go of board the Ship and find a cave in the Valey that wasnt there the last time he was here.As they were exploring the cave they heard a Noise that sounded like a Screech.Lex turned around and said the others to turn around and see a Renegaz Scoutling.Andrew pulled out hes gun and shot him,as they were walking towards him the Alien says that Renegaz 9 will rise again.

Andrew returns to High Leader Palondo to tell about the news.Palondo warns Astor City and tells them to stay indoors untill they learn more about this Renegaz 9.Lyla tells them that there is a secret underground Library under thr Astor Observatory.The team head there and find a book about the Attack of Renegaz 9.In the book it was written "After we defeated that Renegaz Scum there is no proof that he wont return in the future".After reading they see Lyla's Uncle Prof. Observator who asks Lyla what are they doing in hes secret Library.Andrew explains everything and heads of back to High Leader Palondo.

As they got back they saw that High Leader Palondo was brutally murderered and there was a message in Regonian saying "Soon our fleet will attack your puny planet Earth there is no escape from Regenaz 9".

Andrew prepared the Astor Army for war and after 2 hours have passed and they finally saw the Regenaz Mothership.The soldiers were ready for war.The war lasted 3 Months and finally Regenaz 9 was defeated and peace got back to Earth.


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